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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Apr 26, 2014.

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  1. Hey guys! Hope you all are having a great start to the weekend. Just yesterday, we released TRANSCRIPT by Spidey, a crash course in one of magic's most powerful routines - the book test. The 'Book Test' is a common plot in magic and mentalism; the idea being that the performer accurately reads the mind of a spectators freely thought-of word, chosen from a freely selected page in a book.

    Tonight, we are going to see if you can read my mind.

    Our book of choice tonight is The Expert at the Card Table. The edition we are going to be using is this one: Bible.pdf

    I have scrolled to a page number, and selected the first word from that page. Your job is to correctly guess that word, and what page I am on. The format of your answer should look like this:

    (word) - Page #

    You have until 11:00pm EST tonight to post your guesses in response to this forum thread. Each person gets TWO guesses a piece - so make them count. The first person to correctly guess or come the closest will win tonight.

    What can you take home? 1,000 Elite Member Points, and TRANSCRIPT by Spidey, on the house.

    Can you read my mind?
  2. But - page 26

    I don't have the book so if pg. 26's word isn't "but"…
  3. The - Page 42

    Slightly - Page 74
  4. "Table" page 126
    "Very" page 111
  5. Operator - page 63
    Less -page72
  6. (Tips) - page 48

    (Manner) - page 67
  7. Professional-page 13
  8. right - Page 133
    proportionately - Page 83
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    (the) - Page 79

    (moment) - Page 107

    I'm assuming we're going with the first word in the normal body of text, and not chapter headings or titles, right? :)
  10. side - pg. 136

    how - pg. 84
  11. Have - Page 14

    Thumb - Page 17
  12. Monologue 130
  13. Left - Page 36

    Second - Page 52
  14. With. 49
  15. Whist - page 78
    see - page 170
  16. to - page 12

    Skill - page 102
  17. Slightly - p74
    Now - p110
  18. Hidden - page 53
    Corner - Page 108
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