Saturday Night Contest - The Blaine Effect

Feb 21, 2009

Believe it or not a simple French drop was actually the trick that got me started in magic. In elementary school, I was often teased because I had a stuttering problem. I had a serious dilemma with my speech and I had to do many speech exercises and things- in front of everybody. I just got sick of it after time and I started crying in my school recess. Nobody noticed except a teacher (his name was Robert Wentworth and I still am great friends with him). He showed me a simple French drop and i was immediately calmed. It was just amazing. He taught me how to do it and from that moment is was addicted to magic. After I progressed, I went to the park to perform the two card transpo effect (which I learned off You tube) to a random person. I had no problem with shyness or nervous at that age. After I performed it an old man sitting on a bench, he was shocked. He started telling me "You just made my day, Son." That right there was all I needed.
Jan 19, 2009
A long long time ago...
SO ,When I started magic I see DB performances on the internet.
Just 3 words : AMAZING, COOL, ELEGANT (I think)
When I see him on the internet I grab my deck and start practice.WHY???
I want to cool like him...
in the internet I saw parodies about DB...but it is cool because He is very very very famous and just the famous and talented people have parodies...
(When I started magic I saw the parodies first and I methought that the parodies were real.:):):))
All in all David Blaine is a great magician and he inspirated me to start pull out my heart and to hold my breath longer and longer...etc.

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday David Blaine!
Happy birthday to you.
(I hope you like)
Dec 29, 2008
I think this has happened to many of us but DB is the person that got us into magic. He was the first magician I had ever seen and when I did all I said was "WOW". He was my idol. Even though I had seen many of other main stream magicians I still love DB. The way he performs magic makes me want to only get better. I thank him for opening me into a whole new hobby and hopefully career.
Apr 7, 2008
I believe that David Blaine not only inspires magicians, but inspires people around the world. Watching him bring astonishment to people truly is a joy, and a very entertaining one at that. And his creative way of bringing people together (whether intentional or not) to witness an amazing and strange event is definately needed in the world, and it's such a great thing to see.

Blaine was the reason I became interested in magic. From my first viewing of his first television special, I was fascinated by his art. Every effect he performed, I remember thinking: how'd he do that? Everytime a network showed a repeat of that show (at least when I knew about it) I would watch it, trying to learn the method to what he's doing here or there; it's so much fun to do and yet frustrating at the same time, because you really want to know the secret. Eventually, as I learned more and more effects, I became aware to what he was doing the majority of the time; and even though I knew, it brought a smile to my face just to see the spectators' astonishment. You could tell he just made their day, and that's the true magic.

Everytime I felt myself drifting away from magic, something would reel me back in. Usually, that something was someone named David Blaine. Seeing him perform made me want to practice more and more. He is an inspiration to me, and has been from the moment he was introduced to me via his debut television special.

Happy Birthday Mr. David Blaine.
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Jan 24, 2008
Back in 2005 my brother showed me some of Blaine’s first magic special; the way Blaine performed was unlike any magician I had ever seen. When Blaine performed it was so much more real than any other magician I had seen. When I thought of magic I thought of a silly thing, but it was not until Blaine that magic seemed so intriguing. It was not just the tricks that made him so intriguing, it was his way of making you believe in what he was doing. When he performed it was something that was real. I felt when a lot of magicians performed it did not seem real it seemed like a trick. When Blaine performed he had such honesty in what he was doing. When Blaine performed the spectator almost had to believe in the magic. Blaine has shown that being honest to your spectator makes the magic more believable. Honesty is very important in a performance, and is something I have tried to add to my performance. Blaine changed magic from something that I thought was silly, to something that I could respect. Blaine changed the way I perform for people.
Sep 3, 2007
Before David Blaine,

I wasn't very interested in magic, performing just the 21 Card Trick, Reversal Trick, and others that involved excessive dealing and ridiculous patter.

After David Blaine,

I learned that you don't have to have elaborate patter and that simple effects get strong reactions. I try to avoid adding David Blaine effects to my performance repertoire because I want to be an individual. But his style opened my eyes to a completely different side of magic.

His book, Mysterious Stranger, is a provocative book that gives an interesting look at past magicians and conmen. Regardless of what you think of him, it is an interesting read.

