Saturday Night Contest - Return of the Holiday Wheel!


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May 15, 2020
Boston, Massachusetts
Oh well, to me, everything seems appealing! Man, I just would love to have a signed BoxONE, as for years I've been ordering magic tricks T11 has to offer, and now I've finally become an elite member. However, I've never went to 'Gear' tab in my life and have always wished that one day I get something from it.
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Jul 9, 2020
Hey guys! Today marks the return of our Holiday Wheel - a fan-favorite amongst all of you, and is one of our favorite times of the year. We've got an array of different prizes this year: from a rare deck collection, to $250 gift cards, box sets, mystery rare decks, elite points, and more. Go get your free spin once every 24 hours HERE! Additionally, you can earn one spin per item purchased from now until January 1st, so if there is something you've been eyeing in the store, this time of year would be the perfect time! We also may have a few more surprises before the end of the year is over.... I think I might have said too much.

The contest this week is SUPER simple. Just post a comment in THIS thread saying either what prize you'd be most excited to win, or what theory11 item you don't have yet that you REALLY want this year. That's it! Post your response by 11:00pm EST tomorrow, Sunday, December 11th. Once time is up we will pick a random entry as the winner for this week's contest!

What can you win? 1,000 Elite Points, 3 Decks of Your Choice, and 12 spins on the Holiday Wheel!
I would like to get unbelievalope 2 hardly !!
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Jul 17, 2022
The odds are never in anyone’s favor. Just find joy in playing the game; play enough and maybe you will win sometime.
I know, I just want some rare decks so bad. I love all decks by T11, I literally have 31 of their decks on my Christmas list right now. To get those spins and get the only decks I can’t just buy would be amazing. I’m sure many other people feel that way too.
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Aug 22, 2022
In some ways, that statistical anomaly would be more impressive than winning a prize. Less gratifying, but more impressive.
Haha, I love math. I would love to get something with the wheel, but I'm trying really hard not to get my hopes up. A 12 deck box though would be AWESOME. I don't even need one of the super rare rewards!
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