Saturday Night Contest - Resolutions for 2020!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. Hey guys, hope everyone is having a great weekend! As 2019 comes to a close, we are reminded of everything we have done over the past year and where it has gotten us heading into the new year. It's always exciting to begin a new year (especially a new decade!), so first and foremost, happy new year from all of us at theory11!

    We want to know - in your own words - what you feel you have accomplished over this last year (2019) in magic and / or cardistry. Some of you may have performed your first professional show, others may have come up with a cool idea or concept that found its way into your repertoire, or maybe you just discovered the art and want to share how it's impacted your life. The contest tonight is simple - tell us about it.

    In addition, we want to know what your resolutions are for this next year - 2020. What are your goals? What would you like to see yourself accomplish in magic and / or cardistry over the coming year? We want to hear about it!

    Because this is a written contest, everyone of you is free to participate. Submissions should be posted as responses to this thread - and all entries must be in by tomorrow, Sunday, December 29h at 11:00pm EST for judging. We will review the posts and announce the winner (selected at random) once time is up. Note that submissions can vary in length - but are limited to 500 words, maximum.

    The winner takes home 1,000 Elite Member Points, a deck of Gold Artisans, 6 Decks of Star Wars Playing Cards (3 Dark Side, 3 Light Side), and 7 spins on the Holiday Wheel!

    We look forward to reading through all of your accomplishments, aspirations, thoughts, and goals!
  2. My weight passed the 200 lbs mark for the first time in my life, so my wife and I resolve to start doing fancy stretching...I mean yoga daily.
  3. Good Luck Everyone!!

    My resolution is to meet more people. And once again to lose more weight. I started a proactive approach by taking out a gym membership about 2 weeks ago ... I went 4 times so far but that is because it's the holiday season. I worked with the weights a little and my muscles are sore... So I guess I'm off to a good start. As far as magic is concerned I want to continue shuffling and false dealing. I have been catching good rhythms lately so lets keep it up. Here is the latest from my bottom deal.....

    P.S. Happy New Years!!!
  4. Magic has always been a huge part of my life. And in the last 7 years, collecting playing cards has been another important part of my life.
    2 years ago I started my own playing card project but failed to complete it.
    2019, I created all 54 cards, created a prototype and was ready to unleash.
    Personal things in my life became an obstacle and I never fully completed my project. The box design was the only thing outstanding.
    I went to various companies, including T11, to try and sell my design but was unsuccessful for good reason.
    Im going to spend 2020 completing this deck in full and hopefully crowding it. Hopefully it makes its way into some of your hands too.
    Wish me luck and have a Happy New Year!
  5. 2019 was a year of rediscovery for me. When I was very young I had the average kid’s magic set and performed little “shows” for my parents and siblings. I learned a few basic card tricks and forces from a family friend and enjoyed perfectly them, but did not continue on to more advanced techniques and sleights until more recently. A couple of my family members have been more dedicated to the art and have encouraged and challenged me to become better and start learning skills in a more logical manner. Thus, I picked up Royal Road to Card Magic and have been working my way through it carefully. I have had a deck of bicycle playing cards with me almost constantly, fiddling with them even while I am watching TV, reading, or studying. It has been tempting to movie quickly through different moves and tricks, but I try to slow myself and work on perfecting foundational techniques before learning more advanced techniques. Along those lines, I have worked a lot on pinky counting and getting a clean double-lift, the classic pass, etc.

    In the next year, I want to continue advancing these basic techniques while integrating new ones into my repetoire. Specifically, I would like to get comfortable with the diagnonal palm shift and learn some different pass techniques. I also wanted to invest more in good materials like Card College instead of relying on YouTube videos and family and friends advice (although I’m extremely grateful for their help) that I utilized early in my journey before getting Royal Road.
  6. This year was kinda special in magic for me. I just improved a lot, performed some succesfull street magic and I had increased my card collection, buying some cool decks.
    For my next year, I hope I will create my own trick (im already working on it) and hope im gonna have the chance to perform in some cool place...
    I know its kinda superficial, but these are my resolutions to next year in magic... hope I am going to be able to acomplish all of them.
    Happy new year, guys! Thanks for all, TXI!
  7. In 2019 I've found that magic has played a role in my life that I didn't expect. My work revolves a lot around brand building and content, and I've realised the theory behind magic, the thinking behind building an effect has spilled over to my brand work.
    What I'm talking about is the element of surprise and delight, and how that can play an effective role in business, brand development and content.

    Although I may not be a professional magician, I feel like I'm still living up to that potential through delivering better customer experiences.

