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Saturday Night Contest - theory11 awards


ceo / theory11
Team member
Jul 23, 2007
New York City
Time is UP and the results are in. Wow! After hundreds of votes, we ended up with a VERY close race, with the top choices within 12 votes of eachother. Thanks to everyone who votes in this event for making your voice heard. I know I can safely speak on behalf of every artist mentioned when I say THANK YOU.

The winner of our 2014 theory11 award for Best Overall Artist is... Zach Mueller! Congrats to Zach for the much deserved and well-earned title. In addition to his FOURTEEN published effects on The Wire, Zach is working on all sorts of stuff behind the scenes at theory11, including a shiny new webshow coming very, very soon! Please join me in wishing Zach congrats, and show your support by checking out all of his releases, past and present, on The Wire.

One random member who voted in this competition also takes home a prize tonight - that someone is oberon329 in Indiana! Contact our support crew with your address and you'll be receiving a certain surprise from inside the Mystery Box.
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