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    Hope everyone is having a great weekend! As mentioned this week on Expose, this month we'll be celebrating our SEVEN year anniversary on August 31st. To mark the occasion, we've got a bunch of surprises and new releases in the works. One (or more) of those is a collaboration with Steve Cohen.

    Steve Cohen performs an elegant, interactive magic show at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC: Chamber Magic. The Waldorf Astoria is one of the nicest hotels in the world, and Steve has performed to sold out audiences and rave reviews for over a decade. 14 years, actually. Without question, that makes him one of the most successful performers working in magic today, and he'll be joining us this week for a new roundtable discussion podcast.

    Each time we do this, we invite you to post questions about anything you'd like - from his roots in magic to his advice for making magic a successful career. Post your questions in response to this forum post, and we'll record a podcast this weekend answering as many questions as possible!

    You have 24 hours to submit your questions: deadline is tomorrow, Sunday, August 10th, 2014 at 7:30pm EST. Choose your questions wisely - limit of THREE questions per member this week. I'd encourage everyone to use this opportunity to gain invaluable insight and advice from someone I admire greatly not only as a magic success story, but a good guy and a great friend. Looking forward to seeing your questions this week!

    One random member whose question is asked during the podcast will be among the first to take home our first collaboration with Steve Cohen this month, shipped on the house anywhere in the world!

    UPDATE - The podcast has been posted. Listen HERE!
  2. -What was the first magic show/magician that you saw live and when?
    -Do you have any other hobbies/talents?
    -What's your favorite magic effect both stage and close-up?
  3. Do you feel a bigger connection performing for intimate audiences or a larger theatrical crowd?

    What direction do you see magic heading into?

    What was one of your most memorable moments with a spectator involving magic?
  4. -What creative process do you use to create and refine your tricks?
    -How do you go about engaging an entire crowd in your performances?
    -What does your practice routine include?
  5. How did you get the nickname millionaires magician?
    Who was your favorite person to perform for?
    What is the most important part of a effect?
  6. - What was your favorite part of working on Lost Magic Decoded?
    - How did you decide you wanted to perform parlor magic?
    - What do you feel makes a trick good?
  7. how many flourish do you ?
  8. What is your favourite trick to perform?
    What decks of cards do you use/ prefer?
    How old were you when you got your first gig performing magic?
  9. 1. We all have days or weeks where we get 'bored' of magic, so after performing for 14years almost daily, how do you keep it exciting for yourself?

    2. How closely do you stick to a script for your show - if I came one week, and then again the next would I be getting a literal word for word repeat show?

    3. If you weren't a magician, what would you be?
  10. What would your number one advice be to someone who's just getting serious into magic on the business side of things?

    Do you create effects from inspiration from others, messing around with your own stuff or a combination of both?

    What was your biggest mistake /mishap that's happened while you were performing?
  11. 1.In a age where even mobile phones get obsolete within two years of their release,how you managed your show to run for 14 years?
    2.How was it to collaborate with theory11?
    3.Are you excited for it?
  12. 1. What was the first magician you ever saw (if you know their name) and what trick did they perform?
    2. How do you keep your show and performances fresh after doing it for so long?
    3. Did you ever take a break from magic? If so, for how long and why?
  13. 1) how would you differentiate illusions from the past, from the illusions that we see on stage today.
    2) what is life without magic?
    3) what fascinates you most in magic? card, coins, etc.?
  14. What is the meaning of magic for you personally?
    What meaningful messages you promote to your spectators when you're performing magic?
    You're one of the most successful performers working in magic today, is there a point in you're life that you got bored/tired in doing/creating magic or in performing?
  15. - You perform for different audiences all the time but don't you find yourself getting bored of magic after performing it so often for 14 years??

    - Who was your inspiration in magic when you first started magic?

    - How do YOU deal with hecklers and people who are just trying to give you a hard time?

  16. Could you please describe what your workday is/was like (both now, and when you were developing your art and establishing yourself)?

    Thank you!
  17. A lot of people who get into magic tend to dive in hard for a few years and then get tired and lose interest. How do you keep yourself from getting tired of performing?
  18. How did you get started in magic?

    Do you feel like magic has been cheapened by the internet and modern advances?

    How do you go about adding new material to your act?
  19. 1.what helped you not get bored with magic, especially when first starting out (since it kinda feels liek your going no-where at first)

    2.why did you chose magic as your hobby/why not something else

    3.what is the best piece of advice someone has given you?

    thanks and hope you have a great day!
  20. 1. Who inspired you to become a magician?
    2. What was the first trick that you performed?
    3. What is your favourite quote about magic?

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