Saturday Night Contest / roundtable + Doug McKenzie

Mar 4, 2008
Who is your favorite magic creator?

Where do you find inspiration to create magic?

How did you choose what coin/card effect to do on Fringe?

What was it like working with the Fringe cast?

Why were you chosen to be the hand double?

Why did the producers choose to add in those little pieces of magic into the episode?
Sorry if I duplicate any questions!

- Which area of magic do you prefer the most: Card or coin or other?

- Are you more of a creator or a performer?

- What is your relationship with David Blaine? How did you come across him?

- Did you always want to be a magician? If not, what other job(s) did you have in mind?

- Obama or McCain?
Sep 1, 2007
Sydney, Australia
Do you think there are any major issues within the magic industry today?

Can you give us some practice tips that has helped you or your friends with magic?

Where do you go for inspiration for creating effects?

If you could be in any movie (magic or gambling related) what would it be and why?

Are there any effects you saw a long time ago that still makes your jaw drop to this day?

Some people believe there is real magic while others believe it is all just sleight of hand/misdirection. In your performances, do you begin with the mindset that the audience believes in real magic or it's all just sleight of hand/misdirection?

If you accidentally mess something up during a performance, what outs do you use?

What was the weirdest reaction you received from a spectator?
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Mar 4, 2008
What is it like to work with DB?

Do you session with DB often? And what do you do with him when you do get together? Just teach eachother magic, or do you talk about presentation and theory?

What would the perfect card trick be like/accomplish in your opinion?

What would the perfect coin trick be like/accomplish in your opinion?
Oct 24, 2007
Sorry if any of mine have been asked already, I don't have time to read over all of the other questions.

- Any funny stories about David Blaine?

- What got you started in magic?

- Do you love JB? (rofl)

Sep 30, 2008
What has brought DB to do more stunts and escapes than magic recently? Isn't magic what made David so famous?
Sep 15, 2007
1.what is your favorite deck of cards to use?
2.Is flicker the best coin effect of yours in your opinion?
3.who is your favorite magician to see perform?
Nov 8, 2008
What is your favorite trick that you perform (the one that you'll most likely perform when someone asks to see a trick)?

What impossible effect would you like to be able to do?
Sorry if I duplicate any questions!

More questions.

- Which project was your favorite? Why?

- Do you view yourself as a pioneer of magic? If not yourself, then who? Why?

- On an average day, how long do you practice?

- What's your advice when it comes to hecklers?

- What do you think of the young magicians in our society?

- When did you start performing magic? What got you into magic?

- Why do you think people are drawn in by magic?

- Impromptu or gimmicks?

- Can you recall one of the most vibrant magical reactions? Explain.

- Is there a difference between magic and illusion?

- Is magic an art? Why?

Who is your favorite performer to watch?

Do you perform other material besides your own?

Do you use flicker frequently?

How has magic affected your life?

Do you do any shows?

Why is Theory11 different then other magic retailers.
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1.) How are you such a beast with stacks? You fooled the HELL outta me.
2.) When's David gonna do Color Monte on T.V.? :D
3.) Why is Dan Hauss so lazy?!
4.) What does David think of Criss Angel?
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Oct 25, 2008
1) Have you ever been in a situation where you have improvised during a routine? If so, when and how did you improvise?

2) Who comes to mind first when somebody says: Theory11 Artist?

3) If you had to never use one card "move" again, which one of these would it be:
A) Any Double Lift
B) Any color change
C) Any Pass
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