    In 2020 my goal is to continue to push this thinking and experiment in delivering magical experiences for businesses.
  8. I hope that in 2020 and I can find my way to become better at my current job, and have more time for my hobby. Things have been tough lately, so I also hope that next year I can get myself together and be more stable :)
    Happy new year everyone.
  9. In 2019, I became more interested in Card Magic. I got a couple of books, a couple of effects, and started practicing. I fell in love with the art form and hope to continue expanding my knowledge and skill on magic.
    I love to learn new things, magic has been fascinating to learn.
    Aside from magic, I have been doing great in education, doing great in sports and just being happy.
    Being happy, and laughing all the time is a key part in being successful.
    In 2020, I hope on expanding my knowledge on card magic even more and even try coin magic and/or mentalism.
    I hope to do even better through my education, continue being active, and be happier.
    I hope everyone has a great New Year!
    2020 HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!

    Another big thanks for the Theory11 staff and community. I just love being able to discuss magic with other people who also share the love for the art form as I do.

    Hope the Theory11 staff and everyone else who might be reading this have a Happy New Year!
  10. I bit off more than I could chew with last years resolution so this year keeping it simpler than last.

    While last year I improved several of my routines via actualy writing down scripts (holy heck this helps a lot)... I didn't perform for expecting groups (a senior center) as much as I would have liked. So thats this years resolution to perform more often for that group of folks!
  11. Hello everyone

    My New Years resolutions are to perform more.
    And to pursue to live a healthier lifestyle.
  12. I have had an amazing year. I got a few amazing books that have helped me develop my appreciation for the craft; I put some new spins on old tricks that I love performing, and then got to perform them for a group of seniors learning English. That was a lot of fun, and they've been bugging me to go back.

    I also started a magic club at the elementary school where I completed my first internship, and began teaching the younger generation of magic. Not just tricks, but also how to think about how they can perform them.

    My resolution: to keep the love of magic alive for myself, and my magic students, as I begin one of the busiest sessions of my academic life. Sometimes life gets in the way of doing magic, or staying in the loop. I want to do my best to find some time to read a chapter in a magic book, or even just performing a trick or two for my peers. Whatever it takes. Keep the magic alive.

    Happy 2020, everyone.
  13. This year has been a big year because I finally left my job after years complaining about it, and we started a new life in a new country with my wife. I still don’t know how next year will be but I will try my best to get a little fitter and more relax.
  14. 2019 was a year where I slowed down a bit magic wise. I didn't got many tricks or any decks this year as I concentrated on my other aspects of life. The only achievement I could think of is that I finally got the guts to performed for family and friends at a couple of gatherings and I think they enjoyed it.
    I am not much of new years resolution person but if could think of a few, its definitely getting back into magic the way I used to be and for years I am thinking abt getting into coin magic as well but so far no progress so I guess in 2020 I might finally get into is aswell
  15. For a while I had all but given up on cardistry/magic as a whole. I used to be incredibly involved (especially here on the forums), for a while made weekly videos on YouTube, and was constantly learning. As life pulled in different directions (I got married at the end of 2018!), I found myself with very little time to continue pursing it.

    However, towards the middle/end of this year, I found myself picking up a deck of cards more frequently. I was reminded of how much cards have impacted my life and how much I missed it. I’ve posted a few cardistry edits and photos to Instagram, started performing for people a bit, and have started expanding my collection again. I’m hoping this trend continues into 2020 as I figure out how to balance everything. I want to start making card-related content again and I want to be a member of the community again.

    I think it will continue to be a small part of my life, but I still want it to be a part of it. My life has always been very open to change and incredibly uncertain. I have plenty of other unrelated goals that I want to achieve, but I wouldn’t mind bringing a deck of cards along the way. :D
  16. Missed you, Dean. Congrats on the marriage!
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  17. For awhile I had backed off magic for this year. It's been a stressful time and it didn't seem like I could take the time anymore (as a hobbyist). Finally picked it back up in the last month or so. My goal for 2020 is to put together a small show, whether or not anyone actually sees it.
  18. Unfortunately 2019 wasn’t the best year for me in magic because I was focusing more on my studies in college, the only thing I accomplished is my 22 days of magic on Instagram stories,

    I did a similar challenge few years back on YouTube and this type of challenges really thought me a lot in magic and in working on something for a short period of time.

    For 2020 I have a few goals in magic
    First, I’m planning on making/selling gimmicks and magic decks like Svengali for example, but for a very cheap prices,

    Because the country I’m living in right now has no magic shops, shipping to here is a nightmare and also we don’t have enough magicians, so maybe this will encourage more young people to get into magic when it’s available in affordable prices.

    The second thing and this was one of my goals last year and it didn’t work out,
    But I am willing to give it another shot, I want to perform in a TedX event, I love the event’s atmosphere and the people there are so supportive so maybe I’ll perform this year.

    I wish everyone here a happy productive new year
  19. Sorry to hear that man, I hope you’re feeling better these days and I wish you the best of luck with your show.

    I wish I can attend it, maybe someday
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  20. My man Dean got married congrats :)
    I wish you the best, and yes you should have magic in your life it’s such a breather from all the stress of life.
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