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  1. Hey guys, hope you all are enjoying your weekend! If you caught this week's episode of Expose, you would know that the release date for our project with Jason England (Sub Rosa) is on May 29th. We are extremely excited to share this with all of you, as it is a technique that has been closely guarded for over a century. We can't wait for you guys to get your hands on it. However, while we wait for its release, we are going to focus on the techniques that have already been around for some time.

    Your challenge this week is to demonstrate a technique that Jason England has taught here at theory11. It can be as advanced as riffle stacking, doing a multiple shift, a greek deal - to as simple as a side steal, false overhand shuffle, or classic pass. To see the list of techniques Jason has taught over the years, head on over to our Tricks page and select Jason England as the Artist to find all of the material. As you can see, there is a lot to choose from!

    It does not have to be just a simple demonstration - it can also be a sequence or effect. It just needs to utilize a concept in some way taught by Jason England here at theory11. Judging criteria for this contest will be based on overall execution, polish, and deception, as well as creativity. You may also use more than one technique in your video, but it is not required. It will, however, give you bonus points in the judging process.

    Upload your demonstration to YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram and post the link to your video in response to THIS forum thread by no later than 7:30pm EST tomorrow, Sunday, May 17th. In your response, please include the technique(s) you used in your demonstration. Once time is up, our panel of judges will go through all submissions and decide on a winner.

    What can you take home for winning? 1,000 Elite Member Points and an advanced/pre-release copy of Sub Rosa, shipped on the house, anywhere in the world. This week's contest is your chance to get in on one of magic's biggest-kept secrets before anyone else.

    Good luck!
  2. Good luck to all involved. This looks like one of the tougher challenges this year so far
  3. Hi guys, Here's the herrmann pass #PJ's Enjoy The card is the 5 clubs
  4. Hi, that's my first SNC entry. In this video I used such technics as Push Through Shuffle, Zarrow Shuffle, Bottom Deal and Greek Deal.
  5. My performance on -- Strike Second Deal -- Classic Pass -- False Overhand Shuffle --


  6. Here's my entry. Hope you guys like it. The techniques are in the description box :D
  7. Hello guys !
    Here is my entry for this contest ! I used Herrmann Pass

    Sorry for my English and for the portrait orientation !

  8. Here is my entry. There is a total of five pinky counts in this routine ranging from 2 to 6 cards count :)

  9. single card straddle pass and gamblers cop:


  10. Hey guys!
    Technique: Tabled Faro Shuffle – Stack (4); The Dead Cut; Berg’s Palm (variation).

  11. Push - through shuffle, riffle stacking, push - off second deal, center deal
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  12. Here's my entry. Techniques used: Zarrow Shuffle, Second Deal, Double Lift

  13. herrmann pass, false over hand shuffle, double lift, bottom deal and some bonus xD
  14. Deadline was about 2 hours ago.
  15. Naah, man. It's EST And the deadline was about 22 min ago
  16. Alright guys, time for the results! This contest definitely was not easy, and you guys most definitely impressed. It was a really close one, but the technicality and execution of the techniques was what it boiled down to in the end. With that said, it's time to announce the winner.

    The winner for this week's contest is tegib! Congrats! We felt that your entry had the overall best execution and polish, as well as the technicality of the moves you chose set the bar really high. Please send an email to our support team and they will hook you up with your points as well as a pre-release copy of Sub Rosa!

    We would also like to extend a few honorable mentions to LagMegantic, Kriod, and KinWynn for making this contest a difficult one to judge. You guys did fantastic work!

    Overall, very great submissions this week. You guys definitely stepped up with your best work! We'll see you guys later this week for a new contest! :)
  17. Super good! Wow

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