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Jul 23, 2007
New York City
Earlier this week, we announced a new Discovery Channel Special launching on June 29th at 10pm starring our very own Dan White. The show is entitled “The Supernaturalist,” and chronicles White’s journey to explore the roots of magic in cultures remote and afar.

In production of the television special this past year, Dan traveled to Nepal, the Dominican Republic, and more. In one scary turn of events, he (barely) landed on a tiny airstrip in the mountains of Nepal with consultants Michael Ammar, BJ Bueno, and Seth Rovner.

Venturing deep into tribal cultures and urban legends, Dan’s goal was to find the origins of magic and to answer the simple, timeless question: Does real magic exist?

Now is your chance to ask Dan any 3 questions that you have. He is someone that has been on every side of this industry - from producing David Blaine specials to performing in private events in New York - now starring in a television special of his own.

Remember, you only have a maximum of 3 questions to ask Dan. So make them count! You have until 11:00pm EST to submit your questions. One random member whose question is asked during the podcast will receive their choice of either a shiny, now-sold-out JAQK Deck or Jason England's new training video on the Top Card Cover Pass - your pick.

UPDATE :: The podcast has been posted! Listen to it now in our roundtable discussion archive.
Dec 26, 2008
What would you say the biggest thing you got from the making of this new series was?

Out of all the places you visited and all the cultures you saw, which was most inspiring to you personally?

Is this third question sufficient to win me a deck of cards?
Jun 6, 2010
Nashville, TN
1. How did you get this Discovery Channel special? Were you recommended for it or did you ask?

2. How did the language barrier affect your performances?

3. If there was one thing you could change about the world's view on magic, what would it be?
Apr 1, 2011
why do u want to find the origins of magic?
do u think real magic exist ?
what inspired u to do this with Discovery Channel =_= !!!?


May 3, 2009
when and how was born the idea of this show?

Was it your idea to make a TV show or it comes after you decide to make this project?

How it was a cooperation with your consultants, and how you pick them?

greetings from Poland :)
Feb 12, 2011
At my Computer
1. Out of the places you visited, is there a country that reacted better to performances than other countries did?

2. Out of all the things you have released what is your favorite and why?

3. When you were a beginner magician who was your biggest role model?
Aug 14, 2010
1. What made you consider starring on T.V?
2. What experience have you gained from traveling to Nepal, Dominican Republic, etc?
3. Is there a moment that you will never forget while producing the special?
Aug 31, 2007
1. Performing in a different countries must have been an eye opening experience, what have you learned by performing for people from widely different backgrounds?

2. Performing on TV is a huge step in ones career, what are your tips for getting a deal to work with a company like Discovery?

3. Being in a near death experience must have caused you to look at things in a different way. That doesn't happen just everyday. What was your thought process at that point in time?
Oct 9, 2010
Denver, CO
Which places give the best reactions to your performances and were you ever get mistaken for a real witch doctor/shaman/wizard?
I am planning on traveling around the world in the spring performing and experiencing magic in different cultures and was wondering if you had any tips/advice for my travels as well as suggestions for places that are a must see for their magical communities/experiences. Thanks and I am really looking forward to this special and your answers!
Jun 26, 2010
1. What was it like working with David Blaine?
2. In Nepal, did you do magic for locals, and did they understand illusion, or did they believe you had supernatural powers?
3. What is your creative process?
Nov 19, 2010
When performing do you feel that comedy enhances the effect or takes away from it.

Were you at all afraid of performing in other countries being unsure of how their beliefs on magic are or how they would treat you.

Will there be any other tv appearances from you in the future.
Sep 9, 2010
1.What is the most humbling experience you've had with magic?
2.What was the most fun thing you did while filming the special?


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Dec 5, 2010
Out of all the places you have traveled, are the magic cultures different compared to each other?

How did the creation of the show came to being?

Prior to working on the show, do you believe magic exists?


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Oct 18, 2007
1) Do people react to magic in different ways in different cultures?

2) Do the props magicians use change in different areas?

3) What would the most amazing moment in this experience?
Aug 14, 2010
1) My main question doesn't have anything to do with magic at all. I want to know what you thought about the food in the various places you visited while filming your special. Favorite dish, memorable eating experience... anything along those lines.

2) A lot of people are asking why you chose to film the special. I'd like to go even further back - why did you get into magic, and with what resource(s) did you start (i.e. Royal Road, Erdnase, Bobo, etc)?

3) The stereotypical "reflection"-type question - if you had the chance to go back and film the special from the beginning, what would you do differently this time around (or, alternately, what would you be sure to see / do / film again)?

Thanks a ton!
Do you think you found an answer to whether real magic exists or do you think it is subjective to the individual?

What is one, two, or more effects that you found to really work regardless of the culture you are performing for?

Sure this one has been asked in the past but can't think of anything else: What kind of magic do you like to do? Like do you prefer cards, coins, everyday objects, mentalism, etc.
Nov 3, 2010
Hey dan these are my 3 questions to u

1. What inspired you to do your own show?
2. How do you create magic?
3. Are you ever going to release another effect?

Kaare Rugsted

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Aug 26, 2009
is making "tv magic" been a lifelong dream, or was it something you got excited about while working with david blain..or what? :D
so what made you wanna do "tv magic"
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