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  1. Hey guys, hope you all are enjoying your weekend! Yesterday afternoon, we released two major projects - both of which were years in the making. One of them was BREAK by Uday Jadugar - the most clean and natural coin bend ever devised. Break uses real metal, real currency, truly bent and broken at your fingertips. I instantly fell in love with it, and my first thought was "seriously, this is like having a REAL superpower."

    Inspired by that thought, your mission tonight is to make a video that could convince others that YOU genuinely possess superhuman abilities. You have one video to prove it. The more fair, the more incredible, the better. What would you do if you REALLY had superpowers? You wouldn't do an Ambitious Card Routine or sponge balls. What would you do? Move an object with your mind? Make something float? Levitate? Cause a candle to ignite - or extinguish, on demand? Present ANY effect with any method (new or old) you'd like - the more believable and the more creative, the better.

    Film and upload your performance to YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram and post the link in response to THIS forum thread by no later than 7:30pm EST tomorrow, Sunday, May 31st. After time is up, our panel of judges will go through all submissions and decide on a winner based on the criteria listed above.

    What will you take home if you win? 1,000 Elite Member Points and BREAK by Uday Jadugar, shipped on the house, anywhere in the world. Can't wait to see what you guys can do. Make it happen!
  2. Good luck to all involved!
  3. Paging Rian Mileti...
  4. Any editing allowed ?

    So, there's a spec in the video ?
  5. Editing is fine as long as the method of your effect doesn't depend on editing. Clever camera angles and such are totally fair game. No spectator required for this one. Good luck, everyone!

  6. Here it is.
  7. Does it have to be magic can i do cardistry or card throwing?
  8. Is that a superpower? Think about it.
  9. This is a tough one, I had an idea but no tools to execute it.
  10. Cutting things in half with a thin piece of card seems superpower esque to me, the superhero gambit does exactly that. Only id do it with fruit and stuff.
  11. Fire bending !!!
    ahahaha, sorry it's quite uncontrolled, i am on my second grade in Element Academy so.. yeah.. i'll try to make it perfect next time .. just hope to get a scholarship for continuing next year
    Here's the video



  12. The power of my mind
  13. Here it goes:

    Manipulating time with my mind
  14. When you play with fire enough, you learn how it works fairly easy.
    *I do not condone playing with fire, my fire-alarms constantly went off doing this.
  15. What happens when I read superheroes comics...

  16. My entry:
    1. There is nothing in my hands.
    2. Sorry if this didn't work for you.
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  17. Hey that's pretty cool, worked on me.
  18. I think the challenge here is to do the impossible and make it believable. While cutting things with thrown cards is cool, it doesn't give off a "superhuman vibe". There's a lot of people out there who are also that good at card throwing.
  19. If I have real superpower, I would use it to help bring back stolen goods by switching one object for another without the suspect noticing :)


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