Saturday Night Contest - Read Calen's Mind!

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  1. (False alarm on the last one, since we didn't realize you could see through the paper. I will settle up with that winner via IM.)

    What’s up everyone? No, I am not Casey. I was asked to step in this evening as a substitute while Casey is, let’s say, occupied with the hurricane. Casey is just fine, however big storms like this do not know how to play well with electricity or the internet. If he can join us later, he will.
    Tonight’s SNC is inspired by a TV interview I saw recently with Banachek. He was being interviewed about his efforts to debunk so called psychics. The interview was rather cool, as Banachek himself is known for fooling researchers. In this, they mentioned the James Randi Million Dollar Challenge. This is simply put a test to see if there is any real evidence of paranormal activity. Tonight, we recreate that challenge, under our rules.

    Look here! That is Calen Morelli's phone. On that phone is the name of an animal that Calen randomly thought of. Your job is to guess/divine/read-Calen's-mind-to-find what is on the phone. There are no other clues. You all have three guesses. Please format them as shown below.

    1. Guardian
    2. Sentinel
    3. Centurion

    That is it. Simple as can be. If you have a clever way to extract the word from Calen's mind, be my guest. If not, get guessing. The first person to correctly guess the animal, or the person who comes closest if nobody actually guesses it, wins a deck of JAQK playing cards AND a deck of the brand new Guardian V.2 playing cards. JAQK playing cards are no longer sold. The new Bicycle Guardian v2 playing cards are brand new, printed with imported French paper with embossed titling and metallic silver accents. They are awesome. You want these. Trust me.

    You have until 11:00pm EST. Good luck!

  2. 1. Panda
    2. Tiger
    3. Sloth
  3. 1. Banana Slug
    2. Rhino
    3. Shark
  4. 1. Eagle
    2. Chicken
    3. Elephant
  5. 1. Giraffe
    2. Lion
    3. Elephant
  6. 1. deer
    2. horse
    3. monkey
  7. 1.shark
  8. 1.water buffalo
  9. 1) Fish
    2) Zebra
    3) Dog
  10. 1. Penguin
    2. Jaguar
    3. Lobster

  11. 1. Tasmanian devil
    2. Llama
    3. Alpaca
  12. 1. Tiger
    2. Turtle
    3. Shark
  13. 1. Rhino
    2. Gorilla
    3. Deer
  14. 1. Dog
    2. Snake
    3. Wolf
  15. 1. Water Buffalo
    2. Dingo Baby
    3. Polar Bear
  16. 1.Spider
  17. 1. Hedgehog
    2. Dolphin
    3. Wallaby
  18. 1. Platypus
    2. Ocelot
    3. Lemur
  19. 1. Zebra
    2. Penguin
    3. Platypus
  20. Snc

    2. Snake

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