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Jul 23, 2007
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Deep inside the theory11 warehouse, in a climate controlled, locked room, is a MASSIVE stockpile of playing cards - from Monarchs to Artisans, Steampunk to Sentinels, Guardians, Bicycle Titanium and beyond. There's even a stack of private reserves - decks that are no longer produced or publicly sold. Altogether, that room contains much of our work and our collection.

Tonight, we wanted to host an event to see YOUR collection of playing cards. Whether you have six decks or 600, you can participate in this contest - and you have an equal chance of winning.

Here's how it works: post at least one picture of your playing card collection in response to THIS forum thread. The collection must be your own, and your photo should showcase all of your favorite decks. It can be one picture, or a few - quantity or quality of pictures will not increase your chances of winning.

You have 24 hours to enter and post your pictures in this forum thread. A winner will be selected at random tomorrow, Sunday, June 16th, 2013 after the deadline at 7:30pm EST. Our prize package this week is an awesome edition to ANY collection, large or small: a brick of cards containing White Artisans, Monarchs, Rebels, Steampunk, Love Me, Animal Kingdom, Archangels, Sentinels, Guardians, Silver Steampunk, Aristocrats, and DeckONE!

Note: We recommend uploading your pictures to Imgur or other photo sharing websites, then posting the link in response to this forum thread. That way, we can definitely see your image. If we can't see it, then we can't count it!

UPDATE - This contest is now finished. Winner has been posted!
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