Saturday Night Contest : Randall Edition

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  1. So it's the week before Control's release on the 25th, and we at t11 have decided to run a Randall Look-Alike Contest as tonight's SNC. Here's the dizzle...

    Submit a picture or video of you looking or sounding like Randall from the upcoming Control DVD by Wayne Houchin. Not sure who Randall is? Check out the following link HERE.

    Like most of these contests, the funnier and more creative, the better. For example, you could take a picture of Randall in his best "magic pose" or if you have a video cam, you could perform your favorite piece of close-up magic as him. Pictures should be uploaded to PhotoBucket or ImageShack and embedded in your reply, and videos should be on YouTube (or Photobucket or Veoh, etc) with the link to the video in your reply.

    As always, submissions must be family friendly. There are some younger members on this site and we wouldn't want them reading or hearing bad words here while they're simultaneously reading them in another browser tab and also hearing them on the HBO that their parents don't know they know the password to.

    All submissions must be in by 11:00pm EST. Winner (determined by theory11 crew) will be announced on or before 11:30pm EST. What's up for grabs? A shiny new uncut sheet of Guardians.

    Good luck to all!
  2. Wow, this'll be hard. No offense to Randall.

    Sadly I don't have the hair. The darn hair!
  3. this sounds fun, too bad I cant make myself look like randall or do a randallish voice.
  4. Ah! Would love to participate, but I'm off to chill with some friends.....

    Good Luck to all though!!!!! :)
  5. Wayhey! I have hair! :D

  6. Wow. Does Randall have any idea how famous he's getting?

    Randall for President!
  7. He'll take over the world with his wand and balls, and intimate knowledge of the magics of illusion.

  8. One quick question:

    -Could you (or somebody) please provide me with a still photograph of Randall? I need something to work with.

    Thanks! Please reply ASAP.
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    My submission

    Use the video in the media section :)

    Randall found here without his wand, magic hat or three yellow cups.

    P.S. That was my Criss Angel wig from Halloween. I couldn't find my orange trucker hat for tonight :(

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  10. I hear that Youtube takes a long time to process videos.:( Is it alright if we upload the video to photobucket (you can do that in case you didn't know) or to the funny stuff area in the media section? (I'll do Panic in the video if you allow this.)

  11. Yes, YouTube processing does take a while. Hopefully it'll be fine tho.
  12. GRRRR!!

    I am at a house with absolutely NO video editing software!

    I have my camera with me so I might have to upload to YouTube and use their remixer....but I might not make the deadline....O Well!
  13. Yes, if YouTube is taking too long to display your video, feel free to upload it to Photobucket at or any other major video hosting provider (Veoh, etc).
  14. Oh man.....

    there's NO competition between photo and video :(
  15. Apparently not, Huruey, that was hilarious!
  16. well I filmed a video...then went to edit it...and as said before..i have no editing software. So i tried to upload it to YouTube and use their remixer....and the files to big. So i tried to convert the file using an onlin converter to help make it smaller but that takes too long...sooo....

    I have no video.... :(
  17. C'mon you guys!

    Use your imagination. You don't have to have "the hair" "the voice" or "the Attitude".

    Like almost ALL the Saturday Night Contests, the CRAZIER, the FUNNIER, the MORE OUTRAGEOUS, the BETTER!...

    Get out grandpa's flannel Shirts and your dads old Trucker hats from the 80s. Rip off the sleeves of those shirts you want to get rid of anyway.

    Hillbilly on Down!

  18. No worries-- picture entries will be looked at equally with the video submissions.

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