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  1. Less than one month ago, we released a brilliant effect called Psycho. In the weeks that followed, the effect received 72 five star reviews from around the world. It continues to rise, and with Spidey - the creator - it is only the beginning, with many more mentalism effects coming over the next few weeks.

    Tonight's contest is all about you, and all about Spidey.
    Specifically, this weekend, we will be hosting a roundtable discussion podcast with the man himself. Each time we do these podcasts, we invite members around the world to submit questions on ANYTHING you'd like. All questions are fair game, and we encourage you to make the most of this rare opportunity to gain critical insight to the mind of Spidey and the world of mentalism.

    Ask any questions you'd like about Spidey's history in magic, his professional work, mentalism, or what to expect with his upcoming releases. Limit three questions per member. There's only one rule: the deadline. Questions must be posted in this forum thread by tomorrow, Sunday at 3:00pm EST. At that time, we will begin recording a podcast to answer as many questions as possible. The podcast will be posted on or before 7:30pm EST tomorrow.

    In addition to priceless advice and insight you can obtain from this event, we're throwing in a prize for good measure! What's up for grabs? One random member whose question is asked during the podcast will take home a six pack of Artisans and a pre-release video of Spidey's next release, sent to you 24 hours before the public release. And with that, let's get this started! Submit your questions now, and make 'em count!

    UPDATE - The podcast has been posted! Listen to it now here.
  2. How/why did you pick the name Spidey?
    What got you into mentalism?
  3. how
  4. I don't get who wins the contest? Everyone of whom posts? Or one lucky winner?
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    can we post the questions separately?
  6. Hey Sam! One random member whose question is asked during the podcast will take home the prize.
  7. Questions

    I have a question or 2 for Spidey!

    Spidey- Apart from other MIND TRICKS!! what could we expect from you in 2013?...
    Where did you get the name Spidey?...
    What is your greatest magic accomplishment/expierience?

  8. How do you get over the initial fear of starting mentalism due to the lack of control of the answers and the many more variables than card magic, close up magic with coins etc ?
  9. How did you develop your own style within what you do?
  10. what are your thought on mixing magic and mentalism,do you think they both "cancel" each other out and make for weaker effects?
  11. How did you end up working with T11?
  12. How did you get into magic?
    What is your favorite deck?
    What advice would you give a beginner that wants to come up with an original trick?
  13. How do you determine what effects you want to add to your repertoire? How does this decision differ between original effects and others' effects?
  14. What made you prefer mentalism tricks over others, if you do prefer them, and why?
    What do you use for inspiration while creating your effects?
    What magician do you most look up to and has most influenced you?
  15. What do you love and hate about doing magic for a living?
    Where would you recommend someone interested in hypnosis start?
    What made you want to pursue magic professionally?
  16. 1. Why did you choose to be a mentalist?
    2. How did you observe or know which spectator is not a heckler?
    3. Do you love to perform using ESP card?
  17. Hi

    1.- What do ou think about the relationship of mentalism with seduction?
    2.-Hhow long it takes to be a mentalist?
    3.- Mentalism could consider as real magic?
  18. How did you came up with the name Spidey?
  19. What is your favorite card trick and the best deck to use to perform it?
    What is the first deck you ever owned and do you still use it today?

  20. Performing

    How often do you perform magic for a live audience?
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