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  1. Hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year! This past week, the Consumer Electronics Show rocked Las Vegas, showcasing the latest and greatest technology trends. If you're never seen videos from the conference before, it's essentially a huge convention (at the Venetian Hotel this year) with insane technology from innovators around the world. Anything you can imagine - from cameras to televisions to remote controlled helicopters.

    "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke

    This week's contest is inspired by that event. The challenge is to create a NEW magic effect that in some way involves technology.
    You have 24 hours to make it happen: the deadline is tomorrow (Sunday) at 7:30pm EST.

    The rules are very simple: create a new effect for this contest that uses technology in some way, shape, or form. This can be an effect using a television, camera, cell phone, iPod, or even a wrist watch. As long as it has some technological element to it, the sky is the limit.

    Make a video of your effect, upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, then post the link in response to THIS forum thread. Videos will be judged based on creativity, overall impact, and originality. Think outside the box! The winner will be announced tomorrow night, and will take home 1,000 Elite Member Points and a brick of ARTISANS, shipped on the house anywhere in the world!

    You have 24 hours to make it happen. Very excited to see your submissions!
  2. Only one video for entry? or more?
  3. Just one entry per member, so be sure to make it count.
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    My entry has been changed check the last page ;)
  5. As soon as the contest is over (if I'm correct), the winner will have his/her video commented on appropriately. But don't quote me. :p
  6. Our winner will be announced and posted in response to this forum thread shortly after the deadline tomorrow (Sunday) at 7:30pm EST.
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  8. uuuuhhhmmm Asher, your video is private.
  9. Oh. Thank you, I think I fixed it now.
  10. Here's my submission. This concept allows you to silence anybody's phone - without pressing any buttons. Since the phone is borrowed, there are no apps or special programing. A cool idea is to match this with Adam Grace's 'Ringtone' for an easier way to secretly silence somebody's device.
  11. Here's my entry, my aim is not to fool magician, I don't perform for them ^^
    So the idea is pretty much like a stage illusion, a portable, ipod, anything is put in the cup and then.. The magic happend !
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