Saturday Night Contest - The {t11} Easter Egg Hunt

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  1. Tonight in Saturday, and in honor of the season, we thought it fit for a Saturday Night Contest that was a little bit seasonal. And we thought this would be a fun one. So without further ado, here we go.

    Tonight marks the first actual {t11} Easter Egg Hunt. Over the past several hours, we have hidden one phrase throughout this site: {041109}. Today's date. The phrase is hidden throughout the entire t11 site, in various places and various page in various ways.

    Your challenge tonight is to find them all. There exists a total of 13. The first to find them ALL and send the complete list of the EXACT location of ALL 13 in an email to takes home the prize.

    If no one correctly sends the complete list by 11:00pm EST tonight, we will offer up some more hints. For now, get started. The first one to submit them ALL correctly wins. Note that you must list the EXACT location of each - not a vague description. Feel free to help eachother, but note that only one person takes home the prize.

    The prize tonight is LIT by Dan White and Dan Hauss. If you already own it, don't fret - the prize will then be a refill pack sent out to you on the house. Go for it - and good luck.

    UPDATE : Tonight's prize has been claimed. See the results and answers here.
  2. here it is!
  3. Eggs? Mmmmmm
  4. Does the one in your post count?

    EDIT- This is really hard! 13? I can't even find one :p
  5. ... O-K... I'll see what I can do.
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    I found one! That was a good thrill...
    this is tough, cool idea.
  7. I'm on 2 baby
  8. Just to clarify, the one in my post does NOT count - there are 13 others.
  9. Is it {041109} in curly braces or just the number 041109?
  10. I Found some already They arent easy
  11. Oh... back to 0 for me then. lol
  12. I've found 10
  13. I couldn't find one of these if it were boiled.
  14. Get out of town!
  15. I'm up to 7
  16. howww im about to give up lol
  17. Haha. I found 3 and saw how many news posts have been made. Forget it. LOL. Ya'll have fun. =)
  18. I can't find a single one! This is hard!
  19. Now i'm not sayin i'm quiting... but maybe a few of us are just slow... or something...

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