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Aug 5, 2007
Inspired by a post earlier today by CardClip928. Tonight's SNC is about you.

We want to know - in your own words - what you feel you have accomplished over this last year (2008) in magic and/or cardistry. Some of you may have performed your first professional show, others may have come up with a cool concept that found its way into your repertoire, or maybe you just discovered the art and want to share how it's impacted your life. The contest is simple - tell us about it.

In addition, we want to know what your resolutions are for '09. What are your goals? What would you like to see yourself accomplish in magic and/or cardistry over the coming year?

Because this is a written contest, all can participate. Submissions should be posted as responses to this thread - and all submissions must be in by 11:00pm EST. We will review the posts (for some of you - "essays") and announce the winner at 11:30pm EST, on the dot. Submissions can vary in length, but should be limited to 500 words as a maximum.

The prize? A six-pack of PROPAGANDA Playing Cards, on the house. Looking forward to reading through all of your accomplishments, aspirations, and thoughts. :)
A lot of things have happened this past year. I have realized my good things, and the bad things, about my magic. I have learned new things about my magic. I have realized magic is my goal for the future, and I want to become a professional magician. I have invented magic in the past 3 or 4 years, but this year I have became more and more creative in my effects, and have realized which effects were good and which are bad. I have also realized more about the art and history of magic, and started learning about people like S. W. Erdnase, Dai Vernon, Larry Jennings, Etc, and why they were very important in magic. I have also started flourishing in the past year, but I suck. :)

Also in the past year I discovered Theory11. In the past I used to shop at Penguin or E. Then when I saw Theory11, I knew the bar has been raised. I finally decided to join the forums. My first thread was a question on Thunderbird by Lee Asher, and I had about 20 comments helping me. (A lot better than E.):) The answers made a lot more sense, than the ones E gave me when I asked them. And when one person gave their opinion, they closed the thread so no one else could help. Theory11 community is way better and more welcoming.

Like I said in the first paragraph, I have learned more about the history of effects and their creators, rather than buying every new effect. I have also learned to connect with my audience on a personal level, and let them know a little about me.

Then here comes 2009. I have many resolutions this upcoming year, but I some of the most important are a couple of things. I want to be realized for my invented effects of magic by the community. I want to learn more about the legends of magic, and hopefully learn who Erdnase is :). I also want to go to magic Live! Convention, but I’m not rich. Hopefully I can save enough money for that. I also want to meet some of my favorite magicians like Danny Garcia, Wayne Houchin, Chris Kenner, Paul Harris, and Dan and Dave Buck. I also want to perform more shows, and possibly get a job at a restaurant or Chili’s (Chili’s is the Bee’s Knee’s.)I also want to become a better flourisher, and learn harder stuff. I also want to help the community in magic, as much as I can, without looking like a stupid idiot:). I also want to thank everyone for a great year, And helping me with any questions I had.

So here I am, five hundred words later, as I make my close. Whether it is teaching my dog to do a backflip, to perfecting a sleight, 2008 is one of my favorite years in magic and life. Let’s just hope 2009 is better. Happy New Year from Magicman384!
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Feb 1, 2008
ok so I accomplished performing in front of my youth group of about 20-30 kids (big group for me) and i was nervous, but i got through it. what i hope to accomplish: structure a manipulation act so I can perform for them again
ok here is mine

first my resolution for 2009 is to not depend on other people matieral as much not the tricks but the way i present them to my spectators. and also to get more stage shows.

What i have accomplished

ok well earlyer this here i have my first real gig it was a walk around table magic and stage. In the stage show i got to open for Ardan James how is a real great guy. I didnt get paid but i dont really need the money as much as the experience of preforming. Later i started Cardistry which has been a great choice and i can sucssecfully do every thing in Dangerous most pretty smooth but Mayhem (working on it) OK Here is a big one i have been buying one thing and just practice it and get it perfect or darn near close to and then move on and by doing this i have found i get better reactions because i can focus on presinttation more and dont have to worry about the slieghts as much. So that is what i feel i have accoplished it 2008




Ps. another one is i joined Theory11
Over the last few years, the art that Theory11 has dedicated itself to, magic, has taken over my life drastically. This, in both my parents’ and friends’ view has had some positive and some negative impacts in my behaviors, social life and mainly my study.

