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  1. Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat!

    Tonight is a night we have been waiting for - for a long time coming. Months of work, hundreds of hours of production all lead up to this moment. Three hours and 30 minutes from this time, GENESIS v1 will be released. So I thought it appropriate to take the time now to answer some last minute questions in these final moments.

    How much is GENESIS v1 going to cost?

    Probably the most common question we have received. And now, for the first time, you have an answer. GENESIS v1 will be offered up tonight for an introductory price of $34.95. This is a crazy INSANE deal, especially in consideration of the mountain of contents within. Over 30 moves, nearly 4 hours of training.

    Will there be a download format available?

    YES! The download will be available at 11:00pm EST tonight for the same price as the DVD - $34.95. However, we recommend the download ONLY for those on a high-speed, stable internet connection. As the v1 video is nearly 4 hours, the filesize is over 1.5gb, and you will need a fast connection to smoothly download it. What would I recommend? The DVD + Download package, which will go for $39.95.

    Can I see the full contents list?

    Yes you most certainly can! But not quite yet. A full list of contents will be posted at the time of release on the official product page. In advance, I can let you all know that while GENESIS v1 is the "essentials" volume - the most core movements, fundamentals, and ideas - there is something in it for literally everyone.

    Who is in GENESIS v1?

    GENESIS v1 features the work of Andrei Jikh, with select additions from several other creators who have gratiously contributed. In particular, v1 features guest appearances from Dan and Dave Buck and Alejandro Portela.

    What if I have a question that still hasn't been answered?

    Ask away - right here, right now. We will be monitoring this forum thread for questions until 10:00pm EST. At that time, Andrei will be recording a release podcast answering your questions and announcing the release of GENESIS v1 to the world.

    The podcast will be posted at the time of release tonight - Saturday - at 11:00pm EST. Let the countdown begin!
  2. will there be a download option also?
    or only dvd?
  3. whats your favorite move/flourish from the dvd?
  4. [cough]Second question above...[/cough]
  5. There's a lot of established cardistry performers and moves, such as the Bucks with their signature flourishing and Daniel Madison with his peculiar work. How do you distiniguish yourself and put yourself on another level when cardistry's really a fanboy sport anymore?

  6. download

    Could we burn the downloaded version onto a blank DVD?

    In the event we can't burn the download and our computer crashes in the future, do we have to purchase Genesis again?
  7. Who on earth is Alejandro Portela?
  8. Why do you beleive this DVD will cause a "GENESIS"?
  9. Guy from theCuso.

  10. Is it possible to have Andrei and JB sign the DVD copy before it gets sent?
  11. oh lol
    read it, but was watching a video at same time, so it didnt register in my head

    thanks lol
  12. Gotta love magicians and mentalist answers :D
  13. since the name of the dvd comes from the book of genisis from the bible, are you in anyway a religous person?

  14. how much previous flourishing knowledge will you have to have i n order to succesfully learn the moves
  15. Did I leave the stove on?
  16. What direction do you think the cardistry community is moving toward? Do you see the future of cardistry better or worse then it is now? In lets say 2 years.

    How would you compare Genesis to any other Cardistry DVD(s), Do you think this will change a lot of peoples perspectives on the art form?

    I love you?!
  17. What does 'GENESIS' mean to you?

    Inferno Kaiser
  18. Will Genesis offer any advice on handling cards smoother/better/faster? Or will it just be explanations of flourishes?
  19. Why did you feel that Alejandro and D&D were suitable as guests on volume 1? (why not volume 2?)
  20. Out of Vampire, Werewolf, Zombie, Warlock, Which would you most likely dress as at a costume party?

    Another non topical question,

    What would you rather be doing on a Halloween night a year from now, Partying or handing out candy?

    Have you already begun work on your next dvd, and do you plan to release this like the Saw Franchise each Halloween? If that is the case the question above applies to whatever free Halloween you have.

    Well more kiddies to scare see ya round folks

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