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  1. Hey everyone,

    We are approaching an exciting milestone in the history of The Wire here at theory11. We are just shy of seeing the 100th effect! Can you believe it? We sure can’t, and it is all thanks to you that we have such an amazing mix of cool new tricks and flourishes to share with the world.

    Tonight’s Saturday Night Contest is simple – perform your favorite trick or flourish from the Wire! We want to see your take on one of the nearly 100 different videos. You don’t need to clone the effect word for word, instead add your own spin and personality to your video.

    Post your entries here, in this very thread, by tomorrow night at 11 PM EST. Limit one entry per person. We are looking for how well you perform the effect, as well as what creative and personal touch you add to it. The winner of this contest will take home a 6-pack of SteamPunk playing cards their choice of product from the Wire.

    Hop to it! If you have not downloaded anything from the Wire, now is a great excuse to dive on in! Have a look and come join us!

    Good luck everyone!

  2. If I perform my own effect.... can I win ? :p

    EDIT : Ahhhh Dalton.. you had the same idea.
  3. Haha, let's stick to someone else's effects, that way we keep it fair for everyone!

    Thanks guys!

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    Good luck guys !
  5. How much time remains?
  6. What the Contest ?? It's already over ...
  7. It ends tomorrow night, so everyone still has more time to get their submissions in!
  8. ouh , i thought it end tonight ... lol
  9. A little insight will make you bright....
  10. I think it had to be made specifically for this contest bro. Isn't that a slightly older video?
  11. I made it 3 days ago. I really don't care about winning the contest, just watch the vid. :)
  12. Here is my submission I do NandN's by dalton wayne only with french fries at mcdonalds instead of m&ms :)
  13. Here's my entry. This is my presentation of the Followers by Dani DaOrtiz. I've also added a kicker ending because I always felt that the effect lacks an ending in someway. I haven't got a chance to film a live performance of this effect yet but since the contest ends tonight, this video is just for demonstration and for contest purposes.

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