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Saturday Night Contest - Something Unexpected

Aug 31, 2007
Long Island/New York
Okay, here's my true submission for the SNC.
Just so you know my sister's name is Heather and she's 20. I feel that's important.

I was at one of my sister's friend's parties. I kind of felt like a tag-along because everybody there was older than me and it was kinda intimidating. I didn't talk much because I didn't know most of them. The whole night I was sitting down in a chair, watching people talk and laugh. My sister saw me and felt bad for me because it didn't look like I was having any fun. Truth is that I didn't really mind sitting down by myself doing nothing. I was just texting my friends and seeing what they were up to.

So my sister tells a group of her friends that I do magic. The next thing I know, she's calling me over to the group to do something. I had a regular deck on me and the Invisible deck. I started with the Biddle trick. I figured I had that one down-pat and didn't want to try anything I wasn't very familiar with. Once I shown them that their one card disappeared, they freaked out loud!, attracting more people to come over and watch.

My next trick was the 2 Card Monte, again I didn't want to try to pull any fast one on them, and I knew that that trick would hit them hard. I turned over the 1st card, the Ace of Diamonds. I turned it back over and gave it to one girl to hold face down. I told her to keep her hands locked together tight so I can't take that card back if I wanted to. I then turned over the King of Diamonds. Turning it back over and holding it above my spectator's hand, I asked what card she was holding, she replied the Ace of Diamonds. I took my card, put it under her hands and flipped it over to reveal that I now had the Ace of Diamonds. I told her to open her hands to see what card she had. To everyone's amazement, it was my King of Diamonds.

While everyone was laughing and talking to each other about my last trick, I switched decks, and was ready to perform with my Invisible Deck. I said, "Okay, I'll try one more trick with you guys. This time, my sister wanted to be involved. I said to think of any card, a card that wouldn't be too obvious for me to guess. She told me that she got it and I went into my routine. I repeated, that this was just a random card that popped into your mind, right? She said yeah. I handed the deck to one of her friends asking them to hold it up in plain view. I asked, "For the 1st time, what was the name of your card that you were thinking of." She said the 5 of Hearts. I asked, "Are you guys ready for this?" I asked for the cards back from the girl, opened the deck and spread through them looking for the face down card. Once I got to it, I went passed it to show that throughout the whole deck, only one card was turned upside down. The only problem was that 2 CARDS WERE TURNED UPSIDE DOWN! I felt like I messed up so unbelievably bad in front of all these people. Everyone looked confused. I didn't know how to go about the trick, it definitely caught everyone's eye, I couldn't hide it. "I said sorry guys, I kind of messed up", as I showed the 5 of Hearts, but didn't show the other card, and squaring up the deck. My sister said, "WAIT! I actually thought of another card before the 5 of Hearts, I switched it because I thought the Ace of Diamonds was too easy. Is that why there were 2 cards flipped over?, Is that the Ace of Diamonds?"

In my mind I was thinking, "no I actually messed up", but then I thought, "OMG!, I can make this work, and with this card too, perfect!" I spread through the deck once again, this time looking for the face-down Ace of Diamonds. Once I came to it, I flipped it over, and . . . . . . . . . . . Everybody screaming, cursing, laughing, "How the **** did he do that!"
My sister looked at me like I was a freak or something. lol, I love my sister.
Best Night Of My Life!, Wouldn't trade that night for anything.

I went from being that kid in the corner, to the life of the party.
I've learned that if you have an opportunity, you have to take it!

