Saturday Night Contest: The Vespa

Apr 8, 2008
Damn, I would've loved to be in the contest.

I would've written:

DG: "And so your card is stuck under the seat of your bike. Yes it is. No you may not check. ALRIGHT fine I will make this a BIT easier, let's make it appear right under your shirt, above your abdomen area... that's good... right there... Pulling it RIGHT out of your belly button..."

:D seems like a comic tho :p
Sep 1, 2007
You guys are right its getting a little ridiculous but theyre doing it to choose the best one I think and thatsok with me. Im going to sleep. See you guys in the morning (for those of you that it is morning). I really hope I get that deck tonight but if not thats ok. Have a good night guys.
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