Saturday Night Contest: The Vespa

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  1. Here it is:

    Last night, CK began a quest. A journey. A voyage. An expedition. A mission impossible. He was trying to find an image on the computer, taken years ago, the day he first met Danny Garcia. The image was taken in Las Vegas and stands today as quite possibly the funniest picture of all time (it deserves a trophy).

    Captions must be family friendly and appropriate, and limit of three captions per member. Winner to receive a deck of Split Spade Lions - color of your choice. All entries must be in before 11:00pm EST, and will be judged by theory11 crew. The funnier, the more creative, the better. Have fun with it.

    You guys are awesome.


    Katie E.
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    first post!!
    1. danny: does this look sleightly akward to you?
    2. danny: WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
    3. chris: god dang it i wish i had a car...
  3. "we're going to hell and im driving!"
  4. Dang I hate caption contested it doesn't take time and effort for a great amazing product it more is ummmm dude that would work slap it on and fill up tons and tons of pages of random phrases Well just my opinion lol
  5. Darn. Another caption contest. Oh well. I'll try my best. =)
  6. 1. Danny: Can we go get icecream Chris?
    2. Danny: I'm on a freaking vespa!...oh...Hi're cool too I guess....
    3. Chris: Danny...Get off of my scooter....
  7. That's wat I'm talking about FatalAce
  8. #1 from me:

    "You'd never suspect that they're on the run from the law."
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    1. This photo was actually supposed to be highlighting the popcorn stand in the background.
    2. Do ya see ma beads?
    3. Hellbound Vespabound
  10. The Great Escape.
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    1. MADD Magicians against Daniel Driving
    2.CK is was the first person to take a monkey to space .......on a flying Vespa
    3. Im on a highway to hell, with the devil on my back
  12. Hey guys,

    Please remember to stay positive.

    If you don't like caption contests, then you simply don't have to participate. It will be a lot easier and faster for the crew to pick a winner if they don't have to read posts that don't help the contest.

    Thanks for your cooperation, and if you have likes, dislikes or ideas for future contests you can post them here:

    So lets have some fun!

  13. SNC: The Vespa

    Chris:Look at it mom what I hit on the street outside! May I keep it?
  14. Hey cool that is my thread. Sorry for Anything negative. Hope you guys have fun tonight hope for a different contest next week. peace.
  15. "This is how things used to be before DG's "Torn" became more popular than "Torn Asunder.""

    "The power of magic unites us all. Young and old together."

    "You'd smile like this too if you could ride with CK"
  16. 1. Daniel Garcia - "This is a strange moment to be taking a picture..."

    2. Daniel Garcia - "Dang! You got mirrors, lights... lucky! You ever take it off any sweet jumps?"

    3. Chris Kenner - "Hah, he actually got on the scooter with me!"

    Good luck everyone!

  17. Caption 1:

    I bet Chris swallowed that coin on purpose, he seems to be enjoying the heimlich maneuver far too much.


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    lol love this one

    1. chris's hair is so long here it looks like if he whipped his hair back it would smack danny right in the face and turn the smile up side down
    2. my hands make a heart that complete u chris
    3. Hug-a-Bear Day was in November............

    ps. I swear if this photo was takin in November in going to laugh so bad
  19. Homer Liwag, in the corner, not seen in the picture- What the hell is this?!! I thought you loved me!!!
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    Hey when did they install security cameras in the warehouse?

    we be rolling forever, well till we get too tired

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