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Oct 16, 2007
Imagine performing for your harshest critics, that group of people that know the double lift and know when you flash or mess up. These are the type of people you always sweat around when performing; these are the type of people that you have to figure out different, unique ways to trick them.
I had just finished playing poker with about 6 of these friends, I bought back in three times (amount of money will be disclosed) and I busted out in 3rd place, out of the money. It was just supposed to be a fun game though. My adrenaline was still rushing when the whole game was over, and they wanted to see some tricks. My adrenaline fueled my nervousness. I had never been so nervous. I took out a deck of bicycles from my pocket and they immediately accused me of having a trick deck. It wasn't, and they examined (they forcefully took the deck from me). I decided I would do the biddle trick, since they had never seen it before and it didn't involved a double lift. I was doing a classic force on the 4 of hearts, but obviously my friend is not the one to fall for a classic force so he used his finger to go all the way to the bottom, so I had to slip the four of hearts under the pack and put it at the very bottom. My heart began to slow down, since I got past that part. So they put it in the deck and I double undercutted it to the top. I did a patter about how I could feel the difference in temperature of their card and cut the cards and asked them to put their hand out. I said I could feel around for their card and cut to around their card in the middle of the deck. I told them I wasn't that good of a magician, so I believed their card to be about five cards at the top. I flipped five over and began to do the biddle slight, telling them to not give me any clue where their card is because I am a good poker player (that got a good laugh).
At this point, I thought everything would be fine. But these guys always seem to play with the cards when I give them. So I really had to focus my attention away from the deck and make them focus on my hands. I rolled my sleeves up, showed my hands empty. This really taught me how to manage my audience, it was a huge confidence booster, when I saw all their eyes away from the deck. I false counted 5 cards in my hand, and began to say that I could see from the dimple in their smile that I saw a indentation of a four, but I wasn't sure. I "palmed" the card and made it invisible and threw it into the deck.
I showed the four cards and how their card was missing. I clearly showed them and I told them to look through the deck. My heart was normal now, I was proud that I finished the trick. I must have bent their four of hearts extra special this time because when my friend decided to cut the deck instead of spreading, he cut right to the four of hearts, and my heart went CRAZY. They all jumped in excitement and amazement.

I really learned how to manage my audience. I also learned that often the tricks that I have done for years can be invented in new ways if I try and mess with them. They can become 10x better. And I learned that the heart beat is necessary and really gives me a thrill.
I learned that my own magic fools me.

They don't want to play poker with me, ever again.
Now, performing for my friends is a routine thing for me. We can communicate well together and are comfortable around eachother. So, this is story is entirely the opposite of that fact.

A group of 120 Japanese students came by my high school for a tour and the experience of a "Canadian high school". I was volunteered by one of my teachers and decided what the heck it will be an amazing experience. Now, I previously mentioned my friends know I perform magic and one of them BEGGED me to bring a deck of cards to show to the Japanese people.

My partner's name was Kazuyori and was 17 years old in grade 11. Or whatever level that is in Japan. Anyways, after the tour was break for the group of Japanese students and all of the other students in the school. So, I decided to pull out my deck of cards and tried my best to ask them if they wanted to see some magic. Since they really didn't understand I showed them a quick phase of my ACR, basically getting it to the top a couple of times and they immediately understood what I meant.

I proceeded to try to talk to them, while setting up the deck for David Stone's Invisble Palm routine Reset. I showed them the four kings, taught them the suits of the cards and how to say the word King. All in good fun, and then went into the routine. Just as it started a student at my school decided to shout "OH SWEET CARD TRICKS." Now, my little group of 5 japanese students and 5 friends quickly erupted into about 30-40 students. Woo, the pressure was on.

Basically I ignored all of the other people around me since my angle were perfect for the routine, no one was behind me and all were to my right side. I went through the whole "invisible palming" until the 4 cards were on the table. Some older students were yelling and saying "WHOA OH MY GOD" etc. Then I showed the 4 kings had turned into the 4 aces and people went NUTS. I had never gotten that type of reaction before. Very nice.

Now, since there was so many people I wanted to do an effect where I could not possibly mess-up. The four aces were on the table, and somehow there was a 5 on top of the deck. I quickly set-up for the Invisible Reverse. I did this while talking to my spectators who asked "PUT A CARD INTO MY WALLET." I have a rather sharp tongue if you will, so I fired a few things back like, "Well, let me see your wallet, and the 5 bucks inside and I'll see what I can do."

I used that as my mis-direction. I used a few false flashy shuffles, to retain the decks order and proceeded into the Invisible Reverse. No one saw it coming, especially after everyone had thought I screwed up, oh boy was it nice. The 3 bigger guys in the front called me a Witch, and came up and gave me hi 5's patted me on the back and made off.

Now, throughout all of this I was still able to transcend the routine onto the Japanese spectators. They knew barely any english yet, they understand the concept of magic and what I was doing. This, while using barely any patter, essentially saying "Card, you pick a card." "Remember" "This your card, card is yours?"

What would've I changed about this? Nothing. One of the best experiences I've ever had doing magic. I made a name for myself with not only my peers but, others from across the planet who don't even speak the same language as I do. So, if you ever get the chance, I recommend opening your mind to new and challenging ways to perform your magic. I did, and will never regret it.

Awesome competition guys, best of luck to all.

