Saturday Night Contest - The "Art" of Magic

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  1. A few months ago at Magic-Con, artist Tony Cabral created illustrations of each presenter. The illustrations were presented in a gallery at the conference, as well as a book sold by Cabral shortly after. His work is incredible - filled with remarkable detail. You can see Tony's illustrations here:

    Tonight, we wanted to host a contest based on that premise - the ART of magic. We don't expect you to be the next Tony Cabral, Picasso, or Monet. We just ask for your best shot.

    The task is to utilize any medium (pen and paper, a napkin, or digital art) to create an image of any artist within this industry. It could be David Blaine, Chris Kenner, Criss Angel, Andrei Jikh - anyone you like. But the goal is to make the image recognizably certainly that artist. The more creative, the better - what the image shows is entirely up to you.

    If you don't want to use a pen and paper, you could check out either of the two websites below for easy online illustrations. You have 3.5 hours to make it happen. Submissions (images) should be posted in response to THIS forum thread on or before 11:00pm EST.

    Winner, like last week, will receive an unreleased deck of Erdnase Playing Cards printed by the Conjuring Arts Research Center, featuring illustrations by myself and Guy Hollingworth.

    UPDATE: Winner has been posted. Seen the results here!
  2. Hmmm... sounds interesting...
  3. Sounds cool Dan. I won't be participating sadly because I have homework and frankly I am about to fall asleep. Good luck to everyone and be sure to have fun.
  4. My illustration skills do not rival Dan White nor Tony Cabral, but this is a fun one! Very excited to see your submissions, whether they're funny or serious. Creativity is the key. Have fun with it.
  5. And? It doesn't have to be drawn. I think it was pretty well done.
  6. Oh yeah it was great!
  7. for your viewing pleasure and in honor of one of the artists of the new deck.

    sorry its been awhile since i did portraits and charachitures

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  8. Tony Chang.jpg

    Here is my entry!!

    Hope you enjoy!

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  10. Are we only allowed to submit one drawing?
  11. I thought the whole point was that we had to draw them...
  12. Buck Twins

    Everyone should just give up. I've got the winner right here.

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  14. alright, i didn't have any paper so i drew David Blaine on a tissue paper. Hope it looks alright.


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  15. Here is mine

    hope you like it...took me 3 hours

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  16. I drew d+m's face on the king of spades. My camera made the picture too dark so I made a short video instead. Hope that is ok. Good luck to everyone else!
    P.S. I used the dangerous dvd case to draw this.

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