Saturday Night Contest - One Year Anniversary

Mar 16, 2008
Theory11 is the only reason why im the best magician ever now. Theory11 is the best and I love theory11. Without theory11 magic wouldnt exist. Theory11 is the only place you should go to for magic and it is better than penguinmagic and ellusionist and any other magic place.
Oct 8, 2007
At the beginning of the year, I was a supa n00b. Slowed down videos and stuff like that. I was horrible.

I've had a massive improvement over about 6 months with cardistry. I've been coming up with a lot of new moves an variations. When I see DnD videos, it's hard to believe they were even beginners at one point in time. Their skills (and d+M's too!:D) makes me want to practice more and be like them (not emulating, but working so hard).

SO one day I get a comment on one of my videos saying even though I'm not extremely fast or smooth, I still have great innovative ideas, because with just a bit more practice ill feel like a pro. That put a big smile on my face. I also got a message saying "Whe you're my age, you'll be great, I guarantee it. That also made my day.

And even though I have a cast on at the moment, I keep working hard. I actually learn Madonna 3 with my cast on a week or two ago. :p

HOpe you enjoyed my little entry.
what i've achieved through

there are many things that theory 11 have helped me accomplish.

one thing that it helped me realise that there is something totally different about this site from anywhere else because of it's determination of quality and to show how magic is changing for the better. because magic is starting to become very repetitive and this site is totally different than anywhere else. just the small things like the media section and the 1 on 1s to big things like the effects they release. the people who think of these ideas are very creative. plus the battle system is pretty cool.

I can now perform in front of people. this site showed me how to perform in front of people and how fun it is. it actually helped me to get in front of my class and talk freely without worrying about getting ambaressed
one day of school People were talking about david blaine so i did the balducci levitation for them and they freaked out telling everyone on how i have mystical powers. then the next day i performed a spongeball vanish with a dandelion because i was bored and someone was watching me. it was an okay reaction but what do you suspect with a spongeball vanish then I performed IVanish for a group of people and it freaked more than I expected i would and everyone freaked. they got mad at me though because i didn't perform it again. then i also performed dlites for my class i couple years ago and then i was known as the magicman(hence my username). and now i perform alot.

Another thing theory helped me achieve is knowing about flourishing.
I have been flourishing for about half a year. theory11 showed me how cool flourishing is. it also showed me cool artists who are great flourishers like daniel madison, dan and dave, and andrei. know i love flourishing.

I also learned i shouldn't stay in this little bubble of card magic and that i should branch out into coin magic, flourishing, rope magic, rubberband magic, gaff magic, sponge magic, and toothpaste magic. okay, maye not toothpaste magic.

theory11 showed me i shouldn't just watch a dvd and then go right ahead and perform it. i should practice it, get my patter down, and to get it so perfect that i can be very confident with my trick.

theory11 didn't just change my magic, it changed my life so i am not embarrassed in front of people and i can make friends easier. it also made me realize that magic is to entertain the audience and that i should connect with the audience. i know it sounds cheesy but theory11 didn't just changed my magic and how i see it, it changed my life.

that what theory11 helped me achieve
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Jul 13, 2008
When I was younger, a professional children's magician gave me a bag of prop tricks and showed me how to use them. I was not really into magic back then, but performed them to my friends not as a magic trick, but like they were toys. My dad then taught me a cool card trick that used the one-ahead principle, and that got me hooked. 9 years later, I discovered Theory11. Theory11 is what made me the magician I am today. It inspired me to create, to perform, and most importantly, be myself. I use to be really nervous while performing, and Theory11 helped me get over that. I have since then gotten really serious with card magic and have been performing on a regular basis. The forums have helped me a lot, plus they were and are a great encouragement because I see other kids my age devoted to this art as much as I am. Thank you Theory11 for making such a great site!
Jan 13, 2008
My journey into the wonderful world of magic started right about a year ago. I have seen magicians perform on television in the past (Blaine, Criss Angel), but hadn't really decided to get into magic myself until then (I enjoyed being a layman, it was fun in a completely different way than it is now).