I performed recently at the Adelaide Fringe (Which btw is the 2nd Biggest Fringe Festival in the World) we performed alot of Street/Card/Coin Magic and a few Stunts.

For the entire show everything seemed to go pretty well, and throughout the night people had offered to buy us a drink. So later on in the night I would have had a few drinks, but not enough to really have effected me too much.

I went into one of my favourite moves 'Bruised' and forced the card exactly like normal, once the spectator started punching me a large crowd started to gather. I mean, its a little strange.

After building up the crowd, and getting into my routine of talking about my 'von Willebrand disease' which, I do not infact have. (The disease causes easy bruising) and I talked about how I can control where my blood flows (Which is something great to use to run into Control)

Upon the reveal I took off my jacket, with the remaining of the deck still in my left hand, the card he picked in his pocket.

I told him to hand me his card, as I placed it upon my arm ready to reveal the bruise. I turned the card over 'The Queen of Spades.' My heart plummeted, the bruise was the Queen of Hearts.

I decided to still reveal the bruise, most actually didnt notice the error but some did.

I noticed the Queen of Hearts was actually on the bottom of the deck, so I did a double lift with the Queen of Spades at the front.

"You often have the Queen of Spades cover for the Queen of Hearts. See she is very shy and dislikes large crowds like this one"

With a quick snap change, the Spades changed into the Queens.

The crowd were completely amazed.

Make sure not to mix alcohol with magic. Though it turned out extremely well this time, it very easily could have turned out terrible.
Aug 31, 2007
Unlike many of the other stories here, I did not really mess up on this trick (which i will admit i have done in the past) , but i learned an immense amount from this instance.

A little background on the situation... Im a guy that likes to have a laugh and smile, and i am known around my classmates for some of my magic. Everyday in my 4th period class i perform magic for a group of girls. These girls are very talkative and basically beg me to perform a new trick daily.

Well, one specific week i had performing and experimenting with a new handling of las vegas leaper ( A cards across routine by Paul Harris) so i decided to give that trick a go on these girls as i knew how much they would love it. During the patter of the trick when i handed the packet of 10 cards to one of the girls i could not remember the exact patter of what i normally use.
Which is something along the lines of "Take this packet and place it out of reach, or in your pocket"

What actually came out of my mouth was along the lines of" Put these cards somewhere where i cant get to them"

Now this does not seem like a big difference at all, but let me tell you, i was more suprised than anyone in the room when she stuffed them in her bra..... Now my normal teenage response to that is...uhhmmm...ok, anyways....

After i regained my composure i began the trick in which 3 cards from my 10 card packet dissappear one by one so i am left with 7 cards in the end, and my spectator counts out thirteen from their packet.

After i counted my cards (7 now, to their shock) it was her turn. So i said now count your cards into my hand. Her hand then reached into her bra and began counting and ended up with 13 cards. I recieved the best reaction of any trick i had done in the year i had been performing. She instantly tried to reconfigure how in the world i got those cards into her bra, and started blushing immensly. Everyday after that when she saw me performing tricks she beggged me to show them "the bra trick" and i also recieved many requests from the people she told.

Hmmm now for the lesson. Well, its pretty simple. Through this performance i learned that sometimes the technique and magic isnt all what performaning is about. It is about character. I concluded that if i can go into any performance and just have fun, nobody will care about how technical i am, or even if i didnt perform the best tricks, they will remember me for my personality, and that is much more important
Sep 30, 2007
Performing at your best

I try to perform out of school as much as I can, but every Friday I perform for students in my lunch. Only a few tricks usually, no full routines or anything. Well, this Friday, yesterday, I was feeling kind of sick and not up to my usual condition, but everyone had been talking about what they thought I was going to do this week and they kept asking me to show them some magic. I was not going to at first, I was going to keep my cool and just tell them that I wasn’t feeling well and that I’d show them something on Monday. But they kept begging and begging.

Well, as you can most likely guess, I lost it and decided to do one trick. I stood up out of my seat and stumbled a little from slight dizziness. I knew deep down that I should wait and it would be unprofessional to do one now cause my patter would be off and my sleights sloppy. I pulled out my deck of cards and prepared to perform Kaos by Daniel Garcia that I had been practicing intensely the whole week. My patter was terrible and my handling way too rough. Well, the performance (if it even deserves the title) went on and I was about ready to go to the other side. I tried to build up at least some suspense before I went to the other side.

