Saturday Night Contest - One Final Cut


ceo / theory11
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Jul 23, 2007
New York City
In order to create any great art, one must first identify the canvas. If you're a painter, your canvas is... a canvas. But tonight, your canvas - the limiting factor - is time.

The time now is 7:30pm EST. From this moment, you have 3 hours and 30 minutes to create a NEW flourish or cut of your own. Start from scratch. Start from nothing. It can be false. It can be real. It can be a cut. It can be a display. The choice is yours. We're looking for creativity.

By 11:00pm EST, post a link to a short video of your creation in this thread. Videos can be uploaded to any of the major video sharing sites - Viddler, YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh, etc. Be sure to budget enough time for the video to upload and convert - this can take several minutes, and all videos must be posted and viewable on or before 11:00pm EST.

The theory11 crew will judge submissions based on creativity and overall presentation. We're not expecting everyone to come up with the next Molecule7000xLethalSyble cut in 3 hours. But sometimes - when you have to - you can surprise even yourself by pushing the limits of your own potential.

The winner tonight will be posted as a featured video in the theory11 media section, and will also receive one deck of brown Wynn's shipped on the house. The clock is ticking. Good luck to all - looking forward to seeing the submissions!

Update at 11:30pm EST
: Winner has been posted - Andrei Jikh. Watch the winning video here.
Aug 31, 2007
This is intense. I'm not the greatest flourisher or the most creative mind, but I'll see if I can give this a shot. Or find my camera. :)

Jan 23, 2008
I know, I have created a pretty nice cut but don't have a camera, just one but it doesn't have a connector cord to a computer!
But everything needs to be made tonight so if you just made it in
19 mins then I guess that would be fine but then you would be amazing if you could do that!
Sep 1, 2007
presentation for the cut? huh? are you evaluating editing skills too? camera quality? the only thing I have now is an iSight... Or I have to get a better camera? :(


Apr 3, 2008
Buffalo, NY

Does the length of the cut matter? Can the cut/flourish incorporate a production? Can there be a single cut but a second version?
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