On the positive side, my parents can see me more focused on a certain hobby, which has also allowed them to have a sense of pride when I perform in front of family friends and in social parties. My friends seem to enjoy watching and sometimes criticizing what I perform. Overall it is clear both parties are happy to watch me strengthen in this particular art form. Nonetheless, there have also been some forms of negative impacts that came included with this addiction to learning and “playing” with cards. With me approaching the dreaded last two years of high school, I have noticed a gradual decline in my grades and if I don’t pick up where I left off 3 years ago, I won’t manage a decent University course. As it is evidently seen, magic in my life benefits me on the short-term scale, but will have dire effects if I don’t start to limit it and work on other jobs at hand.

In the past year (2008), in the field of magic, I have greatly improved my repertoire and managed to get my first paying gig. Cards have always been the fascination in my journey of magic and so it has obviously been the key role in this last 12 months. I have accomplished constructing a well-rounded card routine, while on the road to mastering a decent 3,6 and 8-ring routine of "Linking Rings”.However my greatest achievement of the last year has been my improved performance style and the clarity I have developed in explaining and illustrating any given effect. I also came to recognize that my major weakness was that I did not vary my effects into coins and other props. These improvements,attainment,realizations of style and knowledge have made my 2008.

With all this said let me come to my “New Year’s Resolution for Magic - 2009”. For the past two years my resolutions have been clearly seen to improve my sleight of hand skills or to learn “this or that” effect by “this or that” time, but this time it will be different.

My New Year’s Resolution in the field of Magic will be to continue my interest in the art by progressing to learn, practice and finally master and given effect I set my mind to. I will broaden my horizons past the field of card magic and start to learn coin magic, stage magic and possibly more cardistry. However I will put this same amount of commitment into my studies and not compromise my position in a decent University course. Study in my eyes has a greater potential at a future careen over a performing magician, but putting effort in anything you do is the road to success in life.
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Michael Kras

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Sep 12, 2007
In 2008: I feel like I accomplished a great deal... I emerged from tough times magically, succeeding in beginning to regain the respect of the majority of the magic community that I had previously wronged. In 2007 I had trouble listening to knowledgable magicians that told me how to do the right thing and I ignored their invaluable advice and make some huge mistakes that almost completely wiped away my reputation in magic. However, in 2008, I'm proud and happy to say that I finally listened, acted, and completely changed myself as a magician and even as a person. Now, I can't thank the community enough for opening my eyes. Technically, I naturally have improved, having put in more time and effort into the craft this past year than ever before... it became nearly obsessive but completely worth it and the effort.

In 2009: My goal is to continue evolving as a magician and a person... learning lessons, studying, and building. Spending time on every possible aspect of the art, from presentation, to my personal persona, to audience interaction, to technique. I plan to invest time and money into learning the "real secrets" of magic to help with these improvements. I plan on performing as much as possible, noting my strengths and weaknesses, and building on them. I have already begun having most of my public performances filmed, then reviewing them later on and taking notes. Overall, I plan on making 2009 a year of creativity, improvement, advancement, and just flat-out magic.
Dec 10, 2007
'08 accomplishments:
•Met Virtuoso, and the whole Singapore gang.
•Made new friends through the cardistry community

'09 goals:
•Not to get banned from Theory11 (again -I'll do my
•Get better.
•Do some types of flourishing shows (because they aren't as common as magic shows, but who knows. I'll try both lol)
•Make more friends =P
•Surpass The Virts, Eric Tam, Leon Tai, Ambrose, Garry Anga**********, Giovanni Principe, Andrei, Philip Mcauley, and all those other freakishly talented people!
Jun 7, 2008
DC area
Ive have been doing magic seriously for about a year now so I have done a lot with magic. I went from barely being able to do the erdanece to doing clip shift fairly well. I have much more respect for other magicians and realized that magic is an art for.

I use to be a social outcast that was awkward and didn't have many friends. Magic helped me with people more social. People started to knowing me as the guy who can do all that cool stuff instead of that guy who sits by himself at the lunch table. It has also helped me with my presentation and my nerviness, I am able to talk to a girl and have them think im not a total idiot who is weird even before they know I do magic tricks.

