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  1. Today is Valentine's Day. A day for us to remember what we like. A day for us to remember what we love. And a day for us to show our love. Therefore, that's the theme of this week's SNC.

    We want to see what you love. But we don't want to see your dog. We don't want to see your mom (except if you're Dana). And we don't want to see your girlfriend (unless she is imaginary). We want to see your favorite - your favorite trick, your favorite flourish. It can be your own or someone else's, but it needs to be something you love and perform often.

    Submissions should be in the form of a video uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or, and videos must be recorded tonight especially for this contest. If you recorded it three weeks ago, that's not what tonight is about. Be sure to leave adequate time for your video to upload. If you're worried about upload time / encoding, we recommend using, as videos are available to view immediately after upload.

    Submissions will be judged based on overall presentation and creativity. Your video can be of a flourish or a trick. Winner to receive a six pack of Smoke and Mirrors First Editions, shipped on the house. All vid links must be posted in response to THIS forum thread on or before 11:00pm EST. Winner will be posted on or before midnight EST.

    Good luck to all. Show us what you love.


    UPDATE : The winner has been posted. See the results here.
  2. first sounds like fun
  3. Awesomness
  4. interesting. won't be participating but i'll definetly watch this one. i'm already jealous of who gets the 6 pack of S&M's. lol
  5. nooo! must find cheap camera! quickly!! good one is broken.
  6. Ah! I'm at my cottage. Good luck everyone! :)

  7. times I wish I had a camera. Oh well.... at least I get to watch the all stars slam dunk contest.
  8. Same I wish I had a camera too. Anyhow, good luck to those entering!!
  9. sweet!
    I didn't say word count!
  10. here

    This video shows what I love about magic: learning a great routine and making it my own by injecting my style and personality into it. Before I get a trick I ask myself 2 questions:

    What would this trick say about me when I perform it?
    How can I make this MY trick?

    I'm performing this in a Foreign Language Talent Show. This is the first non card trick I've performed and the first time I performed on stage. It was a major step for me to pass the harsh audition process and get into the show. (more than half of the 30 acts that were auditioned were rejected)

    This shows another aspect of what I love about magic: how it pushes me to try new things such as performing on stage, public speaking, and interacting more freely with people. It has improved my people skills, hand-eye coordination, ditcion and ability to memorize.

    Magic has changed my life by giving me a way to express myself to other people and make friends.
  11. Cottage? :S What are you?

  12. He's a Hobbit. :)

    - Sean
  13. Not JUST a Hobbit!
    He's a Hobbit with special powers!
  14. Im already done filming my thing. I just need to upload it
  15. EDIT: Not posting this because it had to have peen made for today especially
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    EDIT:: Will make a new video, thanks Jack... :)
  17. It has to be uploaded tonight for the contest.
  18. ok katie i was wondering if i could do a flourihing principle like a flourishing aplication and its uses

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