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  1. Celebrating the release of Genesis v2 – Structure by Andrei Jikh, tonight’s contest will delve deeper into his mind and the way it works.

    Genesis v2 has been over a year in the making, and the entire Genesis project has been even longer. With hours and hours of intense footage and preparation, there lies a ton of work behind the scenes.

    Tonight is your chance to get inside his head and ask any question you wish. Ask Andrei about his life, his start in Cardistry, the Genesis project, ANYTHING! Whether you're just starting in cardistry or already have great experience, this is your chance to get personal advice from a seasoned professional.

    At 11:00pm EST, we will take the best questions and record a podcast with Andrei as he answers them! As soon as we are finished with the podcast, we will post it here for you all to listen to! Check out our previous roundtable discussions in the roundtable vault.

    One lucky winner will be chosen by random, and he/she will receive will take home their very own copy of Genesis v2, on the house!

    Good luck to all, and start asking your questions!
  2. How many years have you spent creating and inventing original flourishes before coming to your top list for Genesis?
  3. Andrei, what do you think of the new Rebecca Black song?
  4. who are your favorite flourishers? is there any other art forms that inspire you in your art of flourishing? what's your all time favorite flourish?
  5. what inspired you to get into flourishing?
  6. 1) I remember a few years back you were already becoming great stuff in cardistry, then you took a break for at least a year. When you came back, you brought an onslaught of new material (THE'ME). What happened during that break and why do you think it boosted your material that much? Do you have any ideas how you'll further yourself in the future? (Hopefully it won't involve you leaving)

    2) If you had to do Genesis all over again, what would you do differently?
  7. Your style is very similar to that of The Virts. Do you guys ever meet up and work on stuff together?
  8. where do you think you are in the whole flourishing community ?
  9. what did start in first magic or flourishes??
  10. One thing I've been struggling with is keeping my passion for magic Alive.
    How have you gotten through discouraging moments (if any) and kept your passion for magic "hungry"?
  11. What are you doing except flourishing! I mean okay you always hold a deck like most of us but what else do you do? How is a day in the life of Andrei Jikh?
  12. What is your reply Andrei to those flourishers/ cardists that say that your flourishes are like next to impossible to perform, or are highly advanced?That you're the only one who can do it. What are your thoughts on it?
  13. what is the difference between a flourish that is just fun to play around with and a flourish that gets published on a dvd like genesis v2
  14. When starting in cardistry how did you acquire your own style and how can others find a style that suits themselves?
  15. Who/What inspired you to start magic/flourishing?
  16. What music inspires you the most?
  17. What does your creative process involve? Do you invent flourishes from scratch, or do you take existing ones & add your own twists to it? Do you first think of what you want to accomplish in your head, than try it physically, or do you create all hands on?
  18. One thing ive learned is that card tricks is something but when you add cardistry it makes it an art a masterpice. i would like to know do you agree?
  19. How do you create/get ideas for such abstract flourishes? The reason I ask is because your flourishes seem so different from the rest.

    - M.
  20. is any other projects that you are working on except Genesis?

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