Saturday Night Contest - Record Breaking!

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  1. What’s up guys! Time for a very fun and challenging contest to get your minds workin!

    Ever dream of setting or breaking a world record? Tonight, we give you that chance. This week's Saturday Night Contest is our second "break a record" challenge, and we want each of you to push the envelope and test your limits more than ever before.

    Your goal tonight is to film a video of you utilizing an object or skill relating to magic and/or cardistry to set a new world record - or, likewise, to break an already existing record. You are, of course, not limited to playing cards - anything may be used, so long as it is loosely related to magic in some form.

    Some examples: The most Sybil's performed in 1 minute, the largest object used to perform Pressure, the most Revolution Cuts in 1 Minute, the most coins vanishes in 30 seconds; the record is limited only by your imagination!

    Note that the quality and production of the video itself is irrelevant to the judging process. We're looking for the most interesting record breaking attempt; nothing more. We are letting you guys work on your record breaking skills for 24 HOURS! All submissions should be uploaded and posted as a response to this thread no later than 7:30PM EST for judging!

    The prize is the holy grail for the one to take it to the next level. The winner will receive one deck of White Centurions, completely on the house!

    Good luck to everyone participating tonight. I can’t wait to see what all of you have in store!
  2. This sounds fun! Your entries can be as simple as "most Charlier cuts in 60 seconds" to as complicated as you can imagine. Think outside the box and take home the prize! Best of luck to everyone that enters tonight.
  3. Are we allowed to try and set more than 1 record? I'm torn between a few different records that I've thought of and I'm having trouble deciding. I'd also like to say this is an awesome contest with an amazing prize!!!!
  4. magical world record- hit chuck norris
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  6. Not dising your video but would have been better had the deck been upside down. Good luck to you.
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    The World's Longest Card Spread and Turnover

    I've spent the last 2 hours creating a 20 deck card spread and turnover which is actually been more difficult then imagined. I also tried flipping the card boxes with less success. Anyways here's my entry and good luck to everyone who enters :).

  8. Hey guys, just letting you all know that everyone has until tomorrow night at 7:30PM EST to post their submissions! We want all of you to have the chance to participate in this one!
  9. Why has it been extended?
  10. VERY COOL card spread 'ThePrestige' !!!

    Now that's what I call an 'Ambitious Card Routine' ;-)

    Good Luck!!


    - Imagewatom
  11. Opps… How do I delete a post ???

    - Imagewatom
  12. Agreed..
    it should extended perhaps by several reasons. One of them, some country need more time to upload their videos depend on their internet speed. The internet speed is not flat at all on the world wide.
    well.. bigger chance give to more people for now on. Good luck to the winner...


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