Well, without exposing, the sleight of hand failed and the card slipped and fell to the floor while the spectator was spreading the deck. The reactions ranged from disappointment to pity to sheer heckler laughing. But inside there was only one emotion that dwelled; shame. I felt as though I had let everyone down, not just my spectators, but magicians everywhere, past, present and future. For that moment, I was the lowest of the low, I didn’t deserve the deck that was handed back to me, it wasn’t fair to all those who spent hours practicing and knowing when and where to perform. So I performed a quick Here then There to try and pick up the pieces of the heart of my reputation. They said they are still looking forward to next week.

I believe that what most magicians’ love is to please their audience. That’s why most of us got into magic in the first place. To astonish and amaze ordinary, everyday people. I have learned much in a short period of time from this experience. I send this message out to all magicians and performers around the world.

*Don’t break under the pressure. However much you are being annoyed and pushed to perform.
*If you are not at your best, DO NOT PERFORM. Even though you want that satisfaction of a reaction. It is not fair to you, the spectators, and other magicians.
*Have a sleight down to perfection? Practice more. Think your good to go? Practice a little longer. As said by many before, “Amateurs practice till they get it right, professionals practice till they CAN’T GET IT WRONG.

***Perform when YOU’RE ready. Not when THEY’RE ready***

Hope you enjoyed my experience and can learn from it. Good luck to everyone!

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Mar 8, 2008
Stigmata backfire

Hey everyone,​
My performace of W/H's stigmata that backfired on the spec.

Ok, this is a moment that didn't really go wrong, but the spec intended to mess it up big time for me and i found it quite funny when it backfired on him, so here we go:D

I was at school, and i had just finished Physical Education, it was lunchtime, so i just got out the doors, and i said "hang on sir", "do you want to see a really neat trick?" He replied, "go on then", so i proceeded to remove my deck of cards from my bag.

I then removed the cards from their brand new packet, and before i knew it there was a huge crowd around me, seen as i was performing on the main part of my school.

I then began to start my routine of Stigmata by Wayne Houchin. So i riffled down and said "stop when you want", he choose his card, and held it close to him like it was gold, "i then said im gonna turn around, i want you to show everyone the card and shuffle it back into the deck."

I heard him shout "ok", and i turned back around everyone paying close attention, and for some reason smiling very weirdly at me, i just ignored it and carried on.

He handed me back the deck and i carried on, "are you right or left handed?" and he replied, "right handed". So i placed the deck into his left hand and said "grip my arm with your right hand", so he did.

I then proceeded to say "squeeze" and i asked him to remove his hand, and everyone gazed down onto my hand as the blood he had made rise to the top by squeezing magically formed into the name of his chosen card.

All of a sudden there was no reaction, i was thinking to myself whats happening here. And just as i thought those very words, he pulled one card out from his pocket and looked at me in confusion as if he didn't know what to do.(Obviously he had attempted to ruin my entire effect by not shuffling the card into the deck and hiding it, thinking i would perform a trick where i locate his card.)

Everyone begin to burst out laughing at him and pointing making his look like a complete fool, then everyone started to clap and cheer, you should have seen the look on his face it was priceless he look like he was genuinely lost.

So my lesson learned performing this was never give the spec the deck and turn away, you cant trust anyone, well you can let go when performing stigmata, because it really does make them look like a fool if they try to mess yur routine up.

If you suspect the spectaor of pulling a joke on you, just take the deck back and say infact i need you to find your card again. If he/she cant because he/she has hidden it then you have just revealed his little idea of a joke. If he/she finds it you know you can trust them, then move on to perm your planned out effects.

So that's it my performance of stigmata that made the teacher a laughing stock. :p

Thanks for reading everyone.
Nov 17, 2007
Something has happened to my previous post, so I'm posting this second one.

My story is something that happens to quite alot of us magicians, and I decided to put my own story of it. My recent performance was in my school, and I was cleaning up after I finished performing them. While I was cleaning up, people started to tell me my performance was great but they were able to see exactly what I was doing, and it really shocked me because it made me realize that this happened becase I was focusing more on copying other magician's style to make my self look cooler than improving the quality of my performance. It makes me think that, all these years, magic gave me this huge fraustration, because I couldn't buy all those new products on the market even though I really wanted them, and over the years, that fraustration got bigger and bigger until I snapped and started to copy other performer's style to feel better about myself. In the end I really learned a great lesson, and decided to really work on my original high quality performance and style.
First, I guess you should know that I have stopped being very active in performing, magic is a passion and love of mine and I need to devote more time to learning it.

