Saturday Night Contest - Super Bowl Prediction!

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  1. Yo guys and gals! Time to put your mind reading to the test…

    The Super Bowl is tomorrow, Sunday February 6th, and that means there are people betting on who will win. The Steelers? Or the Packers? It’s time to see if you can predict the future. This is how tonight’s contest is going to work:

    You are going to predict who will win the Super Bowl, and what the final score will be. Tough challenge, but the prize is well worth it and quite unique! You only get one prediction, one guess, and if you change or edit your post, you'll be publicly disqualified (so don't try to cheat - we're watching!).

    The layout for your prediction should be as follows:

    Packers will win 38-17. (just an example)

    The FIRST person to correctly guess the winner AND the score will win. If no one is correct, then the prize will go to whoever is closest. Either way, someone WILL win. Winner will be determined tomorrow night after the game ends.

    What's up for grabs? A real football signed by as many theory11 artists as we can wrangle! A super rare item that will surely be unique to your collection! Only one of which will exist, and you'll also get the glory of calling yourself the winner of this year's theory11 SuperBowl Prediction Challenge.

    Start thinking, and start predicting. Want some help? Check out this site with a list of previous game scores for inspiration. Of 45 ESPN analysts, 31 favored the Packers to win as of Friday morning (you can see their predictions here). Have fun with this one and may the best man (and team) win!
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    Stealers 48-36
  3. The packers will win 32-22
  4. Stealers will win 31-24
  5. The Packers will win 31-27!!!!
  6. Packers win 27-24
  7. Steelers 31-26!
  8. Packers win, 21-16.
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    Steelers win 29 - 24 (I have never seen football, just a random guess)
  10. I'm going Packers 24-17
  11. Packers will win 21-34.
  12. Steelers 31 - 20
  13. Stealers win 21-17.
  14. Steelers 31-28.
  15. Packers will win 43 - 24
  16. packers 28-24
  17. Packers, 43-37
  18. Packers will win 38-17
  19. Packers win 28-17
  20. Packers will win 21-17

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