Wow, am I ever glad I delved into the wonderful world of magic! It's been such a great experience from day one. From the fun of learning a new trick, to the dedication of practicing it to perfection, to performing that trick for others--the experience is a wonderful one!

But where does T11 come into play? Right here, with the forums. The community I discovered here along with the site (right around Christmas) has helped to make my magical journey that much easier, and that much more meaningful.

No longer do I buy into the idea that magic is all about the tricks--I've learned that magic is more about the experience you provide. Getting the chance to give my audience members the chance to believe in magic, even if it's just for a moment, creates such a wonderful feeling inside; I can't really explain it.

I'm just thankful that I've gotten the chance to participate in this community, which has helped me reach the point where I am now. Purchasing the wonderful cards that Theory 11 puts out was definitely a high point, as well--the quality is amazing, and really helps to make performing magic fun.

However, aside from how great my experience here has been, what is really exciting to me now is where the next year will take me. Theory 11 has grown so much in the past year, as have I right along with it. Theory 11 has really taken off in its first year, excelling to the forefront of the industry--I'm excited to see and experience what's ahead, for I can only see many great things in Theory 11's future (maybe I should take up mentalism?).

This has been a wonderful journey so far, and the future definitely looks bright! I'll be here for the long haul, for the next year and every year thereafter, riding the Theory 11 wave to better magic.

~ Scott
Sep 4, 2007
Los Angeles
This past year magic has truly gotten into me.
I got back into studying magic a year and a half ago after seeing an amazing performance at the Magic Castle. I began, as many new magicians, to commit as many tricks to memory as possible and to always have a deck of cards in hand. I have seen myself go through and luckily avoid many of the pitfalls magicians face, because they have been brought to my attention on the theory11 forums. I have learned about great performers and great resources for learning sleight of hand because of the community that Theory11 provides.
This past year has allowed me to develop as a performer. While I still always have a deck of cards in hand, I have learned invaluable lessons about how I learn and why I love magic.
Happy Birthday Theory11. And many more.
Jan 5, 2008
When I was really young, somewhere around 6 or 7, my dad showed me a few of the first tricks I ever learned. While they paled in comparison to the sleight of hand I can do now I was still incredibly pleased with myself. For a while I stopped thinking about magic until I stumbled across the what is theory 11 video on youtube and I was intrigued. When theory11 was released I got hooked on magic again. i started small with a few simple tricks: this and that, the biddle trick, and the worlds greatest card trick. I even started showing a few tricks to kids at my high school, and they were impressed and some were even mystified, but i knew I still was only mediocre.

i started practicing more and more. I would never find myself without one or more decks of cards and my friends just started assuming I had them on my person at all times. I started getting even more serious, after all I had something of a reputation around the school to be amazing. One girl even started calling me a demon every time she saw me. So I kept learning, not only from theory 11 directly, but also from referalls from people here. I found the Expert at the Card Table to be one of the greatest books ever, but also incredibly challenging.

finally I'm at the point I am now. I'm a senior in high school, doing well after a few days too. I'm practicing the clip shift and while I know I will never perfect it, I am starting to get it to a point where I am comfortable performing it for my friends. Every day so far someone has come up to me and asked me to do a trick and I amaze every time. I've met new people and become friends after a bit of legerdamain and found out that everyone has a kid inside them that just wants to be astounded!

So heres to the first of many years of theory 11, I hope more people like me are inspired by this amazing community.

Feb 27, 2008
Grand prairie TX
Theory11 has given me hope again.
I felt that magic wasnt seen as an art form anymore.
After five years in magic i had become depressed with what i was seeing.
Just a series of amusing little tricks.
David Blaine and his outlook on life and magic kept my hopes up though.
And then.I found this place.In the "what is theory11" video,Dan White was the one that really made it all come back to me with everything he said.A true artist(of many )that i can look up to.
Where money is not the reason,but art.
The one moment when I truly realized the impact that magic has on people was not when someone said "how did you do that" or "your the devil".
But when someone said "why do you do this?"
And i thought a bit.
And responded the only way i could think of.
"Because the audience knows the truth.That the world is simple.and miserable.
Its solid.solid all the way through.
But if you could fool them.
Even for a second.
Then you can make them wonder.Then you get to see something very special.
..It was the look on their faces.
T11 & Me