In 2009 I plan to improve my magic even more. I want to work on my presentation and my character more than actually tricks this year. I don't want to become popular because of magic, but because I am a fun guy. I also want to try to help the world in some way with magic. I don't know how yet but I really want to.
The major highlight of my year was moving to the west coast from New York to pursue magic more passionately. I did a lot of soul-searching to re-invent who I was as a performer. I hired my own agent and am working pretty regularly in Southern California. Life's pretty challenging right now, but I'm loving every minute of it.

The biggest lesson I learned in 2008 was the importance of an audience to see the talent you possess as a magician. I recently started studying magic theory again, and I learned the audience's experience in magic is something that should be cradled and molded into something beautiful everytime you perform. I think my audiences get that and appreciate what I do because of my awareness to it.

I have a solid ClipShift.

My New Year's Resolution is to just stay humble and make sure everyday is a learning experience for me and the magic I do. I want to try and learn something new from as many magicians as possible as often as I can. I want to develop longstanding friendships with knowledgeable people of all backgrounds.

I want to get some effing bookcases for the magic library I have.

I would also like to explore mentalism more seriously. Right now, I'm heavily magic-oriented but I feel mentalism is just more adventurous and personal. I have a lot of resources, but I haven't had the energy to genuinely study them as much as they deserve. I want to read more and perform more mentalism so it is up to par with my magic game.

That's it.

Mar 6, 2008
Walla Walla WA
I think the biggest accomplishment was getting a reaction out of f the guy that sees all of my magic and never reacts. You know the type a nod and "thats it" remark. This year I got him to actually react. The great thing was it was with red line.

I think i would like to try more coin effects this year and finish my card through card effect that i have been working on for a year and a half. Okay maybe not finish but at least get the mechanics down and get the gimmick a little cleaner looking.

Aug 12, 2008
I starded cardistry this year . And iam happy to finaly do what i like
i always liked magic but i never wanted to start it because i thought other people will think iam weird . But this year in The october break i starded to flourish because i really wanted to do it . I did not care anymore about other people and finaly found my passion . I found somthing iam good in at .
Sep 2, 2007
My resolution for 2009:

Back in 2008, my magic took a 180. I was heading down a path I did not want to follow. I met a couple of people who have REALLY been helping me. In 2009, I hope to get a job as a house magician because I will be going to college this year, and it will be a great way to pay my way through. I also hope to continue working with effects and concepts I've been playing with and look at them more seriously so that when I get the job as house magician, I will have more effects that they will only see at that restaraunt. My third resolution is to go to my first magic convention. I am currently looking at CAM in Montreal Canada.

So, in short, get a job as house magician, look at effects more seriously, go to a convention.
Feb 3, 2008
saturday night contest

Over the last year, i really feel that i accomplished a lot magic wise.
I have learned that magic had a really strong community sense to it, and i am now successfully a part of that community, thanks to (Theory 11)
In 2008 i also learned how to make a connection with my audience, which helped me with my stage presence.
About halfway through the year, my friend got me into cardistry / flourishing, and although it was really hard at first, i am really proud of myself for sticking with it.

My resolutions for 2009 are to get my first paid gig, and to ultimately be a better magician.
I also want to learn how to incorporate messages into my tricks, so that i can witness to people and share my love for Jesus.

Over the past year, I have 'evolved' a lot in magic. I've gone to learning cheap effects with gimmicks, that don't work half of the time, to doing good tricks, that actually work. I have experienced what being a professional feels like. I accomplished actually performing. Before 2008, I woud only show my family tricks, but in 2008, I brought my cards to school, an amazed. I felt good. Better than that. I felt GREAT! I really knew what being a pro felt like, having everybody watch with amazement. And I wanted more. That's what I'm aming for this year. To perform more, learn more, and practice more.
Sep 1, 2007

Hello everybody!:D
My story is a bit long but I hope you like it

I've been doing magic for 3 years, so 2008 was the 3. year of practising. There were a "Renaissance Ball" in my school and was asked to be the wizard there.:D
For the first time I accepted to make a little "show". So for the first time I had to make a good order of my tricks.
Finally I found a pretty good order and I started to practise it a lot. I decided to practise it until I can do it while I'm sleeping. (lol joke:) )
And I decided well! Everybody loved my little "show" (even the older students). So with a well thought "magic show" I could spend a little time practising my flourishes.
(I've even made a new one!) Now I can do some flourishes "smoothly".

