Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable with Homer Liwag

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  1. Last week, we held an amazing roundtable discussion with Jason England. Over the past 24 hours, Jason was gracious enough to come BACK to the forums and answer 20+ MORE questions in forum posts. There's a wealth of knowledge there, and I would encourage everyone here to read every syllable of it.

    Tonight, we continue the marathon of magicness with a roundtable discussion with the elusive, the mysterious, the prodigal Homer Liwag. One of the most respected coin magicians of our time, Homer is a clear stand out within this industry.

    Every move he makes is meticulously thought out, and every video he has produced has pushed the envelope a few feet further within this artform. As creative counsel to David Copperfield, Homer's schedule is unbelievably busy, but we have arranged time with him this evening to answer questions from YOU.

    Submit any question you wish. Ask and he will answer. Your question could be about coin magic, card magic, industrial design, CoinONE, CoinTWO, or of course, his new DVD of THE RICE PAPERS, which will be released THIS Monday at 11:00pm EST.

    Limit of three questions per member, and all questions must be posted in response to THIS forum thread on or before 10:00pm EST. Shortly thereafter, we will begin recording a podcast with answers to as many question as we can get to within the limited time available.

    One random member whose question is asked tonight will receive a complimentary vid of THE RICE PAPERS... and a little something extra...

    UPDATE: Podcast has been posted! Check it out here.
  2. 1) Which one of your projects was the most enjoyable for you to work on?
  3. What were your influences?

    How do you come up with a new trick?

    What types of coins do you prefer?
  4. 1) How did you first meet DC and get to be one of his consultants?
  5. What kind of effects are found in The Rice Papers?
    You used to be regarded as hermit in the magic world (or so I've heard) and lately you've gained more and more recognition. What made you decide to make that leap?
    If there was one thing you could change about the magic community, what would that be?
  6. 1) How did you get into coin magic?

    2) Why are your hands so... rough?!

    3) WHEN did you know that you were going to be doing magic as a living? (Or working in the magic-industry?) So, what was your "defining moment?"
  7. 1. What was the first coin move/trick/routine you ever learned?
    2. Do the tricks/routines you perform depend on the size of the coins you have?
    3. What goes into the creative process of making a coin trick/routine?
  8. How was it playing Shoot Ogawa in Brokeback Magic Mountian?
    What trick has fooled you the most?
    Boxers, Briefs (for the ladies)
  9. 1) What is the one thing you love about magic the most? (Ex. creating effects, fooling other magicians...etc.)
  10. How do you think nationality affects the way we percieve magic?

    How has the process of producing Rice Papers been different from that of your earlier products?

    What is your view on the way magic is produced and sold; what are your thoughts for the future?
  11. Homer, your Trilogy one on one got me into coin magic, and I think everything you do is smooth and beautiful..

    So my questions..

    1. What are the thought processes when coming up with a new effect, do you start from scratch or build off another principle?

    2. Do you take the same approach you do with cards, as you do with coins?

    3. Who is the biggest influence in your magic career?
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    What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you during a performance?

    What is your favorite genre of magic? (coins, cards, mentalism?)

    What would you recommend to a complete beginner coin worker?
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    What was the first magic tricks you peformed to a live audience?
  14. 2) Who is your favorite magician to watch? Why?
  15. Haha wow. We asked that at like the EXACT time. Though, mine is a little different.

    Great minds think alike though, ;)
  16. Questions!

    Can I challenge you to a coin dual? What is the most pissed off you have been at another magician? What is your favorite coin GAFF and why?
  17. 1. Do you feel that most coin magic is rushed? If not, what is the biggest flaw you see in going magic today?

    2. When you first come up with an idea for an effect, what is the process you go through?

    3. Do you still perform regularly? If so where?
  18. 3) What is the weirdest effect you have ever come up with or seen?
  19. ok here are my questions:

    1) What is the hardest coin sleight you have learned?

    2) what is the Rice Papers DVD best suited for? Beginners? Advanced?

    3) Which is better in your mind and why. Coin magic with or without gimmicks. (I.E. shells)
  20. 1) If you could go back in time with your study of magic and start over, is there one thing that you would change/improve etc... about your development?

    2) What is the inspiration behind the title "Rice Papers"? If that's common knowledge, then I'm missing out.

    3) Which branch of magic that you have yet to dissect, interests you the most and why?

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