Theory11 has helped me in so many ways. Before I found Theory11, I was one of those people that all magicians hate. The ones that learn off YouTube and exposure sites. Then I came here, and met all these great people. All these great people that have totally changed my life in magic for the better. I've discovered where I stand in magic, how I feel about it, and why I love magic. But that's just the people, just the forums. All the other things, from the tricks, to the media section, to the 1-on-1s, have made me a better magician. Theory11 changed my life in magic, and I thank them for that. All the artists here are artists for a reason - they are artists at what they do. They have revolutionary ideas, thoughts, and skills. And that's just what I think of Theory11: Now onto how they helped me.
I'm mainly a card magician - I admit it, it's what I do. However, Theory11 has helped me branch out. I now do money (Prophet), cards, and all other stuff. Learning from the greats in magic, like Aaron Fisher, d+M, and Chris Kenner, has totally (Yes, I'm saying it again.) changed my life in magic.
To kind of sum it all up, Theory11 hasn't just changed me since I found them; They've made me who I am today. For that, I thank them.
Jun 27, 2008
saturday night contest

When i was in the ninth grade my friend was showing me some card tricks I thought they were pretty interesting. Im homeschooled now in the 11th grade
and when i was through with my work i would do magic for the rest of the day. I mainly do card magic now. One day I was researching a found TH11. I fell in love with this site when I saw the homepage. The first trick I learned was five speed by chris kenner it really amazes people at the end their jaws drop.I just became a member not to long ago because i had a magic shop to go to all the time but it closed down so i wanted to join a site and found TH11 the best move I ever made. My family and friends love what I do and now im the hit of every party. Magic has changed my life around I used to be the lazy kid that did nothing but sleep and eat. Now when i wake in the morning the first thing I do is magic then some school work get on TH11 then some more magic, but even though i have only been doing card magic for a year and a half i have come a long way.

thanks to all.
Sep 1, 2007
Over the past year, magic has gained more and more significance in my life. It has somewhat become a part of my identity. I can still remember my youthful years when my reasoning for doing magic was to show people that I had supernatural abilities. However, my thoughts on magic have matured and I now do it because it has become a way to express myself. I have truly embraced it as an art.

What have I accomplished during the past year? I have matured as a person and a magician. I have gained the confidence to simply perform to anyone. I no longer hesitate to perform an illusion because I might make a mistake. I know I can do it and so I do.

Theory11 has not only provided me with great tricks such as Panic, Witness, and Dangerous, it has also helped in the development of my confidence as a performer. Through the forumn discussions, I have gained a lot of insight on magic as an art. In a way, Theory11 has also helped in my maturity in magic.

All in all, I have learned a lot this past year. Theory11 has been a great help in my advancement in magic. Happy Anniversary Theory11!
Jun 13, 2008
I unlike the many others just started magic less than a year ago. I started learning after seeing a lousy act in my school's talent show, and was determined to show people like this magician that magic takes skill, and not funny looking props. Theory 11 has done a lot in helping me learn sleight of hand. Some of the tricks that i have learned such as schwing, tivo 2.0, and role play, have gotton amazing reactions and i am filled with joy that theory 11 has renewed my faith in what magic shoud be.
Jul 27, 2008
ok so heres what it is. theory11, in my opinion has emerged as a force. almost any magician i know who hasnt seen theory11 is blow away by there effects. the first time i had visited the site i thought theory11 was just another company that was after my money, but after purchasing my first trick from them (TNR), i felt that this site was more than that. this is a site where dedicated magicains have come to keep magic alive. to stop magic from becomeing an extinct art form. a site where the artists actually care about people being able to perform there trick and care that it is practical and ground breaking. this site has probably played one of the biggest parts in making me as good as i am today. every single idea on this site has benifited me. the tricks the 1-on-1s but mostly the forums and media. lets face it there is not an abundance magicians around today and u rarely get to see what other people are doing out there. theory11 is remedying this problem with the the forums and media section of the site. being able to get feedback from other magicians is so helpful. and lastley i would like to say that theory11 is respected. what i mean is that ive only seen one theory11 trick revealed by some bastard on youtube. therefore u guys are doing your job. keep it real.
Sep 3, 2007
Wow, what have I learned this year? That's a big question. I have learned so much. I started magic a month or so before theory 11. Just a few months ago I really stepped into the ocean of magic, instead of just getting my feet wet. At first theory 11 was a place where I bought a few cool tricks, checked out the forums if I needed help with a problem, but then something happened, I had been looking for "that" reaction, instead of a little, "that's cool." I saw videos of people, and was amazed, but when other people watched me, that didn't happen.

