Saturday Night Contest - Something Special

Dec 9, 2013
It all started with this....

My journey in the magic world started with the "multiplying coin" tray my dad gave me. I'm 8yrs. old that time and i'm not sure what it is exactly. It is a mystery for me on how does it work or how it fooled me when i first saw the effect.

With every pratice i make with this object, i finally learned on how to use it without flashing. The reaction i get when i was at that age was sureal and made me hooked into magic more.

Now as i look back at this coin tray, i can say that it was my firestarter and the one that keeps on motivating me to do good in my art. This coin tray will surely be passed to the next generation of my son's son so on.

Mystery for me is the appreciation of the unknown. The magic itself. The art.


This is a picture of my Ocarina, a small clay Wind Instrument. I have wanted one ever since I wad a kid. I had never seen one in real life, only in the hands of a character in a game I liked to play.

Years later at the age of 18, I was Studying and living in the city. I went to a market on day and to my shock and amazement there was a guy there selling Ocarinas. To my dismay, being a student and quite poor, I reluctantly passed up the opportunity.

12 years later I found myself at the same market, and amazingly the same guy was still there selling his handmade Ocarinas. As coincidently as he was there, I was again broke. A close friend listened to my story and lent me the money to buy my long sought after musical instrument.

Although I don't play it much, it is one of my most treasured possessions. It reminds me of of being a kid, full of dreams and wonderment. It reminds me of the search, and although for an item, it was also the search for a dream. Something mysterious and elusive.

Most of all it reminds me that our dreams are not lost, as long as we hold them true and remember that it is never too late to chase after them. It is in that way, that learning magic makes me feel. And when I look at this and remember, it reminds me not to give up, and to keep practicing and trying to show people something that will make them wonder.
Feb 17, 2014
Silver Spring. MD
Sorry, I couldn't find my camera and I had to resort to a phone. Sorry for the quality.

This is my Grandfathers flag. It was passed to me from my father when he passed away and I will pass it to my son someday. He fought in both Africa and Europe in WWII. I look at this everyday to remind me that my struggles are trivial compared to his. It gives me the strength and determination to carry on when things get tough. My Pop-Pop meant the world to me and is all the inspiration I need.

Oct 23, 2012

Story- When I was 5 I had a magic set that I loved. My mother and I were living alone because my father left. It was hard for her because she was working 2 jobs and trying to feed two mouths. I tried to help out as much as I could but I was only 5. So I sold my magic set for $20. That night I showed the money to her and she told me to keep the money. It was mine. And that if I had this money, nothing could happen to us. She said to think of it as a good luck charm. And it was. 1 year later she got remarried to a doctor. A millionaire. As we were moving out of the small one bed room apartment, I found the bill again and kept it on me ever since. To you it might just be a $20 bill. But to me it's my good luck charm. It's my life changer. It's my mysterybox.
Jun 29, 2013
El Paso
You can't really take a picture of an idea, so I took a picture of something that best captures that idea. These two rings are my life. They are what I live for. They are the promise and commitment I made with my soul-mate. I know I'm young and naive, but I can't imagine myself with anyone else. This girl is light the of my life. She supported me in everything I planned. She was the only reason I wanted a job, or anything for that matter. We even planned on opening a production company together called ECAP Studios or ECAP Productions that would produce playing cards, books, movie scripts, anything we wanted to make.

She is no longer in my life, but that is not going to stop me from completely this dream that we had. I love her and she is my drive and passion in my life.


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Jun 5, 2009
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Alright guys, time for the results!

WOW! Just wow. So many AMAZING stories. We had an awesome time reading through each and every one, and getting to know you all a little bit more. All of your stories are unique, fascinating, and amazing all at the same time. As expected, this contest was ridiculously hard to judge.

With that said, we couldn't possibly pick a favorite out of all of these incredible stories. So we made a list of some of the most meaningful submissions to us, and from that list, chose one at random. The one that was selected was AdlerDmagic, with his story here. Congrats! Please send an email to our support crew, and we will get your Mystery Box out to you ASAP!

Once again, I'd like to remind everyone how simply amazing your stories are. Every single one brought a smile to our faces and reminded us how ANYTHING can inspire us, move us, and direct our lives in a new direction. It has most certainly happened to me, and it is obvious that it has happened to all of you. We are all different, but one event, place, or thing that is unique to us has brought us here together to form not only the best community, but a community that is always lifting each other up to be the best we can possibly be.

I'd like to thank everyone for sharing their story with us. There are not enough words to describe how amazing they were, and still continue to be. On behalf of everyone here at theory11, we couldn't be more thankful that you are a part of this community. We hope everyone has a great week ahead, and we will see you again this Saturday for another contest! :)


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Jan 20, 2013
Indeed, this week's contest was truly inspirational and heart touching! Looking forward to more like these.
Jan 20, 2013
Something Special...!


I have the luck to live in Crete in Makri Gialos a beautiful and picturesque place close to the sea. Wherever you go you can see and feel the magic and the energy. A walk to the beach to see the sunset and you are surrounded by " live the magic"...Actually I live in magic before even discovering magic! This is what inspires me and fills me energy!
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