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  1. Tonight is Saturday, February 7th, and as anonymous is occupied, we wanted to do something a bit different for this week's Saturday Night Contest. This week will be our 13th roundtable discussion, with past discussions available in the archive.

    Because 13's my lucky number, I wanted to hold this week's discussion with someone special, someone incredibly good looking, and someone we've never taken questions for in previous roundtable discussions : me. Since launch, it's been my focus to get as many of our artists involved in discussions as possible, but especially in the light of several requests, I'd like to take some of your questions head-on directly this evening.

    All topics are fair game - from discussion of current projects coming soon (andthensome, etc), the roots and goals of theory11, to anything else you can conjure up. As usual, all questions should be relevant, professional, and somewhat on topic to magic / cardistry discussion.

    All questions must be submitted in response to this thread on or before 10:00pm EST. Limit of three questions per member. The podcast will be posted with the answers to the questions on or before 11:30pm EST, and one random user whose question is chosen will receive the 1-on-1 video of your choice.

    Look forward to a great discussion tonight with you guys.

    UPDATE : This contest has concluded and the discussion podcast has been posted. Listen to it now here.
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    How was your birthday?

    That's all I really got, my mind's fried tonight man.

    EDIT: How do you feel about the way magic is being performed today compared to how it use to be performed?

    EDIT: Am I the only one that can't stop watching the AndThenSome Teaser, or are you on that list too? lol
  3. What got you started into magic?
    What are some types of magic you prefer?
    What inspired you to create Theory11?
    Who if you do look up to in the magic industry?
    What is your favourite deck of cards, that isn't from Theory11, and your favourite deck of cards, from Theory11?
  4. Sounds great :)
  5. Can you tell us more about The wire?

  6. Do you flourish?
    Who were your biggest influences in magic?
  7. What made you create theory11.

    who is your favorite magician to watch

    who will be asking the questions in this?

    whats your favorite deck.

    Do you still do stage magic.
  8. 1. What do most magicians overlook in magic?
    2. Do you think everyone should have their own style and character?
    3. Who is your role model or hero in magic?
  9. Who has been your biggest inspiration in magic?
    What do you hope to do in the forthcoming years?
    Who is your personal favorite artist?
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    What drove you to become a stage illusionist at such a young age?

    Why do you like working with Theory11?

    As CEO, what is a day like at T11?
  11. 1. Throughout your years in magic, who has influenced you the most?

    2. Who is your favorite person to jam with?

    3. Who is anonymous?
  12. What was your experience with Brad and Ellusionist?
  13. how did u start off magic?
    who was your inspiration?
    what are your future projects for the near future regarding magic?
    why are u so awesome?
  14. 1. What was the moment when you conceived Theory 11? When did it happen for you? What generated the idea?

    2. What do you see as the pros and cons of the commercialization of magic?

    3. You have your own stage show, but you run a company that specializes in closeup magic. Why is it that it was decided to go with closeup magic? Was it a marketing decision, or was it something else?
  15. Sweet! I can't wait to hear the discussion.

    Here are my questions.

    1.) Besides your self, who is your favorite magician?
    2.) What is your favorite up-coming project of the year for Theory11?
    3.) Who would you say has the most similar style of magic to yours?
  16. What do you like, magic or fluorishing?
  17. drkrelemnts, Asking the tough questions. Nice.
  18. Another one:

    What has been your greatest achievement in magic made you the most happy)?
  19. When did you start magic/fluorishing and how?
    (you saw a magician in the television or how)
  20. Do you still perform at all? And have any of Theory11 Products made it into your performance?

    If you could spend the day, with any Theory11 Member (Non Artist) who would it be?

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