Then, I saw the beginner video they had, and it helped me a lot. I learned one trick, and tried to perfect it. Then I started browsing the forums more. I found some great advice, and overall, learned a lot. If I wanted to post everything I learned, we would need more time.

At that time, I thought I knew it all, I had started getting better reactions, but there was something... Missing. People were always giving me looks like "how did you do that?" and I thought I was doing great. But i always knew I was missing something.

A few threads really helped me, and the IRC, helped me ten times more than any trick. I was missing a connection with my audience, I did my magic to fool them, but I learned to astound them.

I have learned magic is an art, not a fun little thing to know. I know to respect the art, and to practice effects.

I also accomplished over exposure, but nothing really interesting.

But most importantly, my magic became me. Not Daniel Madison, Lee Asher, or anything like that, me. I can do a trick by lee Asher without being lee Asher, I can be me. I can make a trick seem like I am saying what i would say, how I would say it. I can make myself pause, move, act, the way I would. My magic is not about fooling people, or making myself feel good, it's about connecting, and to do that, you have to be you, being Aaron Fisher doesn't connect with anyone but Aaron Fisher's specs, being you. If you want to tell a person a lesson, don't tell them it the way a book told you to, that ruins it. Finally there is some of me in my magic, and I think T11 did that.

So yeah, T11 taught me a few sleights, helped me do a few tricks, but most of all, the community helped me create real magic. Now I don't strive for "that" reaction, I strive for "my" reaction. Thank you to all of you who helped me learn here, and I hope we all continue to help each other.
Sep 1, 2007
New Zealand
Three words. The Paper Engine.

What has Theory11 done to me, and how has it furthered my magic ? It has introduced my to Aaron Fisher, Chris Kenner, Lee Asher. These guys are masters at what they do, and to be able to learn from them (such as the 1on1 section), like I am right beside them is more than anyone can ask for really. More importantly, through Theory11 I learnt about Aaron Fisher and subequently picked up The Paper Engine, reading through that book signifed a major leap in my magic, NOT just with physical work, but the presentation tips, his own personal stories and tips on focus help ANY form of magic, not just with the pasteboard. In the last year, I have had the confidence to start doing shows, close up, walkaround and stage, and we're talking for some big big clients as well. Theory11 changed my magic completely, not just in terms of more advanced work of sleights, but also in terms of being an all around performer. I went from someone who could do a substandard erdnase change, and whose ideal climax would be a shake change, to someone who could effectively routine an entire set and work for New Zealands Top Rated 5 Star Hotel.

What it comes down to, is that Theory11 took my magic from being a hobby that I might occasionally show my friends, and changed it into a lifestyle, a job, and most importantly a massive part of who I am.
I have been thinking recently about the impact of Theory 11 over the past year , and now that the SNC is about the one year anniversary it seems to be the perfect opportunity for me to write about those thoughts.
I was here on the very first day , and from the beginning I felt as if this was going to be something very different that a lot of us hadn't experienced and would benefit from. As a matter of fact I have benefited greatly , more so than I could have expected. I have found a place to interact with others who are here for the same reasons. I have had very intelligent conversations related to magic and some even more intelligent conversations completely unrelated. I have made some friends who I talk to and spend time with away from these boards , and I appreciate that more than anything.
In my very first post here( ) I stated that this
would be my new home online , and it has been. Theory 11 started out to create a community of Magi who wanted to share ideas , stay informed , and help each other. They gave a place to do so and we have done just that.

