Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable Discussion with Homer Liwag


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Jul 23, 2007
New York City
To coincide with our release of Homer Liwag's remaining quantity of CoinOne - we thought it appropriate tonight to host a roundtable discussion with the man himself. Each time we do this, we involve a different artist, and we answer questions directly from you.

He is one of the magic community's most enigmatic and respected thinkers, and this is a rare opportunity for you to ask Homer questions directly. Curious about how he first got involved with Chris Kenner and David Copperfield? Interested in learning some coin work, but not sure where to begin? Ask away! Homer is a guru with a wide array of interests - from magic to movies to industrial design to Star Wars.

Due to the hectic Copperfield production schedule (they have two shows tonight in Las Vegas) - you have until tomorrow at 12:00pm EST (noon) to get your questions in. The special podcast with answers direct from Homer will be posted tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon.

This discussion will be hosted by Chris Kenner. I truly truly encourage all of you to make the most of this rare opportunity, as it is not everyday that we get the direct opportunity to engage the minds of two of this industry's top creators. Limit of three questions per member - choose them wisely and make 'em count!

UPDATE: This podcast has been posted. Listen to it now here (direct link to mp3) - and be sure to let us know what you think!
Oct 17, 2007
Aussie NSW
1. Whats your thought on using both sleight of hand mixed with gimmicks? (You seem to use this quite alot)

2. Why Do You Have The Worst Hands In Magic? :D

3. Why Coin Magic? What got you into performing Coin Magic.
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Sep 3, 2007
What coin book or resource did you start with?

What do you recommend a beginner coin magician start with?

Would you rather have The Force or a lightsaber? Choose wisely...
Aug 31, 2007
Hi Homer,

1) I want to get into some more intermediate/advanced walk around coin routines. Are there any good books or DVDs besides your own that you would recommend for an intermediate coin magician?

2) I am pretty new to the whole category of coin magic, and only do a couple of diferent routines, however during magic live I picked up an expanded shell set and a flipper. I love the gimmicks, and I would like the learn how to use them at their full potential. Are there any good books/DVDs you would recommend specifaclly isn't these gimmicks?

3) Will there be a CoinThree, or even possible a CardOne?
May 22, 2009
1. Have you given Sebastian's shirt back after the coin two shoot?

2. Do you think your precise nature hinders your magic in any way?

3. Are you and shoot ogawa the same person? :)
Nov 28, 2007
D.C. Area
What is the most important lesson you have learned from David Copperfield and how has that lesson helped you?

What is most important to keep in mind when creating magic?

Please tell us the story of your hardest time in magic and how you jumped over that hurdle. The story will inspire us all.

Anthony Nguyen
Hello homer I only have a few questions for you :

1. What has influenced your style the most?

2. What is it like to be Chris Kenners best friend?

3. Why do you think magicians toss aside coin magic much moreso than card magic? What makes card magic so much better than coin magic that everyone has to perform and "create" cardstuffs?
Mar 25, 2008
A: A word problem.
If CoinOne uses four coins, and CoinTwo uses three coins, how many coins will CoinSeven use?

B: David Copperfield performs twice a day almost every day of the year. That means a LOT of human bodies stuffed inside of props. Which illusion smells the worst?

C: You did the conceptual design for a lot of Musha Cay's amazing attractions. Please reveal something cool that happens in Secret Monkey Town.
Any chance of opening Secret Monkey Town franchises? Cuz I want to put one in next to the local mall. I think it would do well.

Chase G
Oct 5, 2008
New York
1. In your performance how do you transition between coin magic and card magic? Do you perform a coin trick and then just randomly take out the coins, or is there a good way to do this?

2. How do you mantain a good balance between coin and card magic in a performance?

3. In your personal experience do audiences like coin or card magic the most?
Mar 16, 2009

Hi Homer,

First off, how are you?

Second, over the last few months I have been getting more and more into coin magic. I've realized that, even though some coin work is strictly sleight of hand, gimmicks are commonly needed in coin magic. Which coin gimmicks do you think are the most versatile and practical to carry around?



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Nov 18, 2007
Hi Homer,

1.) Why CoinOne & CoinTwo? What is the significance behind the naming scheme?

2.) Do you think it is useful to know card sleights before getting into coin magic?

3.) Why do you think that card magic tends to dominate the magic industry? Logically, coins are just as, if not more practical than cards.
Jul 13, 2009
What got you into coins, ie length of time in the world of magic, what your goals where, age at start of magic, age of beginning coin magic?

What outside influence if any have you drawn on in your magic; music, Media, etc.?

Why do you think people care about whether a gimmick is used or not used in coin magic or magic in general? I mean it is all about the entertainment of the spectators right? Why should we care if a trick uses a gimmicks or not?
Hi -- Sorry if I duplicated any questions and please note that the second question for questions #1 & #2 (I know, confusing) is optional.

1. Which do you prefer: Impromptu or Gimmick? Why?

2. On average, how many hours do you practice magic a week? A day?

3. If coins were suddenly banned from the world, would you cry?

Dec 16, 2008
Toledo, OH
Other than yourself, who do you think has made a huge impact in coin magic?

Did you ever feel the pressure to work even harder bc of your race?

Did you ever consider having a different person to work w you on coinone besides Chris Kenner, or was he a must have on the DvD?
Feb 27, 2008
Grand prairie TX
1.Some people are under the impression that once a magician is on T.V.(or has made a few appearances) he has no reason to continue learning to better his performance or be given advice in magic because he/she has "made it" do you think this is true? why or why not.

2.Do you think coin magic is nowadays underrated and/or seen only as oldstyle routines of vanishes and appearances?Do you think coin magic has its own power and could be seen as magic more unique than other types?

3.What say you about the seeming resentment of 'oldstyle' magicians. About the " F^ck top hats and tuxedo' attitude that is seen among the youth of magic. And if you think this street magic phase is a fad or can actually become something more than just what few performances we have seen on youtube. Is this attitude of hip,edgy(almost soulless) street magic a positive thing?
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Jun 4, 2008
Fort Worth, TX
- How important is hand size and coin size?? Meaning different size hands go best with certain size coins, how would you recommend which coin is best for a performer??

- Which do you prefer, coins with rough edges or coins with smooth edges?

- Is magic only a small part of your life?? On your facebook profile its says that your personal interests are "Video production and editing, instructional movies, photography, design." Why not include magic?
1. I have REALLY sweaty hands. This severly hinders my coin work because coins tend to slip out whenever I try to do certain sleights. Do you have any tips on how I can work through this?

2. How did it feel to film the Brokeback Magic Mountain video with Chris Kenner?

3. And does Chris ever pick on you for being Asian?
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