So what are my plans for 2009?

Of course practise even more, but in 2009 I'd like to enter in a magic contest for the first time. Also I'd like to learn different "kinds" of magic
such as Stage magic, Coin magic and others. That would be awesome if I could do miracles with every single object on the planet and
I could show this to more people....

Maybe in 2009...;)
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Sep 1, 2007
Over the course of the last year, I feel that I discovered a new-found understanding of the art of magic, especially how even the simplest effect can genuinely amaze someone. At the beginning of 2008, I had certain effects that I considered to be too simple to amaze people. Now, not even twelve months later, I know that I was wrong. It all started back in March. I was performing for a few friends and I was running low on effects. However, their hunger for magic had not yet been pleased completely, so I turned to a card effect that I learned as "The Trick that Fooled Einstein". Sure enough, it fooled and amazed them as well! The look on these guys' faces as they stared in disbelief at the cards before them was amazing! I discovered that you should never underestimate the power an effect has over someone. We as magicians must remember that we know the working of the effect, so of course it's going to seem simple to us. I also learned that within some of the oldest books on magic, some golden kernels hide. Several of the effects that I currently perform came from books that were published long before I was born. The benefit of many of these effects is that virtually no one performs them today, so to many, spectators and magicians alike, they are new and exciting.

Looking toward the future, I hope to, over the next year, expand my horizons in the art of magic. Up until now, I have focused primarily on cards, which, frankly, has caused my main spectators to grow a bit weary of card effects. So, I have eagerly begun my search for new materials with which to perform. Hopefully by the end of the year, I will know some stellar effects that don't have to do with cards! A second resolution of mine is to become more active in the magic community. After all, it's a great way to discover new methods and ideas for performing! Overall, I just hope that over the next year, my performance improves in any number of ways. Here's to the next year!
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Apr 28, 2008
This year i've started to perform far more frequently, often several times a week. At one point I almost gave up on magic but after seeing the effect it can have on people, the joy it brings to them, this was more than enough motivation to get me fully back into magic and is now what drives me. It also made me think about magic from the point of a spectator and how they perceive it, while this should be obvious it is something that many of us can easily forget, we often do effects that we are entertained by and forget the entire purpose of magic, to entertain the spectator.
This also helped me to overcome nerves when performing, I used to shake like crazy and my hands would sweat, it really messed up my performances and put me off magic, but when I realised that people enjoy it and want to see it and are on my side this allowed me to completely overcome nerves when performing. It's been a particularly important year for me, probably the most important in all the time i've been in magic (Which is admittedly not a particularly long time).

As for my goals for 2009, i'd like to put together a full close up show, i'm absolutely awful at this as I can never focus enough, I often play with an effect for a bit, perform it for a couple of weeks then move onto other stuff, while it means I do get a lot of experience and can work out what spectators enjoy the most it is somewhat unfulfilling. I'm going to try and be a lot more disciplined and concentrate on my goals until I achieve them. I'd also like to branch out a bit from just cards, as much as I love them I really feel like I should be doing more instead of sticking to what I already know, this ties back in with being more disciplined, i've tried learning coins several times before with little success, hopefully i'll be more successful the next time I try.

I'd also like to start performing my own material more, i've never really been confident enough with it to actually use it, but I think it could work so i'm determined to try it.

Sorry if this came out a bit messy, it's basically just a stream of thoughts but I hopefully got my points across.
Nov 17, 2007
Well, to be completely honest. The past year has been a bit lazy for me. I ALWAYS had a deck in my hands but I wasn't really practicing. I didn't really construct anything. I mean sure, I learned a few new flourishes and tricks but considering the amount of time I had, I could of done a lot more. That is what I plan to change this year...

My goals are to: master everything on the System and Trilogy (flourishes) DVDs, construct a effective cardistry routine to perform (something I've been wanting to do but never got around to it), and also to construct a well polished magic routine which is also something I've wanted to do but never did. Another small side-goal is to expand on my playing card collection. I have a little over 100 decks right now, I want to get at least 50 more by the end of this year.

But, my biggest goal is to always be working on something. I want to stop just lazily fiddling with a deck 10 hours a day and not really do anything. I really want this year to be as constructive as possible and to master a lot of new things.

I want to learn, create, and master...
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