David Blaine: If you're reading this, Happy Birthday!!

I don't think I'm gonna win some people have truly amazing stories, but I just wanted to say thanks to a truly inspiring person.
Nov 8, 2007
David Blaine has been an inspiration to me in many ways. After falling out of magic for several years, it was Blaine's Street Magic special that rejuvenated my interest in the art again, which in turn led to magic becoming my most cherished passion.

But his book and his stunts were what affected my life the most.

A few years ago I went through a rough time. My fiance' and I had just split up, I had no job, was living at home, and my best friend had just moved out of state. All this over the course of about two weeks.

At first I was paralyzed by depression. I laid in my bed all day, unmotivated to do anything but eat. Then I caught one of Blaine's specials on TV and got bit by the magic bug again. I considered it a nice distraction from my current frame of mind, but it grew into something much more.

It was not the magic though that has had the biggest impact on my life, it was Blaine's drive and ambition. I got really into his work and picked up a copy of his book. In the book Blaine talked about going through a rough time with the loss of his mother, and living on his friend's couch with nothing really but his magic. I related to that. My fiance' and best friend hadn't died, but they were still gone. And I was back living at home again. Blaine, however, decided he wasn't going to let his situation control him--he was going to do something great with his magic. It wasn't something he was going to be idle about and wait for a "big break" to come along, but something he was determind to succeed at. Reading about how he persistently worked his way into the TV executives offices and how bold he was with his magic with people really inspired me. This was a guy that, to use an old cliche', had taken the bull by the horns.

At that time in my life it helped me get my life in order. I'd never been much of an exercise guy, but I quickly became one. I wasn't happy with the way I looked or how I felt. I wanted to feel good and lead a healthy life, but I didn't know where to start. So I took it into my own hands. I read some books on working out and started myself. I did it all alone--spent countless hours learning about diet, exercise, how to lift weights, and trying them all out in my garage with a weight set I'd bought. I pushed myself to get into shape. And on the mornings when I woke up and felt too down to get out and push myself, I thought about how Blaine had pushed himself to achieve what he desired time and time again. He did it. So I could do it too.

Now, years later, I'm a gym rat. I'm healthy and in shape. I go to the park and do running exercises, and work out almost every day of the week. And still, now, when I'm running or trying to push myself harder in the gym, and my muscles burn and I feel like I can't push one more rep, I think about Blaine standing on that pillar in 2004, or how he pushed himself past organ failure to achieve a goal he had in his mind. And it drives me. And I keep running, or I push more weight than I ever knew I could.

Blaine is my biggest inspiration in magic, but he's probably been an even bigger inspiration in my personal life. His magic always amazes me, but his dedication and drive inspires me even more. At a time when I needed something or someone to inspire me, Blaine gave me that. And still, now, with every special and every stunt, he reminds me of that inspiration and gives me a good kick in the butt to push myself harder than I thought was possible. And I do it.
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Sep 1, 2007
I remember, I was 13, and had just had my Bar-Mitzvah. My interest in magic was beginning to wane, but as it happened, one of my Bar-Mitzvah gifts was Blaine's book, "Mysterious Stranger." I had absolutely no idea who Blaine was at the time, since I never watched television, but I began to read the book, and almost literally overnight, was transformed. The book emphasized something I had never really gleaned from any of my other books. It emphasized the human aspect of magic.

The magic book I grew up with was Mark Wilson's Complete Course, and while it taught a lot of great tricks for a young teenager to learn and perform, it never really touched on the performance aspect. Reading Blaine's book made me realize that there was an entire aspect of magic that I had overlooked. One particular part that stuck out at me was the idea that "magic isn't in the trick, it's in the eyes."

This Blaine guy was someone I had never heard of, whose magic I had never seen. Even his stunts, which weren't magic, had a human quality to them. The book taught me to think about what my magic was and what it could do and where it comes from. No other book has ever done this for me.

The funny thing is, I don't even know who gave me the book. I just kind of turned up with the stuff from my Bar-Mitzvah. You might even say it found its way to me (as crazy as that sounds).
No shows this fine Saturday night so i sit stuck in a hotel room and figured... why not join in on a Saturday night competition...
So here goes...