But, recently I was performing Reset (P.H.) at my local drum shop. My hands were shaking because I had never performed this effect out anywhere... well something in the counting went wrong and as I show that the jacks have turned back into aces there was a lone jack amongst the aces... My head nearly exploded... I couldn't believe I had just messed this up this badly... But I thought for a second and then had my out. I said that all of the jacks had turned into aces but one and then showed that one ace had stayed behind on the packet of jacks sitting several feet away, thus proving the transpo had taken place. The reaction was HUGE... not only had the impossible happened, there was hardcore PROOF it had happened that no one could dispute...

Thats my story.
Sep 27, 2007
I was at school preforming a basic pass but with 5 cards. They selected them i put them in the middle of the pack and was doing a pass, but when the other packet was being dropped a card got caught and made a bend. I made a shi* a** lame saying and said i will use this card to find your cards in the pack. I threw the card and said maybe not. Then i flipped the cards off the top and they were it. MY friend said i F'D up he saw what happened. So i just practised alot and was not nerverous. Then i did it in front of 27 people.

Sep 29, 2007
My performance story

Performance story


Hi guys ,
This happened to me a while ago and i posted it on the E forums without the accident.
For christmas from my grandma this year i got an hd video camera.Me and my friend decided to go out and do some street magic with it .There werent many people out on the streets so we decided to go to this old bookstore.When we went into the store I decided I wanted to do stigmata the version when the persons initial shows up on there arm. I decided I wanted to try a new patter that was simalar as to what wayne did on the special features when he told that guy he was shooting a documentry.I told the lady I was doing a project in school and i had to do a poll on how many people believed in the paranormal.After I asked her some questions for my "poll"I told her that my grandma was a little messed up and that she could do this weird thing with a buisness card.I asked her if she wanted to see what she did she replied yes.So i did stigmata and after she took her hand off my arm and she saw the M on my arm. I told her the name was michel not michelle this suprisingly made the situation even scarier because i sad michelle and mitch who was her brothers name. she went into tears saying that was her mother and she had died of cancer just a month a go and that michel was her brother.I told her the name was michel not michelle this suprisingly made the situation even scarier because i sad michelle and mitch who was her brothers name. It was probly the best reactions ive ever got it was a nice experience for me.Sadly i didnt get it on camera because my camera man was focusing on me the whole time not her. when I first read through tonights contest, this screw up was the first to come to mind.

When I first started out performing every week at RR, I was there on Tuesdays. About a month or so later, they switched me to Saturdays. This night was the first Saturday I ever performed there, and I was getting used to new staff and such ( the good servers work on the weekends, new manager there, etc). Anyways, most of the staff was still getting used to the novelty of having a magician there, and was watching me perform at the tables and asking me to show them something quite often.

This particular table was coming towards the end of the night, and I had the feeling that no one could touch me, on top of the world kinda thing going on...sleights perfect, big laughs from the audience, tips rollin' in, etc. Anyways, went up to one of the corner tables that seats about 10 people, and started off my intro. Got the okay, and went into my opener. After that, a few of the servers came over to watch and crowed around me. The first phase on my ACR went good, reactions were on par. But the second time, I went to do a cover pass, and half the deck that I pivot between my pinky and ring finger just slipped and feel right onto the floor....and went EVERYWHERE. From there, I completely lost their signed card and didn't have a clue where it was. So, then I made the brilliant mistake of setting the other half of the deck on top of the sharpie whilst I look down and contemplate the situation. BAD MOVE. I did that, then the cards were on a slant and started sliding off the table AGAIN!

At that point, I was just completely embarrassed...later a few people told me my face was like beet red LOL! Then I just pulled out my invisible deck (what I was going to do either way), and went into a story how before the performance, I set aside a prediction. Went ahead and did the reveal. Pretty good reactions and they went into applause (not sure if they felt sorry for me LOL!)

Now here's where it gets to the point of being a tad bit unbelievable, but I assure you this story is completely unexaggerated. When I went to the put the ID back, I was too busy looking at all the cards on the floor and trying not to slip and fall on my ass in the process, that the whole deck wasn't in the box. I went to put it in, and a good portion of THAT deck feel onto the floor too!!! Then I just made a joke about it and started picking up the cards, with the help of a couple servers. But I'll tell ya, that's a night I'll NEVER forget. I've dropped a few decks before, but that's the definition of the saying, when it rains it pours!

