Saturday Night Contest - Race to the Finish

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    This week, we're celebrating completion of a project 18 months in the making: MONUMENT by Dimitri Arleri. We posted the third and final teaser on Friday morning, and the release will occur this Friday at 11:00am EST. This project has been a monumental undertaking, and I'm confident our hard work will be apparent when you see the full trailer - it's incredible.

    To celebrate completion of the project and the upcoming release, Andrei Jikh and I let off some steam this afternoon at one of our favorite places on earth: the go-kart track! We did one race, and there was one winner.

    Your challenge for tonight's event is simple: tell us who won the race, and what the best lap time was to the hundredth of a second. As a hint, the lap time was being 20 and 30 seconds. So for example, your prediction could look like this: [Winner Name]: 20.05 or [Winner Name]: 28.87.

    Whoever predicts the correct winner and the most accurate time wins the event tonight. And our prize: 1,000 Elite Member Points and a pre-release 2-DVD set of Monument by Dimitri Arleri, shipped on the house anywhere in the world. Limit two predictions per member tonight. Deadline: 11:00pm EST.

    So tell us... who won the race?

    UPDATE: The results have been posted!
  2. Andrei: 22.46


    JB: 24.09
  3. Andrei: 24.32
  4. Jb: 23.01
    aj: 27.27
  5. Andrei: 26.84
    Jonathan: 24.55
  6. Andrei: 25.53
    JB: 26.44
  7. Andrei 28.35

    Jonathan 23.45
  8. Andrei: 27.95
    JB: 22.59
  9. Andrei 25:12 or J.B. 28:05.
  10. Andrei Jikh won the race. Time: 27.68 or 24.35
  11. Andrei : 26.32
  12. JB:25.39
  13. Winner!

    Andrei Jikh won with a race time of either - 23.05 or 27.47
  14. Andrei 20:11
    Jb: 25.55
  15. J Bayme: 22.35 or Andrei Jikh: 25:42
  16. Andrei - 24:87
    JB -28.54
  17. Andrei jikh won the race with a time of 24:56 or 27:12
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    Andrei: 27:35

    JB: 26:92
  19. Andrei 24.85
    JB 26.90
  20. Jonathan, 28.16

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