Im not going to say that after watching David Blaine on T.V. I immediately bought cards, visited a magic shop, or any of the sort.
I had seen magic on television before David, but it was all for the most part Grand Illusions that we're just out of reach. I liked magic, but didnt have the drive to love it yet. Furthermore i had seen some magicians in person but i always seemed to be more mature then other children my age at the time and a magician making silks come out of his hand just wasn't doing the trick for me either (not that i have any hate towards that). Now i dont remember exactly what i was doing when i saw David Blaine on tv for the first time, i dont even remember if it was his first or second special. But i do remember that after watching one of them, i was jaw dropped, i mean utterly stunned. I bought a pack of Tally-Ho's (Only decks available to me at the time), went to Google and tried to find "free-tricks," (which i now realize was not the best way to learn, but it was the way i had to learn at first and i wouldnt change it) learned some pretty horrible double lifts and other moves but i found that even though i found "secrets" to the tricks David was doing... it wasnt the same. How come he looked much better, how come he did it better then me?

I specifically remember taking all the effects i learned online, "Ambitious card" which of course was cleverly named "Fruit Loops" due to Blaine, 2-Card Monte, etc... and sitting in front of the tv with a cassette that i recorded of Blaine and trying to master everything the way he did it, down to how he positioned his hands. And i learned, i learned alot. I remember seeing a one handed cut and rewinding a million times until i learned it myself... and dropped a crap load of cards.

So what/how did david effect me... He made me take what i had known, such as moves, tricks, secrets... and perfect them to a whole new level.

Ive been fortunate enough to meet many magicians, some small names, some big names, ive been fortunate to meet David once throughout my life as a magician. It was just about a quick minute but somehow, i don't remember the first things i said to alot of magicians such as Wayne H, Dan White, etc... but i remember what i told David when i first met him.... "Thanks for doing what you did, and still do. It made me get involved in magic and i love it more then anything"... To which David replied. "haha... anytime man"

Thanks for reading
Sep 2, 2007
Canada Toronto
David Blaine is an insperation not only to me but every single magician out there.

When David Blaines first TV special came out i had been doing magic for a while but never performed for real people. I heard about the special so me, like many people got excited and watched. When i saw the way he performed and the peoples reactions, they were just amazing...something that i did not know could happen and i actually went out the next day to perform for friends at first, but moved on to people i had never met before! After performing a lot...i relized what not many magicians had found but David Blaine had, to focus on the magic and not some really bad patter like "This box came from my great grandmothers best friends attic..." and so on, but really show the magic in its purest form. Now i did not copy DB's performance style but i did mainly focus on the magic only to make it really belivable to the audience!

David Blaine brought magic back to peoples lives in my opinion when his first special came out. Since then he continues to come out with TV specials better then any other magic TV special out there and puts magic into peoples lives. I can do the same in the same way, although not the same style but focusing just on the magic and magic moment! David Blaine has encouraged be to keep focusing on magic as his specials continune to air everyother year or so.

I cant wait to see what DB has comin up next!!!
Jan 5, 2009
Small town Ohio
David Blaine definitely had a huge influence on me with magic. For as long as I can remember, I've had sleeping problems. One night, at like 4 in the morning, I happened to catch David's TV special. It intrigued me beyond belief. One trick in particular, where he riffles through the deck, towards the camera and says "remember one card".. I did, of course. Then he picked a card, it wasn't the card I picked, but he did a snap change and my card appeared. That absolutely blew me away. The fact that someone on tv, could do a magic trick to someone just sitting at home on the couch, got me so incredibly hooked on magic.
David's performance style is one that is very interesting. His hardcore eye contact is so great. It just really gets the spectator to feel like what's happening is real. Real magic. I have taken to this as well. I may use more emotion than David, but I have definitely taken to the eye contact aspect of his performance style.
All in all, David is someone who has made a huge impact on mine as well as so many other people's lives. I'm so thankful for David and all of his work. It has literally changed my life. So, thank you David. And happy birthday!
Jun 7, 2008
DC area
ok here is my submission

Before I got into magic my life wasn't headed in a bad way. I was hanging around with the wrong people and doing the wrong things. I was getting in trouble for stupid things and doing things I wasn't very proud of. Before magic I wanted to be a comedian. Sounds innocent right? Wrong. I was cursing a lot and doing stupid things just for a story to tell. Than I got into magic. I was being called David Blaine a lot so I decided to look him up. I was amazed and that is what really got me into magic. I got into the magic community and started to learn good magic. (non youtube stuff) Now I hang out with the right people and I entertain people more and I try harder at stuff in general.