And besides, the whole situation put me in my place...I ate a nice big slice of humble pie afterwards too....haha!!! Just goes to show, even when things are going as good as can be, you're never too far from making a mistake. ;)

Good luck to everyone!!!
Nov 23, 2007
I was hired in another city so I travelled to Cali, Colombia (south America) to perform at a 39th birthday party.
In my country, people are used to think that magicians are for children parties, so… for a 39 birthday.. the guests were not very excited about a magician, I started with a Ambitious CR and I started to gain control over my spectators, I started on small groups, like 4 or 5 people, and they started to call the other guests because “They have to see this” street magic is something that here… they’re not used to, is not so common, so… it started great, later on, I did a triumph, Indecent and Witness, stigmata and original effects. Then a heckler showed up… “I saw something…”, “do it again…” “And if you do it with another deck…”, etc…

Then… I said Ok, bring me a deck, and I picked my loop and set it in place, he passed me the deck (...he had to shuffle it before, you know that bright eyes on the spectators when you ask them: “…you want to shuffle the deck?” so he did) he picked a card, showed it to everyone, and when I put the loop in place he wanted to return the card himself (I was doing the haunted deck) I was like screaming inside afraid that he would break the loop, but it didn’t brake, I put the deck on the floor, and started to do the routine… when the deck started to split, I felt that horrible little brake-sound and feel… so, what can I do…. I did a little theatre, and he came and pulls the card… but… IT WASN’T THE SELECTED CARD…. The cards were a little sticky so the deck didn’t split where it has to split so everybody was like… what??? But many people was somehow worried about me, because I was so tired splitting the deck with my internal energy :)p) then I picked the deck and ask him, what was his card, he told me and I find his card and palmed it, and said…. Your card is not in the deck… he checked it out… and his eyes popped out!!! “IS NOT HERE!” I took the mistaken card… and said to him… you didn’t look the card I gave to you carefully, I said to him, if you looked with a kids eyes, not an engineers eyes (he was an engineer) you could see what I wanted to show you… believe” when I was finishing the last word I made a Shape shifter and transform the wrong card into his card…. This guy totally freaked out… and that was my final effect… he then started to ask me about the energy and plasma and stuff like that… and that how I use it… and that he read that once… and told me that was an honour to meet me and that he first did think that I was a fake. It was an awesome experience!!!

What did I learn… stay cool, even the worst heckler can be the best friend and channel to do a great effect, there are two kinds of people you have to be able to amaze… their reactions will guide the other spectators reactions: the leader (In this case the one who the party was made for), and the worst heckler, if you can control these two people, you have control of the situation.

Ahhh I almost forget!!! STRETCH YOUR LOOPS BEFORE AN ACT!!!


Daniel Cuartas
Aug 31, 2007
Hey guys!

Thought I wanted to share this fairly detailed & long story and afterthoughts on a recent experience of mine. First off, I wanted to bring up this point. My story is not about me "saving somebody". It's not about me making somebody cry. It's not about me causing children at SickKids hospital to rethink their outlook on life. My story takes everything we've learned back to the very basic foundations of the art of magic.

Let me ask you, have guys ever worked on a trick so hard that getting it down perfectly is all that matters to you in life? You practice it over and over and over again that you can’t wait to get those jaw-dropping, screaming reactions that you know you deserve? Well, that was what happened to me. I was practicing a trick known as “New Era Moving Pips”, you may have heard of it. Oh man, the hours it took for me to build the gimmick, write up a script, and practice it in the mirror… I worked my butt off for just that trick alone.

Then finally, I decided to perform it. I performed it for the first person I knew would want to see my latest “trick”: my dad. During the performance, I kept thinking to myself, “I worked hard for this; this is it, I need that ‘jaw-drop’ that I deserve.” So, I went up to him, “Hey, Pa, you want to see my new trick?” Although quite loaded with work at the time, he actually stopped, leaned back on his chair, and brightly said, “Sure, son”. Thus, I started the trick. Everything was going great and he was well entertained, until the point where the gimmick came into play. Unfortunately, something went wrong with it. I was staring at the gimmick for maybe a whole minute as if I had just watched someone sit up out of a coffin. Obviously, I can’t really describe what was wrong with it, *exposure*, but all that matters was that it was not working.

