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Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable : Blake Vogt!

Jan 20, 2009
When magicians create new effects or sleights do you feel they focus more on trying
to fool other magicians instead of laymen?
Sep 1, 2010
when you created an effect and you havn't performed yet, what is your lead up in performing? what i mean is, do you perform to one of your friends first, then perform to mabye 3 friends. then build up into a whole group of people? or are you just confident it will work and go straight to the streets and perform the effect.

hope it's not too confusing ^_^
Oct 10, 2010
1. Does it bother you that you have to tear the card up after you've restored it on REF4M?
2. Do you plan to release more tricks on Theory 11?
3. Do you think TNR is the cleanest TNR on the Market?
Apr 1, 2011
whats different about REF4M then a normal torn and restore?
why do you do magic ..for what purpose ??
what is your motivation to keep practicing magic ???
Sep 9, 2010
1. What is your response when people think magic isn't cool? (I tell them there right, but what I do, IS cool)
2.What book or dvd do you feel has had the most impact on your career?
3. What do you hope to do in the future after REF4M?
Apr 16, 2011
what inspires you to create?

When you want to think of these effects, do you go to like, a quiet place or anything?

When it comes to creating new magic, what do you believe constitutes a solid, practical effect?
Dec 6, 2010
Hey What's Up...

1: Do you have plans for any other effects coming out soon?

2: What's the most important thing in a performance?

3: How long do you practice a new effect before presenting it to someone else?

Mar 3, 2011
Hello Sir. If I could ask you 3 questions. They would be:
1. What the *^&% is going on in your head to make you think of REF4M? (It's Frickin Brilliant by the way)
2. Why were you using Calen Morelli's hands in the insider?
3. Excluding Bicycle, Which brand of playing cards is your favorite? (Smoke and Mirrors, Tally Ho, Blades, etc.)
Thanks for the contest guys! Gives us who aren't that good at legerdemain a chance to win!
T11 FTW!
Sep 13, 2008
1. What exactly is your creative process like?
2. How did you get into magic?
3. How did you get yourself recognized by David Copperfield?
Jul 13, 2008
What are some things you try to achieve when creating magic?
How long did it take you to create REF4M to the point that you knew it was good enough to sell?
What are some tips you can give to fellow magicians about creating magic?
Jul 23, 2009
How did you come up with the tearing sequence?
Were you just tearing cards up in different ways one day and was like,"Thats it!!"? Thats how i did. you just beat me to the punch.
Will you have a look at some of my material i have come up with and critique it if u ever had the chance?
"Magic Seanson"
Dec 13, 2008
1. Was creating REF4M a mistake/come naturally to you?
2. Who are the magicians that you look up to for inspiration, whether it is now or when you were first starting?
3. Why do people have such a difficult time pronounces your last name?
Sep 1, 2007
mastic, ny
1. Is it different performing the effect in front of a camera knowing it will be mass produced?
2. How many years have you been performing this effect?
3. How long did it take to master the effect?

1. I feel your no-nonsense approach to close-up magic matches my style; do you have any new tricks that you're working on?
2. What do you feel is more important in your approach to magic, skill or presentation (dexterity or theatrics)?
3. Do you have any reference books you can recommend to your fellow magicians, perhaps some literature or DVD that may not be well-known?
Dec 2, 2010
1. blake! what do you think about releasing your own trick on magic websites?
2. when did you first create your own trick?
(i'm 8month into magic and i'm desperately trying to create my own original trick...)
3. what do you think about youtube when it comes to magic?

Sep 1, 2010
there are a lot of people saying that they are disapointing about the ending of the trick (im not, i love the whole effect). is there anything you have to say about that? something that can convince these people that it is an amazing trick
Jun 5, 2010
1. Which magicians do you admire, and how do you attempt to make their style come through in your own magic effects?

2. What inspires you to keep doing magic and create effects like your recent release with Theory11?

3. What advice would you give to magicians who struggle at times to come up with methods for brainstormed ideas?
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