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Casey Rudd

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Jun 5, 2009
Charleston, SC
What’s going on guys! Hope all of you have had a fantastic week thus far. This week, we have an exciting contest for all of you that we’re sure you guys will enjoy. Let’s get right into it. Trick Photography. We’ve all seen it and heard about it. But can we actually pull it off? It’s indeed a fun task to attempt, and that’s what we’re basing tonight’s contest off of.

What we want you guys to do is over the next 24 hours, create a “trick” photograph that deceives the eye. It can be magical, it can be deceiving, or whatever you desire. You don’t need any fancy editing of any sort, and we don’t want you to use any editing if you don’t have to i.e. Photoshop. We want you to take a snapshot that doesn’t use any editing that can trick our eye.

Here are a couple of examples for some inspiration. This is what we mean by trick photography!

We are giving you guys a FULL 24 HOURS to participate in this contest, so have fun with it! We want you guys to have as much fun as you can while entering. Get together with your family or friends, and really get creative with this one. You can upload your entries into your post in response to this forum thread or upload your entries to the web (not Facebook!) and post the link in your response. Entries are due at 7:30pm EST, Sunday, December 4th!

Now onto the good stuff – the prize. We have never offered this as a prize until now. You can have the chance to own an Unreleased, Uncut Sheet of JAQK Playing Cards!

Once again, have fun with this one guys. We can’t WAIT to see the entries over the next day. We’re excited to see them!
Oct 8, 2011
IMG_0057.JPGIMG_0074.JPGhere is mine
i spent a good bit of time on it
this is not a mirror,as it took me more than 3 seconds to shoot it
the first pic is step 1 and the second is step 14
Nov 24, 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada
My first submission for this contest. lol That's the only magazine I can find in my room and yet simple trick photography of me being as Cyril Takayama.

@CaseyRudd How many submissions for every entrants to have?


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Mar 5, 2011
Wonderful Asia
The Lunar Man - SNC entry

Hello Guys ...

Here is my entry
Just lucky shot, No photoshop for sure ...
I call this THE LUNAR MAN
Goodluck guys.

Please tell me if the link doesn't work
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Aug 31, 2007
Long Island/New York
Just some pics with an iphone.


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