Saturday Night Contest - The Magic-Con All Star Roundtable Discussion


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Jul 23, 2007
New York City
As I write this, I sit on the floor of the main hall at Magic-Con in San Diego. Just minutes ago Daniel Garcia, Chad Long, and Michael Weber took the stage with Derek Delgaudio to discuss the creative process. One hour before that, David Blaine took the stage and answered questions from those in the audience and many of YOU who submitted questions on YouTube.

Very soon, I will post a round of pictures, videos, and stories of what has gone on thus far. I know many of you reading this were unable to attend, so I wanted to continue the interaction by way of tonight's contest. This contest will be a roundtable discussion, but unlike any other we have done.

Within 100 yards of where I am standing, there sits Michael Weber, Jason England, Chris Kenner, Daniel Garcia, Dan and Dave, Chad Long, John Carney, Sebastien Clergue, Derek Delgaudio, Bill Goodwin, Guy Hollingworth, Bill Kalush, John Lovick, Max Maven, and R. Paul Wilson.

For the next 48 hours, you have the chance to ask any question to any of them. Within this forum thread, post any question you wish to any Magic-Con presenter you wish. Over the next 48 hours of this conference, we will attempt to get as many of your questions answered as possible.

Answers by the presenters will be recorded by way of a podcast, and the podcast will be posted early this coming week on theory11, iTricks, and the Magic-Con website. Limit of three questions per member, and you have 48 hours from the time of this post to ask whatever you'd like. Within your post, succinctly specify your question and WHO - specifically - you would like to directed to.
Oct 29, 2009
Just around
To the Buck twins,

1. What creative process do you go through when creating new card effects/sleights or improvements on effects/sleights?

2. Do you plan on having any other releases of more of your works in the future?

Dec 18, 2009
Jason England: Do you practice any non-sleight of hand cheating? Such as card counting or shuffle tracking?

R Paul Wilson: Paul, as you have demonstrated on "The Real Hustle" there are many scams. Which one do you find the most effective? In other words, do you have a favorite?

Bill Goodwin: You have been responsible for the revival of many old plots or ideas in magic. Do you have any completely original plots, or do you just like refining the classics?

Good luck everyone,
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Sep 1, 2007
by far the best snc many legends...gotta thank you jb and all of theory11for letting this happen, just incredible

Bill Kalush, Bill Goodwin, Dan and Dave(any of them) It seems that all of the majority of the moves and sleights we do (Im talking cards here) were created decades ago, some even over a hundred years ago. Very rarely does someone come along and bring a completly original sleight to the table. My question is, in your opinion, what is the best and most original card sleight released in the past decade? (2000-2010)

Guy Hollingworth- Your the author of perhaps my favorite book on magic, so I just wanted to say thank you for contributing your material to the community. My question is, what is your favorite way/s to control a single card? There are hundreds of different controls out there, which one does Guy Hollingworth like the most?

Chris Kenner- You've been in the magic game for quite a while, so I would imagine you've seen quite a bit of tricks. My question is, what trick has had the biggest impact on you? Has there ever been anything that fooled you so badly you felt like a laymen again?
Sep 1, 2007
To Bill Kalush: You are one of magic's top historians. Based on what you know of magic's rich history, where do you predict magic as we perform it will be in fifty years.

To Guy Hollingworth: What would you cite as making one card trick structurally stronger than another--in other words, what can one do in one's physical manipulation to strengthen a trick?

To Michael Weber: What's it like working with Ricky Jay consulting for major motion pictures? What does that entail?
Jan 31, 2010
To Jason England - Have you ever cheated in an actual card game, be it for money or not, just to see if you could perform under fire?
Nov 7, 2009
Jason England - We all know you have so many books but if you were trapped in a cell for 5 years which 3 would you take with you.

Daniel Garcia - Do you think the magic is better in projects 1,2 and 3 or 4, 5 and 6?

Dan and Dave - So your big products are the System, The trilogy and andthensome, Can you give us any clues about whats next?
Sep 1, 2007
To AlfieWhattamMagic and Silver- Both of your questions directed towards Jason England have been answered in past roundtable discussions. Don't waste one of your 3 questions on one that won't get answered because it has before.
Oct 14, 2009
For Chris Kenner:

For varying audiences, do you simply change the performance of your repertoir or do you have a different repertoir for different audiences?....or both?

What was one of the best reactions to a trick you have ever received?

What magic items do you never leave the house without?
Dec 23, 2007
Fredonia, NY
dan and dave- what inspired you to create "another" convention and make magi-con what it is?

Chris Kenner- any new info on TOOC

Danny Garcia- Can i see your wiggle?
May 31, 2008
Guy Hollingworth,

What made you become so interested in crazy-knuckle-busting-tough-as-nails-balance-a-pin-on-your-finger hard magic?
Sep 1, 2007
Las Vegas
To Chad Long or Dan and Dave: When I see people add flourishes to their performances they seem to distance themselves from the spectators and It becomes a few silent moments of the spectators watching. But when you add some flourishes or flare to your performances, The flow continues and It doesn't break down the performance. What are your thoughts on flourishes in magic and how can they be added without detracting from the effect.

To All: What are your thoughts on attending a Magic conventions? How do you feel they help you and your magic?
Jan 30, 2010
Tusk, North Carolina
To Jason England: Do you have any tips on creating a gambling card trick routine as part of a magic act?

To The Buck Twins: Where do you draw your influences for creating new and unique flourishes/tricks?

To Danny Garcia: What kind of tips do you have for someone looking to get into the art of creating/performing magic for a living?

Thanks JB
Feb 16, 2009
South Bend, IN

Thanks for giving us this opportunity. My questions are given below.

1) To Max Maven - In the introduction to "Stewart James in Print: The First Fifty Years", you mention that there exists a profound aesthetic of method (with regard to magic) which is well worth appreciating on its own terms. Could you elaborate on this? Also, could you tell us what it was about Stewart James' approach to magic that enabled him to conceive of such beautiful methods?

2) To John Carney - You have mentioned in interviews that one of the inspirations in your magical development was John Ramsay. What is it about John Ramsay's magic that attracts you and what are some lessons that a student of magic can learn from him?

3) To Bill Goodwin - If you were asked to name the five best and most indispensable books ever written on close up card magic, which books would be in your list?
Mar 20, 2010
To all: What is the best way to make a magic trick be preformed well? (Yes, I'm pretty much of an amateur...) And is there anyway to get rid of being nervous in front of people?


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Oct 16, 2007
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Question for the buck twins

What made you choose Si Scott as the main artist for your cards? When choosing your card stock, do you choose the thickest card stock or the standard? What colors do you prefer on your cards that will not fade? What makes a great deck of playing cards besides handling?


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Oct 16, 2007
Spokane WA
question for Daniel Garcia and Jonathan Bayme

Can you take a punch from Mike Tyson like a champ? If you woke up one morning with no recollection from the night before and there was a baby staring at you and you had no clue whos it was, what would you do? Who would win in a fight between the two of you? Can I place bets? What about a bear or a puma? Whos your favorite little rascal?
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