As for how my Magic has grown in the past 12 months. I spent so much time online reading through cluttered forums and being on boards that didn't allow the freedom necessary to learn. I have learned over the last year that my Magic benefits through quality not quantity. Don't get me wrong I have made a few large purchases ( ask my better half as she will gladly tell you how many "silly purchases"I have made), with advice from some of the "pros" here I have learned to take a bit more time with my effects and really tried my best to learn the right way to present them as apposed to just learning how it is done and giving it a half effort. I guess my Magic has changed more this year than in the previous few , it may very well be attributed to T-11 and it's members solely. I do know for certain T-11 hasn't hurt it. As a matter of fact being able to PM the creators of effects and get actual personalized responses may well be the biggest factor to my vast improvement over this past year. I was a bit disenfranchised previous to being here. I was constantly fighting the urge to give up for one reason or another. On one hand you have the "old guard" of Magi who looked down on anyone younger who got the majority of their knowledge from the "inter-web" and DVD's and didn't seem to me to be overly helpful , I am a hobbyist and will never be more than that , and the older Magicians I met always looked down at that ,or you had the cluttered up restrictive forums that didn't allow you the leg room to stretch out and make yourself comfortable and at home. I was just looking for a spot in which I could learn at my own pace. At Theory 11 I have found that I can have open convos with everyone and ,people are not only helpful , but happy to be so. Everyone here has been entirely receptive to my requests for advice , opinions and guidance. That is the biggest thing to me! With out that , I would not have grown over the past year in the way that I have. Now don't get me wrong , I am by no means a phenomenal Magician. As a matter of fact I am a 31 year old father of 5 who has no free time , but loves loves loves Magic. I probably wouldn't WOW you with my skills , and you would not pay to see me. I do know this though, on occasion I can make people smile , relax , and enjoy being lost in another frame of mind. The frame of mind that magic puts people in. No matter who you are or what your issues everyone needs an escape , even if only for a few minutes, you can get lost in an effect.I have gained a measure of confidence over these past 12 months and I can not tell you how much this board and you people , every one of you has attributed to that. I love having a place to come and simply read posts by young and old , new and experienced and learn something each time. I probably don't post as much as I should , but usually I always find what I need here. So I send a Thank you to everyone reading this as just by being here you have made a contribution to this COMMUNITY that I enjoy so much. From the random poster , to the Creative team, to the incredible customer service ,thanks for the last 12 months, and here is to many many more..I can only hope that in the next 12 I can help one magician even half as much as I have been helped since being here....

Thanks for reading..

Aug 31, 2007
Long Island/New York
Before Theory11 opened, I thought of magic as just doing tricks to people and just getting attention at parties. I loved the idea of just knowing something that others couldn't figure out.

It was a good way for me to meet new people and a good way for me to stand out from the crowd.

When Theory11 opened up, I just thought, wow I can't wait to get all these tricks that are out to fool everyone. I enjoyed the Panic trailer the most because it looked so clean and didn't involve sleeving. (I hated the thought of "sleeving")

I started to get real serious about magic when I watched the video that was on the main page of Theory11 and heard all these artists talking about how magic is an art.
Especially when Dan White talked about what is wrong with the magic industry. That no one really takes magic seriously anymore.
Another thing was actually what Dana Hocking said. . .
He was talking about how much effort you guys put into every DVD.
So I thought to myself, "Well, if their putting this much effort just into teaching me a trick, then I want to put that much effort into learning it and learning from it.
I thought to myself that I want to be a true artist in what I do.
I want to bring joy to everyday people, letting them believe in magic again from once they thought when they were young.

Why is it so hard to "trick" someone?
Why don't people believe in real magic anymore?
I found many answers to these questions in this thread:

I think the main reason why people don't take magic seriously was because of me and little kids that were like me.
We didn't know any better when were young. No one clued us in that it was an art form. Magic distributors made you feel like a real magician by purchasing a few tricks and NEVER revealing the secret to any non-magician.

No where does it say to take it seriously and treat it with respect.
That's why no one takes magic serious and that's why people don't think it's an art form.
If their little nephew can do it, what makes it so special?

Theory11 came about to help the magic industry, not give it more tricks.
It's not about money for tricks, it's about the ideas expressed in the forums and media section, and that stuff is priceless.

Thank you Theory11,
and Happy Birthday.

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