Mar 4, 2008
First and foremost, I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to David Blaine. Hope you have a kick-ass b-day!

I had known a little bit about David Blaine when I first got into magic, despite I had not seen his first T.V. Special. However, it was after I finished reading his book (Mysterious Stranger) which had totally changed my outlook on magic. It was at this point that I learned that magic - at it’s best, could be an intense and emotional experience, and not just a series of amusing little “tricks”.

I also learned through watching videos of David performing, that he was there to entertain. After close examination of his performance style, I learned not to put myself above my spectators simply because I knew something that they didn’t. Furthermore, I had a greater sense of confidence, not only when confronting strangers, but also when performing for them too.

After watching David’s Dive of Death T.V. Special, I had also learned to incorporate audience participation during a performance for spectators. This not only helped strip the ego from my performances, but it also helped me build the mentality that I am normal like the spectators; with something remarkable to show them. In addition, my magic had a far greater impact on my audiences, because my magic happened to my spectators, as opposed to just in front of them.

David’s influence on both myself and my magic have been incredible. If it weren’t for him, I haven’t a clue where I would be, whether my performance style would be like it is today, or whether I would still be doing magic.

Thank you, and Happy Birthday!

Jun 15, 2008
Magic had always been fantastic to witness but I never actually thought about performing until I saw David Blaine's performances on television. Sure, I had seen magicians perform before but there was no true connection. Blaine brings a natural feel in which is insanely awesome to watch. About three years ago is when I first saw the tv special Street Magic. It set such a different feel upon me. Despite it sound like a cliche in the subject of magic, David Blaine truly inspired me to pick up a deck of cards and get started. This inspiration was due to the subtle elegance and amazing execution that I see everytime I watch one of his tv specials.

Blaine has shown me that magic is without a doubt an art and meant to be performed to express oneself. After practicing hours, days, months, years and so and so forth...I realized that when performing magic, there is always real magic behind the scenes. You can see it in the spectators that Blaine performs to and we see when we perform as well. For Blaine I see that is not all about what is done, but how he performs it. There is such a strong impact that he creates and one must truly absorb his performances in order to feel that true appreciation toward the street magic style he displays.

Although it may not be directly associated with magic itself, David Blaine's detemination through his stunts, his endurance through pain has all affected me. All of that has benefited my own personal life and motivates me to keep yearning to what I believe and to pull through in even the roughest times. There is no real way to say how much David Blaine influenced me but if I were to say something... I would say that David Blaine exerts magic through every pore and reaches to viewers world wide. That's how he influenced me. That's real magic.
Dec 23, 2007
Fredonia, NY
when i was younger it was my uncle that got me into magic, i used to love watching specials on tv with people like Copperfield and Burton etc, but they always seemed to unrelatable, they seemed like an unattainable goal, then i saw my first DB special. This wasn't some large scale stage show, this wasn't something in some far away land called "LAS VEGAS" this was one man, on a street, with real people, connecting, conversating, amazing and it was something that i could aspire to, something i could strive for. David was a hero who i could strive to be like or emmulate. While i have since devoloped into my own style i still look to david for inspiration and as a good role model. Its not just in his magic, but rather they way he interacts with people. He takes his gifts to the street to enrich peoples lives and that really spoke to me, his volunteer work displays another thing to strive for in his humanitarian acts and his benevolent demeanor. Reading his book was amazing and really touched me and made me strive even harder to advance my art as well as intrigued me to learn more. David's constant testing of his own limits is an example we can all aspire for. He seems to never be content with how things are and as such has done a lot to inspire the artform and me personally, although i dont see myself doing to many endurance stunts in the near future, it does serve to remind me that i should always strive for more and never be satisfied with being what i am when there is far more to become.
May 3, 2008
Hong Kong
I cannot say that David Blaine was my inspiration to start or was even one of my biggest idols, but what he did no other Magician could have. He repeatedly changed my perspective of the magic industry, world, and art overall.