I honestly felt so embarrassed and so disappointed in myself. I worked so hard for this trick and even though it was just for my dad, I was still pissed off. The trick was ruined. So I look at him and I go, “Oh… uh… sorry… I screwed up… really, really sorry for bothering you... I can see that you were busy”. I was surprised, however, to see him look at me and then he smiled at me... “Try again.” I was just so taken aback. It was like, suddenly, I realized what magic was all about. I finally understood that magic was really not about getting screams, jaw-drops, or tears from emotional spectators. No, it was something much more simple than that.

I had a sort of epiphany. At that point, I started to remember the times in the past when my dad said that same thing to me - when he smiled at me so serenely. I remember him smiling at me when I first started riding a bike, or when I was on stage in a singing competition, or when I was giving a speech at the Royal Canadian Legion in front of a hundred people, or my first stage magic performance in front of the whole school. I especially remember him smiling at me when we were simply having a cup of coffee and some toast in the morning together.

You know, I always used to ask myself: “Why am I doing magic? What’s the point of all this?” Now, I know. I think that what we all do, why we work so hard on our magic, we do for this one simple thing that means the most to me. I’m pretty sure that my entire magic career started off with one of the greatest dads anyone could ask for. It started off with a smile from my dad.

Thanks for reading.

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Dec 10, 2007
Well, it all started when i was performing an ACR "Pick and card and sign it trick" i lost their card...>< then i was like crap >< so i guessed a card from the middle of the deck saying "i believe this is your card, but dont look yet! and then i *Snapped!* and then i turned the pack over to attempt to show their card disappeared. it was really gone! the card i chose (for him to hold) was the one he signed! so i learned magic IS real if you just believe and......."Snap Ya Fingers Do The Step You Can Do It All By Yourself" =)
Feb 8, 2008
This will be my first pariticipation in the SNC's.

So there I was, minding my own business and filming a magic montage with my buddy, having a good old time. We were in a desolate field in my friend's community, and while I was doing some XCM, four girls my age came around.

I guess they were attracted the bulky camera my amigo was lugging around, but I prefer to think they were coming for me. Anyway, they all came up, acting like a couple of schoolgirls, and they naturally wanted to see some magic.

Unfortunately, I didn't know what I was getting myself into. These were some rough spectators, and I don't think I was mentally prepared for that. If someone isn't ready for the worst to happen, then, it inevitably will, which is what happened in my case.

I performed some sleights and a few changes, then went into my Ambitious Card Routine. I found an old electricity transformer and spread my cards on it, in order to let the girls pick a card. And, unexpectedly, they all dove for the cards, each girl picking a separate card. We narrowed it down to one and I continued.

I gave one of the chicas the deck for another trick, and I was carrying around my brand new, one-week-old custom deck. I was proud of it and giving it to that girl was a mistake. On the way to giving it back to me, she dropped it. Right in the dirt. Needless to say, I was upset that a new, basically unused deck was ruined. My heart sank and my organs tensed up, but I thought to myself, "I have two choices - I can blow up, or I can keep my cool and continue so I don't make a fool of myself."

I chose the latter and in the end, it all worked out very nicely. I was intensely proud that I stayed calm and was able to continue my routine. I guess what I learned through this whole ordeal was to remember, that whatever happens, KEEP YOUR COOL. Don't let something that won't matter in the long run bother you, and you'll be on your way to some happier, more fulfilling performances.
Sep 2, 2007
My story

It was a dark and stormy night... whoops, wrong story.

I'm going to start from the beginning.

