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  1. What's up guys, hope you all are having a rockin' weekend!

    The Fourth of July is coming up for us Americans, celebrating independence and freedom. We wanted tonight's contest to be rather simple, yet challenging at the same time, showcasing our Red White and Blue! Here's what's going down tonight.

    I'm going to post an image of a card from 3 different decks (Red Titanium, White Centurion, Blue Titanium) face down on the table. Your job is to guess the identity of those 3 cards. If you are the first to correctly guess or come close to all 3 cards, you will win a deck of each shown in the image below. Again, that is a deck of Red Titaniums, White Centurions, and Blue Titaniums!

    SNC 4th of july.jpg

    You have 3 guesses. Post your 3 guesses all in one post by 11:00pm EST and we will flip over the cards for the first time. We will then go back and check the answers to see who got it first or came the closest.

    UPDATE :: Results have been posted!
  2. Three guesses per card or three guesses all together?
  3. 1.
    red=3 of clubs
    white =7 of diamonds
    blue =Jack of Spades

    red=9 of hearts
    white=queen of spades
    blue=2 of diamonds

    red=ace of clubs
    white=five of spades
    blue=10 of hearts
  4. You have 3 combo guesses, as in the whole group of 3 cards counts as one guess.
  5. red- 9 of hearts
    white- queen of spades
    blue- 4 of hearts
  6. 2 of clubs
    4 of clubs
    king of hearts
  7. so if i guess the red white and blue, that means its one guess for all 3?
  8. The picture's not showing up...

    Also, when you say 3 guesses, is this what you mean?

    Red: blank, blank, blank
    White: etc....
    Blue: etc...

    Please confirm


    EDIT: Also is it like the first guess of red goes with the first guess of all the rest? Or can you mix and match? Like is it three sets of Red White and Blue? Or Three options in each set?
  9. red - 6 of diamonda
    white - ace of clubs
    blue - 9 of hearts
  10. red - 3 of diamonds
    white - King of clubs
    blue - 6 of spades
  11. Correct (word count).
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    Red- j hearts
    White-6 spades
    blue- 7 clubs

    Red- A- clubs
    White- 5 diamonds
    blue- 10 spades

    red- 2 spades
    white- 4 hearts
    blue- 4 clubs
  13. Follow this format:

    Red: ...
    White: ...
    Blue: ...

    Red: ...
    White: ...
    Blue: ...

    Red: ...
    White: ...
    Blue: ...
  14. A:
    red - jack of spade
    white - 2 of diamonds
    blue - 7 of clubs

    red - 10 of hearts
    white - 5 of spades
    blue - ace of hearts

    red - king of clubs
    white - 4 of diamonds
    blue - 9 of clubs
  15. Prediction A:
    Red-- 9 of Diamonds
    White-- Jack of Hearts
    Blue-- 10 of Spades

    Prediction B:
    Red-- 8 of Diamonds
    White-- Jack of Clubs
    Blue-- King of Hearts

    Prediction C:
    Red-- 4 of Spades
    White-- 6 of Hearts
    Blue-- 7 of Diamonds
  16. red-7 of hearts
    white-4 of spades
    blue-jack of diamonds

    red-8 of spades
    white-3 of hearts
    blue-king of hearts

    red-4 of clubs
    white-8 of diamonds
    blue-2 of spades
  17. Ok Thanks...

    Red: 4 of Clubs
    White: 9 of Spades
    Blue: Jack of Clubs

    Red: 2 of Spades
    White: Queen of Hearts
    Blue: Ace of Diamonds

    Red: 10 of Clubs
    White: 7 of Diamonds
    Blue: King of Spades
  18. Prediction 1:

    Red: 4 of Hearts
    White: 10 of Spades
    Blue: 6 of Diamonds

    Prediction 2:

    Red: King of Hearts
    White: 8 of Spades
    Blue: Jack of Clubs

    Prediction 3:

    Red: 3 of Diamonds
    White: 9 of Hearts
    Blue: Queen of Spades
  19. red: 4 diamonds
    white: jack of spades
    blue: 9 hearts

    red: queen of clubs
    white: King of hearts
    blue: 3 of spades

    red:9 of diamonds
    white: 8 of clubs
    blue: 5 of diamonds
  20. Red - Jack of Hearts
    White - 2 of Diamonds
    Blue - 8 of Diamonds

    Red - 9 of Spades
    White - 3 of Diamonds
    Blue - Queen of Spades

    Red - 4 of Diamonds
    White - 8 of Hearts
    Blue - 7 of Clubs

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