I loved magic since I can remember, even before I saw copperfield perform on TV. I bought those little sets and what not with those plastic cups and 6 inch ropes, never once caring about cards and coins... till I saw David perform. I saw him on one of his specials and my first thoughts were just "Oh! cool!" and that was it. I still didnt care much. At this point, David was just another magician to me who showed me something pretty cool, but didnt make much of an impression on me.

Many years later, when I finally got into some closeup magic, I once again discovered the performances of David. At this point, he freaking amazed me. He took a deck, threw it at a window and a card would go through. He ripped his heart out. This guy was like a god to me. I would try to figure out every single one of his tricks and would want to be like him. At this point, I was nothing but a 1 month beginner with absolutely no knowledge and experience at all, I just went and idolized every magician I saw.

Further on into my study of magic, David has once again changed the way I look at what we all do. After learning the secrets behind some of his tricks such as the Coin Bite and 2 Card Monte, I found that most of the reactions he got was way over the top. I could not understand how it was possible for him to get people screamin and running away with one trick. Along with my friends of similiar level, we ended up thinking that he was using stooges, which made us irritated. This irritation became anger, which became hate. At one point, I hated seeing David or being compared to him. At this point, all I ever thought of him was negative and that he was a fake. At this point, I actually went to look at Criss Angel's performances.

Even later on in magic (approxamately now), my point of view has once again changed. After a long time of "foruming" and talking with other magicians, I realized my ignorance and flaw in the way I look at things. I found my self to be very shallow and superficial, that I only cared about the final method and whether or not it was smart. But after many articles and posts on the forums, I came to understand and acknowledge the skill of David, realize what he has done for magicians all around teh world. I came to realize how his absence could have brought the art of magic back down into the pits of rabbits and saws. I came to like this person most people call the "street magic guy on tv". Now David has made it onto my "Top 10 People I want to Meet" list. Hearing these great stories and anecdotes about him just makes it seem like a wonderful experience.

Although I may not worship David or even want to be like him, but how he has affected my life is undeniable. How he has affected the way I look at magic can not be ignored. He has caused me to feel emotions of all sorts, just by purely doing what he does. He has helped me grow in the realms of magic, helping me "evolve" through the stages of magicians. Though at some points, I may have felt distaste for this man, at this moment, I can say that it was all for the better as it has made me a better magician than I could have ever been.
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Oct 22, 2008
Impacting desicion

I think, that everybody once in there life, it doesn't really madder when, sees something another person does or says and it really will impact them to a point where it may change there life or even just make it slightly different for only a short period of time. When I was younger maybe, 2 or 3 years ago, I wasn't completely into magic just yet. I actually never even had a thought in my mind about trying it. Plus it was a very tough time in my life, with family issues etc. I really needed something to actually lift me up and take me away for a little while. I was watching television. As I was flipping through the channels I came across a man who talked kind of like me! Very low tone and it actually made me laugh for once... in a while. But than I noticed he turned around in front of two random women and lifted about an inch or two off the ground! I was so amazed at that moment it took my thoughts away from all the problems and just focused on that. I kept watching his show that night as he did amazing things I never even knew was possible, especially with cards. He blew my mind. From than on I knew magic was my calling. I picked up a deck of cards with the little money I had and got to work. Than about a couple months later did a trick at school. I had little friends because I used to be very shy. It was hard but once I did the trick people started running away screaming. I never knew I could make people actually do that. I made so many friends from doing what I love. So, here's to you DB!


May 31, 2008
I started magic when I was about ten years old. I saw a show at Cal Magic with Joel Paschall, Gerry Griffin, and the Great Darrell. Ever since then I did magic off and on for a couple of years. Then one day, while watching TV I noticed something in the listings, "David Blaine: Street Magic." I immediately changed the channel. David Blaine was performing a mesmerizing ACR. Immediately after the special was over I got a deck of cards off of my nightstand and went out side and performed for my neighbor. I haven't stopped performing since.
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