Saturday Night Contest - The Art of Card Throwing

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    Hey everyone! Hope you're all having a great week! The new film, Now You See Me, is going to be released in theaters on May 31st - and we're super excited! In the film, Jack (played by Dave Franco) is a pickpocket - but also a card throwing expert. This week, we want to use that as inspiration for a challenge that will test your skill and your accuracy.

    Your goal is to create a video demonstrating your card throwing skills. However, we're not looking for speed - we're looking for accuracy. One idea could be scaling as many cards as possible (in a row) into a small target (e.g., a garbage bin or a hat) - or you could try for something more creative (distance, obstacles, etc.). The choice is yours.

    You have 24 HOURS to make it happen. Upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo, and post the link to your video in response to THIS forum thread by no later than 7:30pm EST tomorrow, Sunday, May 19th. After time is up, we will go through all submissions and decide on a winner!

    What can you take home this week? 1,000 Elite Member Points, a 6 Pack of Monarchs, a 6 Pack of White Artisans, AND a Deck of Monarchs SIGNED by the cast of Now You See Me!

    BIG PRIZE available this week. Can you take it home?
  2. The last time we had a contest like this, I won it! But that was before I started working with theory11 :). BIG prize that I would love to get for myself. Have fun with this one guys! Can't wait to see what you all come up with!
  3. are we aloud to use rubber bands to throw the card ( ._.)
  4. I'm not trying to be negative but I was curious how would they sign it if the box is all embossed and stuff? Did they sign the cards?
  5. Your cards and your hands, only - no rubberbands for this one.
  6. oh ok (._. )
  7. They mean an opened deck with the cards signed.
  8. Min & Max of video length ?
  9. No length requirement - just looking for the most skill demonstrated. Accuracy is the most important factor - so, as one example, your video could show you throwing a card into a hat many times in a row. The more impressive, the greater your chance of winning!
  10. gotcha, so like throwing each card back into the tuck case and they each land one on top of each other until they are all in new deck order? Something simple like that? Yea sure, let me get my camera.
  11. can we have multiple submissions?
  12. This is a wonderful contest! I am going to enter definitely! Good luck to everybody! :)
  13. Easy.

    Accurate card throwing? I can do this! Here, hold my beer!
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