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Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable with Jason England

Dec 21, 2009
1. Who's your favorite living magician?
2. Who's your favorite dead magician?
3. What legendary (or non-legendary) trick, amazes you the most, and baffles still to this day?

-- Wish me luck. :cool:
Mar 26, 2008
Los Angeles
What was the most memorable experience you have shared with steve forte?

What are some books you recommend for someone other than the obvious expert at the card table and expert card technique?
Dec 18, 2009

1)Who are your inspirations? (Family, magicians, Chuck Norris? Anyone.)

2)If you had the power to change the entire magic industry as a whole, what would you change?

Do you have any friends? (just kidding, don't count that as one)

3) What is the weirdest, most ridiculous thing that has ever happened to you during a performance?

My thanks, Corbin
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Oct 29, 2009
Just around
2. Do you prefer a seated performance, or standing up and why?

3. What are you thoughts on gambling demonstrations and when they should be used, and when they shouldn't?

4. Do you enjoy what you do?.........................................................[size=-2]that was a joke[/size].
Nov 18, 2008
Hey Jason,

I've always been fascinated by magicians and people in general that have a passion for a specific subject. I think it is incredible how dedicated and serious you are about your work. The sheer volume of your collection of books and antiques is impressive.

What drives you to keep working and teaching these moves even after 20 years? And where do your draw your passion for collecting?

Do you ever need to take breaks after vigorous practice from difficult moves?

Could you see yourself doing any other job or profession for the rest of your life?


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Nov 21, 2009
Sacramento, Cali
Just for fun...
Q1. If you could only own 1 DVD box sets I am about to mention, which would it be and why?

#1. Golden Girls Season 2
#2. A-Team
#3. Criss Angel Mindfreak Season 1

Q2. How many books do you purchase or hacve sent to you in any one given month?

Q3. JB, Dan White and Dan Hauss get into a pillow fight...who is the winner?

Good luck to whoever wins the 1on1s! They are awesome!!!

Dec 12, 2009
London Uk
Do you have any other interests beside card shaking :p?
Have you ever used your skill in cards to assist casinos in cheating?
What inspires you to practise and perform ?
Jul 7, 2008
Which magician has had the most influence on your performances?

Do you think many of todays magicians underestimate the use of the simplest sleights? For instance the double lift instead of a pass.

Do you have any tips when it comes to dealing with what magicians call "hecklers"?
Aug 1, 2009
1. Would you advise performing a double lift without any misdirection whats so ever while completely surrounded? (If so what technique would you recommend?)

2. What really makes you want to get up in the morning and teach, perform and practice card magic? (What is the driving force behind your passion?)

3. What card effect would you recommend for a magician just starting to perform and only has two effects in his/her repertoire?
Jan 10, 2008
Hey Jason, I have a some questions for you.

1. What is it like learning from the man himself Steve Forte? I can't even fathom that.
2. Do you think there is a trend with the new generation of magi, wherein people tend to shy away from old books such as Expert at the Card Table, to instead learn from more modern resources and from younger, less experienced magicians?
3. Your status is near legendary Jason, what is it like being (at your young age) "an underground legend"?


Elite Member
Feb 26, 2009
Hey Jason, I have but the utmost respect for your work and your teaching methods and I really enjoyed SHADE. My questions to you are:
1. Aside from practice, what would you say is the most important factor in deceiving someone at the card table. Would it be confidence? or perhaps a certain calmness with a touch of misdirection?

2. In the Zarrow Shuffle 1-on-1 you use classical bee playing cards because thats what Zarrow used, but my question is that would you find an all over back pattern more deceptive than lets say Bee Stingers? Could you please tell me your personal opinion and what you prefer.

3. In the movie SHADE, Sly Stallone uses an up the sleeve card holder and a Juice deck. I know they must exist in the con mans arsenal and I have seen many sites offering juiced decks with variable printing options but, my question is could you tell me the best place to go to for such items for my collection?

Thanks again J. Bayme and Jason England.. I appreciate these 1-on-1s the most but am still missing some that I want. Thanks and hope to see more in the future! - Lane
Sep 15, 2007
If you had a 10 million Dollars, what would you do with it? You have to spend it selfishly.

What were your parents initial reaction to you becoming a magician?

What is your favorite T.V. show?
Sep 9, 2007
Jason, If you had to pick one sleight or move that only you would know what would it be? One sleight that you would love to keep secret from everyone else.
Apr 5, 2009
1. what sleights would you currently call your "workhorses"? as in you use them in more than any other sleight you know.

2. how do you practice these amazingly difficult things you do? do you like spend hours alone in a dark mysterious candle lit room flinging cards around, or sit and watch t.v. while flinging cards around, and indulging in your favorite kind of pizza, or something entirely different?

3. because you do gambling/cheating/card sharp demonstrations. do you feel that the study of acting and performance theory is still important to your art?
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Oct 31, 2007
1. You have a large collection of gambling objects, i.e. loaded dice, a joker from a bicycle deck from the late 1800's, etc. I was wondering what is your favorite piece in your collection?

2. The gambling moves that you show in the 1-on-1's are very difficult to master and take years of dedication. So knowing this, compared to other types of card manipulation (magic, flourishing, etc.), what made gambling sleights more appeling to you?

3. Have you ever, in the past, used any of these techniques in a casino?

Thanks guys.
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Jan 5, 2010

1. What do you think of hypnotism used in a magic routine?

2. How would you help an amateur magician trying to make it into a profession?

3. If you could get a six-player poker game going with anyone (alive/or dead) who would it be?

Thanks for the awesome chance to pick your brain!!
Sep 2, 2007
Las Vegas, NV
Love your work and your teaching style. I've always had these questions in mind to PM you but now that I've got a chance to do it on a SNL, this is the perfect opportunity!

We know your technical level of expertise. Still no matter how clean you're sleights are, there's much more to being a professional magician.

1) Regarding presentation and showmanship, what foundational resources would you recommend?

2) What resources would you recommend in learning effect-construction and or routining?

3) Outside of magic, who are 2 or 3 of your heroes? How did they influence you or in what ways did they challenge you to grow?

In putting together a 45 minute set, one will put 7 to 15 tricks in a routine. Eventually, one puts in the time to learning moves just because we love learning not necessarily to put them into an act.

4) what are the top 8 to 10 MUST sleights every magician should learn and get performance ready?

5) do you have any pre-performance rituals that bring out the best in you?
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