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Aug 5, 2008
Seattle, WA
Hey everyone!

We have been crazy busy here at theory11 HQ to bring you some awesome new products. Recently we have seen the White Monarch deck, the Bicycle Heritage set, Insane by Andy Nyman, and Rapture by Eddie Boswell. Next Friday, we revive one of your favorite decks, the JAQK deck, this time in a bold red color. This year is going to be a good year for cards, and we have much more up our sleeves.

Tonight, we are inspired by a recent video posted in our media section by Calen Morelli, Andrei Jikh, Michael James, and Blake Vogt. Your challenge tonight is to catch on camera your best trick shot with playing cards.

What do we mean by “Trick Shot”? Simple. Throw a playing card so that something very unlikely happens (and get it on video). In the above video, a playing card is thrown across the room perfectly so that Andrei can snag it in his hat while spinning around and not really looking. Other examples could be cutting a carrot in half with a thrown card, throwing a card so that it slips through a tiny gap over a door, throwing a card so that it bounces off of a wall and lands in a glass. The specifics are really up to you. We want to see that one shot where something crazy happens. It might take you twenty tries to throw a card back into its tuck case from 20 feet away, but that one time you manage to do it could be the winner.

Check out some cool examples of ping pong ball trick shots for inspiration here . Limit of three entries per person, each in a different video. Videos must be created specifically for this contest (no old videos). You have until SUNDAY night at 11 PM EDT to submit your videos (uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo) here in this thread. The person tonight who shows us the most impressive, impossible, exciting trick shot will win a 6-pack of our upcoming Red JAQK playing cards, shipped on the house.

Good luck!

// L
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HAHAHA I just had one of those odd moments. I figured I'd try something while at work to see if I could do it, and started getting close. Turned on my phones camera and after a good 3 minutes, pulled it off. I was surprised, gonna see if I can do it again.

Will have to wait till I get home to upload. That was friggin sweet xD
Apr 2, 2011
awesome contest! Well it will be 80% Luck (you get the card where you want to) and 20% creativity. I will defanatley try something crazy out, and the prizes are simple PRECIOUS. Good luck to everyone I can't wait to see what you all do
Here is my first video; I made this literally right after I saw the contest while at work. I have a bit more crazy idea I am about to go attempt in a few minutes. If it works... I will honestly just be happy to have pulled it off ;)

Playing Card Thrown Into Its Box

P.S. - Yes I cackle like a little school girl when I make it in. I honestly didn't think it would really work from my first tests. I was happily surprised by the outcome. I thought about editing the sound out... but figure why not leave it in :p
Jun 24, 2012
CarD throw

Here's my entry! Enjoy!

CarD into CD drive
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I spent about an hour and a half tonight trying to do this idea I had that would have been amazing had it worked... it did kinda, but not in the right way, and when it did... "work"... it killed any further attempts.

So I decided to try cutting a cigarette in half... And for some reason, I think exhaustion, maybe just my normal lack of sanity, I decided to look at the camera, and say "Quit Smoking". It was 5am so I think I can be forgiven. I sadly have nothing else to enter, so yea...


Oh and it was the first try, I had gotten my aim about down by that point. I'm not as close as the angle makes it seem, but I had to get closer as my arm was jello by that point and only had one cigarette to use, so had to get it right first try :p
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