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Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable : Blake Vogt!


May 1, 2010
Just one question: How long ago did you come up with REF4M and how long did you work on it until you felt it was complete?
Feb 7, 2011
For me, Torn by Daniel Garcia is the best TnR out there. It's everything i need it to be, I perform it when I work in bars and clubs. However think Re4m looks amazing, what do you think makes it superior to the torn and other TnR effects already out there, and would it be worth my time switching? Convince me.
Jan 9, 2011
1. Where did you come up with the idea for ref4m?
2. What makes a good magic trick?
3. What is your favourite thing about the art of magic?
Oct 11, 2010
-Who were your biggest influences when you were first starting in magic?
-What kind of magic do you prefer preforming? cards, coins, spongeball etc.?
Oct 12, 2009
Navarre, Florida
1. If you could get a 60 minute Q&A session with any magician, past or present, who would it be and what would you ask them?

2: If you could have any power that would allow you to perform actual magic, what would it be?

3: What is the largest animal you think you could take in a fight unarmed?
Jul 17, 2010
1. Many magicians now days tend to look for "Magician Foolers", do you think Magicians tend to overlook or undermind the simplicity of magic?
2. How important is simplicity when you go about creating an effect?
Sep 6, 2010
1. Did going to Purdue help you come up more unique ideas for magic and influence your magic career?
2. Are you going to graduate school?
3. Will you be creating and/or performing magic full time or part time now?
Jun 26, 2010
1) REF4M is an impromptu version of an effect that has had many variations. Do you think impromptu or gimmicked effects are more hardhitting?

2) What is the creative process you use to come up with your effects?

3) How does it feel to be accepted as a Theory 11 artist?
May 31, 2010
What do you think sets your torn and restored card effect different from others? Other than the fact that it is impromptu etc.
Have you ever thought of using the similar mechanics of REF4M and incorporating it into a possible creation in the near future?
Feb 9, 2011
1. Of all art forms, why magic?
2. What could you be doing if you are not involved to magic?
3. Have you read the book "The Heavenly Village" by Cynthia Rylant (I just find the book great! And there's actually a chapter about a magician in it. :) )?

-Alambra Kadabra
Aug 10, 2008
1) During you early magic days how did you get material on which to work? Did you have a budget to buy magic related stuff or did the lack of resources stimulate your creativity?
2) What 5 books would you force any magician to read?
3) What other art forms influence you outside magic?
Apr 30, 2011
1) Why did you use the word REF4M instead of REFORM ?
2) When did you started magic ?
3) What kind of magic do you usually do ?
Dec 20, 2009
Mumbai, India
1. While creating ref4m, did you first say "I WANT IMPROMPTU, ANGLE PROOF TNR NOW!!" and then your brain did what it does and produced it or...did your hands just come up with it by accident while doing an exsisting move?

2. Do you think, everyone is naturally creative and just has to unleash their creativity or are some just Born that way. Lady Gaga for example?

3.Why is all good magic created/performed in Chris Kenner's kitchen is there some spiritual presence lingering there that aids the process of creating visual miracles?
Apr 9, 2011
Round Table Discussion Questions

1: There are so many TnR effects out in the market today, how would you know if this would be a successful one?

2. How come you decided to became a magician?

3. What is your favorite form of magic? and why?

and i'm a big fan!! :) also wanted to say congratulations on becoming a theory11 artist and on your new release!!
Apr 9, 2008
1) Your name very special,like warlock . is it your Dad and Mom want you become Magician, so give you this special name?

2) Do you perform stage magic with REF4M? If yes , are you using Jumbo card?

3) What trick will be release at future by you?

May 20, 2010
What types of "torn and restored" effects were you performing before you started working on Ref4m?

How do you stay motivated when developing new effects?

There are dozens of "T & R" effects out there. What was your main focus point on making your effect stick out from the rest?
Apr 30, 2011
In what kind of moment were you when you created REF4M?
What was your first trick?
What kind of reaction towards a trick do you like?
Mar 5, 2011
Wonderful Asia
From me ^^

from me :
1. How long REF4M perfected till it released?
2. what kind of deck finish or pimps better to be used for this effect ?
3. Is there any other project forward?

Thanks, cheers
Ristanto :)
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