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  1. It's been quite a while since our last video contest dedicated solely to the cardists in theory11 land. We thought it was time to put together something unique and creative designed specifically for those who practice and perform cardistry.

    Tonight, your task is to create an original cardistry video no more than one minute in length. The catch? The video must be completely uncut and captured in a single take, from start to finish - with the exception of any color correction, music placement, and other editing (which we welcome with open arms). We want to see your chops raw, uncut, and in ONE take; what are you capable of?

    The more creative the routine, the better. Note that there is a limit of one video entry per participant tonight, so make your submission count! All entries should be upload to either Youtube, Vimeo, or and posted as a response to this thread no later than 11:00pm EST for judging. The winner will walk away with an unparalleled prize pack containing one deck of White Centurions and one deck of Brown Wynns - both no longer available - sent on the house. Good luck guys!
  2. Thank you....I LOVE YOU and the cool thing is that I got my green screen set up today!
  3. It's going to be fun seeing some of these submissions. I really have no chance in this contest so I will stay out.

    Good luck to all who enter!


  4. Jon,

    could you please tell me what time is it there? in hours...
    so I know if I have enough time...I really don´t understand that GMT...
  5. Whoo I am excited to see the results of this one. (too bad I suck at cardistry :(

    Anyway, Luis Vega, the time here on the east coast is 7:48 PM and the contest will be over at 11. I hope that helps
  6. From the time im posting, you have 2 hours and 12 minutes.
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    Video is stil converting, I did this in like 10 minutes, nearly killed me, rushing out the door to go to a friends house, enjoy, even if I did mess up the easiest flourish in the world at the end. Yay for uncutness.


    Edit: I think the video is 1:02 seconds in length, but I perform for the actual routine in under a minute
  8. curses. I'll not be home in time to participate.
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    My entry

    Yeah, thank you for telling me that, I will make a new video. Thank you again. SO MUCH.
  10. Hey MalibuArmy,

    Cool video, but isn't it supposed to be about cardistry? Isn't that technically considered a trick?

    Also, can't the video only be 1 minute long? Great video and all, just wondering...

  11. Lol did you blow that packet on that last flourish? If you did, that is awesome... If you didn't, it still is awesome... :)

    I might enter, but I really don't flourish that much..
  12. Here's my entry.

    The Revolver change is under cardistry, it is a trick as well but it is cardistry.

    I am happy I got the vid just under a minute.

    Yes, Pokemon cards :p
  13. You wanted raw, here you go. Fresh off my camera phone back stage at the gig I'm doing tonight. No edits, no set ups, Just some random chick from the que line and a deck of cards.

    The sound is horrible (because this was filmed on my Palm Pre) so turn your sound up or plug in headphones. Hopefully though, you won't need the sound to follow what I'm doing.

  14. Lol.. Is no one reading the instructions?? It's cardistry, not magic... Also, it has to be under one minute...
  15. I was told it was to use cards. I used cards. If it doesn't win, no worries.
  16. Here's my submission. Unfortunately, my audio track has not been approved by youtube, and therefore deleted the song ("Lust for Life" by Iggy Pop). But the video is just as good without it (I hope). Enjoy!
  17. I think we're gonna get a lot of flourishers submitting soon ;)

    Yay, mines rendering on the tube.

    Why does the raichu have a bicycle rider back? LOL

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