Saturday Night Contest: SUNDAY Edition! (FINALLY)


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Jul 24, 2010
have never thrown away a used deck or tuck, I usually keep my old credit cards or ID cards that have been expired in an old tuck case, as far as the cards are concerned, well I use to for practicing DIY gimmicks making, I always use old cards to make a gimmick that I am making for the first time, when I know its perfect then I switch to the new cards

Nikolay Karagyozov

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Jun 22, 2012
Well, there are a couple of things I do with the used decks :

1. Use them as cardistry trainers for block cuts (if they are that sticky, yuck)

2. Make gimmicks with them. Trying out new things with elastic threads, cutting.. basically ruining the cards even more.

3. Recycling the really bad decks.

4. There is a small magic community where I live with a lot of young kids that are crazy skilled. Some of them can't afford to buy cards to practice, so I share a lot with them, trying to support the art as much as I can. That doesn't necessarily go only for used decks, though.

Have a great Sunday all!



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Dec 24, 2018
I keep the cards in my card case. sometimes I’ll use the case to hold a card reveal but most of the time the card case holds the jokers and ad card if I have a old deck I’ll save it for Saturday night theory 11 contest.

Davis West

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Dec 26, 2013
I recently glued some of those old cards together to create a small packet. I taped that packet to the inside of one of my card boxes for the trick Cinemental. This is because the cards given for the effect don't completely fill up the box and would rattle around. Adding these extra cards stops them from rattling around and potentially damaging them. This is definitely important when using my card guard. I wanted to use my card guard for Cinemental but since the cards did not fill up the box enough, using the card guard would almost "crush" the card box. Adding the cards provides the right amount of pressure to fill the box so this doesn't happen. Also, to ensure that it's still easy to take the cards out I trim off the packet a bit before gluing.


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Oct 25, 2011
Los Angeles
During COVID, the friends I had in my “bubble” loved it if I built miniature escape rooms for them. I built a whole story around the corrupted Monarchs, using the Monarch cards as clues once they just wouldn’t do the sleights I needed them to anymore. I also hide things in my card boxes, like a key to my lock box. Nobody suspects it because who’s going to check all of the 40+ decks?

This one’s an interesting one! I’d wondered what you were supposed to do once you were finished with cards, but apparently it’s different for everyone!

WOW - tons of awesome uses here! Definitely going to have to try some of these for myself!

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Thank you all for sharing your creativity ❤️
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