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Saturday Night Contest - This House is Made of Cards


ceo / theory11
Team member
Jul 23, 2007
New York City
Tonight's Saturday Night Contest was inspired by an SNC we held previously - but this one's a little bit different than before. This house (theory11) is made of card enthusiasts. Your challenge tonight is to build that house. Of cards.

The goal is to build the most creative house or structure out of cards. Because we have no way to verify materials (tape / glue) used, you are free to use whatever supplies you wish. Any kind of cards, any kind of adhesive (tape, glue, etc.). If you choose to use no adhesive or tape of any kind, that would definitely make your submission more impressive - but that is not necessary. You can see round one's winner for inspiration HERE.

This time, we're not just looking for the biggest structure. We're also looking for the most creative. Think outside the box. Think of something unique - then make it happen tonight. Images or video of your creation must be posted in response to this thread on or before 11:00pm EST. The winner will be selected on or before 12:00am EST (midnight) by our crew based on creativity and overall impact. The more creative, the better.

What's up for grabs? A 12-pack of any t11 deck you choose - sent to you on the house. From Guardians to Stingers to Tally's - the choice is yours. Good luck to all! Let's see some creativity at work...

UPDATE :: Winner has been posted. See details on who brings home the prize tonight here.
Dec 23, 2007
Fredonia, NY
well bayme, you made me think. When you mentioned not just looking for the biggest but being creative i decided to take a chance... so here it is, hope you like it, my "dream" card house complete with door and window. enjoy.


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