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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dana Hocking, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. Okay, let's try this one more time...

    As some of you may know, Monday is a special occasion...

    So, in honor of that special occasion, we have spent the past seven months working on the following video that will explain what the special occasion is (if you don't already know) and what you should do for it in order to celebrate. Without further ado, check out the video now in the theory11 media section.

    Submissions must be posted in response to this thread, with images uploaded to either or Images should be visible in your post, and all posts must be up by 12:00am EST tonight. Have fun with it-- the more creative, the better.

    Winner to be chosen by JB, Wayne, and I, and will be announced on or before 12:30am EST. Any poems that you may wish to write in addition to your picture will be welcomed, especially if in the form of haiku and/or Jamaican freestyle rapping.

    Good luck to all!

  2. First!!!!!!!
  3. Finally! Let's do some phototaking
  4. Off to see the wizard!....
  5. LOL! Lightbulbs :) Well normally I would jump on this, but I'm not the artsy (yes I said artsy) type... so I don't think I will participate in this one. However, I look forward to seeing all other submissions. So grab a deck of cards, glue, frosting, or light bulbs and get going on these! I wanna see some awesome cakes.... from cards! Good luck to all who are entering!

  6. Can we add stuff to the cake? Like pictures??
  7. Sounds like fun!
  8. Honestly though... this was the funniest thing I've ever seen you guys at T11 post... I want some lime ##@#%!

    Also... the Theory 11 weight lifting set... does that come with the official yoga DVD Wayne was going to put out, but canceled at the last second? I was looking forward to that yoga DVD for over a year. Thanks!

  9. Hmm, I will go to sleep right now, then I'll wake up and start building I think :)
  10. Can you use any type of playing cards?
  11. NI won't be participating this week but I wish bayme Happy Birthday and happy Bayme Day in his country :p.
  12. Argh. This is suprisingly annoying. I'm not very into destroying my cards for a weightlifting set.
  13. Man...I've had a busy day. Went to the SMAC Championships, then to the Washington Auto Show, out to dinner, then saw Rambo (great movie BTW!).

    Just got home a little while ago....but hey, I'm game! :p

    Gotta go to work!
  14. Yes, you can add whatever you wish to the cake, such as candles, lightbulbs, roses (red-- NOT white), lego's, or nun-chucks. But not those 'magic' candles-- those are really, really annoying.

    In addition, I'd like to take this time to say that all birthday poems, haiku's, and/or limericks would be greatly appreciated and posted on my bedroom wall next to the lifesize poster of Daniel Garcia in a tutu.
  15. I'm not going to participate as I don't have a spare deck at the moment, but good luck to all the entrants!

  16. If no one participates in this then I don't think I'll have a choice but to participate ;)

  17. Im tough game! It was also my birthaday so today i have a lucky feeling as i celebrate Jonathan's Bday! You wouldnt want to eat the cake im making.....but deff want to have it~! Wait and see!
  18. Just one deck of cards? Or more than one?

    I'm feeling sick right now but I'll give it a try. :)
  19. Wow buddy, you better back off. I'm winning this contest. :)
  20. Haha. Today is your birthday, Jonathan's birthday and Ellen Degeneres's birthday.

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