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Jul 23, 2007
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Last month, The Code by Andy Nyman was awarded the Thurston Spirit of Magic Award by the community of the Magic Cafe. It was a great honor for us, and Andy especially, to see such amazing support. Later this week, The Academy Awards will be broadcast from Hollywood, California. That got us thinking... and that inspired our competition for tonight. The contest tonight is powered by YOUR vote, but the competition is between our artists.

Tonight begins our first theory11 award competition. Each time we do this, we will select a different category or genre that YOU get to vote on. The artist that receives the most votes takes home the prize. You have 24 hours to participate - voting for this category ends tomorrow, Sunday, February 23rd.

The vote tonight is for Best Overall Artist - your favorite creator, artist, or performer on theory11. This can be any of our official, theory11 artists - your favorite choice - or artists in our community on The Wire. You have THREE votes, so list your votes in response to this forum thread on or before 7:30pm EST tomorrow. You can give ALL three votes to a single artist (in which case, list their name three times), or three different artists, like this:

Jason England
Andrei Jikh
Apollo Robbins

One random member who participates in this vote will receive a surprise from inside The Mystery Box, which will finally be revealed this coming Friday!
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