Saturday Night Contest: The Secret Life of d+M

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  1. As you peoples may know,

    Daniel Madison was at the theory11 hq these past few weeks completing principal photography of Dangerous. Good times had by all, and the project is slated for release mid-year. We finished filming on Friday morning, and it's a wrap.

    For this week's Saturday Night Contest, we wanted to show a little glimpse behind the scenes of the video shoot. So for this week's Saturday Night Contest, here's a sneak peek behind the camera at what goes on on the set at theory11. This week's contest is a caption contest, and the image is below. Limit of three captions per member, and all caption ideas must be family friendly and posted in response to this thread by 11:00pm EST tonight.

    Winning caption will be announced by 11:30pm EST, and the winner will receive an uncut sheet of Bicycle Guardians signed by me, d+M, JB, Wayne, and Dana. Go for it.

    Have fun!


    Katie Egleston
  2. First!WAHOO
  3. Wow, this looks challenging.. but fun!
  4. Sounds like fun...lets see caption 1!

    1.Change gone wrong...
  5. 1. Something DANGEROUSLY cute this way comes

    2. Hmm...I know I can beat this unicorn at poker...but it has a really good poker face....

    3. sorry hun...I'm engaged.....I can't go to dinner with you...
  6. only entering 1 for now:

    1. what the **** is this doing here?
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    1. "I Ordered An Exotic Animal, Not A Unicorn On A Stick...."
    2. "I've always wanted one of these"
    3. Knights fight on horses, whereas magicians will fight on unicorns.
  8. why won't you disappear...
  9. First Attempt

    1.) Bonus on Dangerous: Madison teaches the David Blaine stare.
  10. Here is my entry

    1. So this is Dana when he was young.
  11. if you knock me off agan i'll kill you
  12. 1) *bobs head at unicorn*

    2) Confused by the glazed look in the unicorn's eye, Daniel decided to engage in a staring contest with the creature.

    3) So YOU'RE the one who keeps banning my card cheat handbook... *choke*

    - Sean
  13. 1. Mystical meets visual...
  14. ha, i knew thay were real!
  15. 1) "I find your lack of faith disturbing."
    2) Unicorn: You look ridiculous...
    3) "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?"
  16. 1. "What am I supposed to do with this?"

    2. "I'm gonna win this staring contest for sure."

    3. "Go ahead horse, make my day."

  17. This wasn't in the contract

    (Worst winner ever)
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  19. I knew I shouldnt have taken the blue pill.

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