It all started on January 29th, when my school announced the upcoming talent show in one month. Immediately, I had the perfect idea of what to do. I would team up with my fellow magician and preform a levitation where you float your assistant, and the the form of bisection where you bisect an assistant / spectator.
The next day, I asked if he wanted to do the talent show together. He agrees. later in history class I give him the run down of what I had planned. A couple days later, I go to the main office, asking how I can go about signing up for the talent show. Guess what? The lady says I missed the auditions! I couldn't believe it. For the next two weeks, I was furstrated about not being able to preform. But all hope was not lost yet, for my sister came to me, saying that she arranged with a teacher so I could be in the show! I was so happy! I told my partner, and we were golden. Unfortunately, I was swamped with homework and 3 tests the next week. That Friday, I called my partner and asked when we should meet up to get ready. He says Sunday. So, on Saturday, I call and ask what time i should come over. He says he'll call me right back. So I wait. Then he calls me back. AND GUESS WHAT? He says he needs to see his sister in Boston on the day of the talent show! So with one week left until the show, no materials, AND a change of plans, I was panicking. So on the only day I'm free, Wednesday, I go out and buy materials for the show. I stay up until 11 building my props, practicing until 12. Then on thursday, do you know what happens? My partner says his plans might change and he might be able to do the show with me after all! This means a change of plans AGAIN. I told him he was just too unreliable, and I had already changed my plans permanantly, meaning he couldn't do it. I practice all day when I get home from school on Thursday.
The day of the talent show, Friday the 29th, arrives. I get to school, and practice until the show starts. Then, finally, my turn arrives. I had a big script planned out for the performance, but I totally forgot. So, I relied on my impromtu comedy skills to help me. I went out on stage and started out with "Hello everybody, my name is Stephen, and I have stage fright." The audience burst into laughter. So, I began asking people if they had seen David Copperfield chop himself in half. After that I picked up my cloth and said "this, folks, is my magical cloth. Magical things happen behind it." Again, everyone laughed. I picked it up and performed bisection. I couldn't have performed it better. After an innevitable and audacious applause, I took my leave.
After the show, I got at least 50 comments like "You have to tell me how you did that!!" "That was amazing!" Etc.. One guy called me David Copperfield! A group of girls was on me all night like "Tell me how you did that! Pleeeeease!!" It was awesome.

Lesson learned: You truly cannot account for everything. Ever. Also, a good joke will always help!
Sep 1, 2007
( i have asian and strict parents). Anyway thats the most messed up experience ive had, but im only a few months into magic so im kinnda looking forward to more in the future =)

hope you enjoyed my expeience =)


Ahh I feel for you man, me too D:
Sep 1, 2007
Somewhere in CA =]
OK this isn't recent but it pretty weird.

I was at school and doing a couple of my average tricks with my Black Tiger =P. Such as Ambitious Card and some Jay Sankey effect. I forgot what it was called. So a group three comes over and looks at me with curiosity. I finish my trick and one of the guys comes over and asks if he can see the deck. I thought, "hehe some guy wants to pull a 21 card trick on me xD" so he grabs the deck and does a bunch of flourishes. This is when I wasn't into flourishing and all that but all I remember the most is he kept doing Mary Jane. I was like "whoa!" I extend my hand and ask for a handshake and a name. He goes yeah my name is Pierre Tran(yes THE Pierre Tran [=)
Hehe so after the crowd went away we started talking and got to know each other better. He showed me alot of tips and tricks. Even got me into flourishing.
Without Mr. Tran [= I wouldn't be as far as I was today.
Now it's not everyday you meet and an awesome flourisher.
Nov 26, 2007
About A month ago i was on the tube by myself , so I figure ill break out my deck of cards and amuse myself for the rest of my journey. A few minutes in, this group of Girls come on the train and ask, the perfectly reasonable question of why i have cards with me? so i explained i do magic and asked would they like to see some?

so i do i few tricks, i had a loop with me so i did the haunted deck a few card transpositions, that sort of thing, and they seem pretty into it. By now most of the carriage is watching, and i decide to try and preform one of my favorite tricks Derrren Brown's invisible deck so i choose one of the girls whom has been particularly responsive, and go through the stages of giving her the invisible deck asking her to deal it into the appropriate piles, but because this has the attention of the whole carriage she was getting pretty self conscious of repeating this motion of dealing out cards that weren't there, so her motions were not very big and instead of listening to my instructions she is laughing and looking around the carriage and i kind of have to half guess my prediction. of course the card i had place out as my prediction the 6 of diamonds was the wrong card. now this is quite a long trick, a lot of build up to this revelation which doubled the anticlimax of my incorrect prediction. so for the sake of knowing where i went wrong i ask her what her card was, she replied the 4 of spades, now i remember earlier in the day i was doing a card to wallet effect where that card that appears in the wallet was the 4 of spades which i hadent taken out of my wallet. so i maintained there attention and said that is so strange because before i got on the train today i took one card from this deck and put it in my wallet i slowly took the wallet of and let her open the zip compartment to find her thought of card. best reaction i have ever got!!

so now although opportunistic before i preform this effect i put one card usually the 6 of diamonds which i find it to be a relatively common selection either under my little notepad which i leave in clear view on the table or in my wallet and every, one in 10 times or close to it someone will have selected the card hidden away and them times the effect becomes 100x better and the times they don't select the 6 of diamonds the card remains hidden and the effect plays out as normal.

thank for reading
Daniel Joyce
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