Saturday Night Contest - Unofficial Preview

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  1. Time for this week's Saturday Night Contest! The contest this evening was inspired by a video we saw recently from Shin Lim. Shin created a tribute video to our Monarch playing cards (his favorites) which blew us away.

    Your goal tonight is to create your own tribute video or trailer for your favorite deck sold at theory11. Even a deck of Bicycle playing cards you purchased at the convenience store will work, just so long as it is sold here. You can do whatever you'd like in your video (ie. cardistry, magic, or something completely different): the sky is the limit!

    If you don't have a fancy camera, use what you do have. Certainly use the best equipment that you have available, but a great video on a poor camera will win over a poor video on a great camera. Remember to light well or go outside and find a cool environment. Creativity counts in all aspects, technique and production! Showcase the cards. Create the right vibe for whatever deck you are showing. Imagine that your video is going to be seen by thousands of people as a representation of the cards you are filming... because it will be.

    The winner will have their video featured on theory11 for the world to see, they will win a 12 pack of any deck of playing cards we currently have in stock, and they will win a rare deck of Brown Wynn playing cards from the theory11 private reserve.

    You have 24 hours to make it happen! Submissions are due by tomorrow (Sunday) night at 11:00pm EST. One submission per person. Post your video to Youtube or Vimeo, make sure it is not set as "private" and post the link here by the deadline tomorrow. Good luck!
  2. a hard challenge to do at 1:32am =D
  3. can we do a video using sold out cards (centurions)?
  4. Hey blackghost, the focus of this week's video will be on playing cards currently in stock.
  5. Ow nice, it's only for tommorow night! :D great! :D
  6. I just posted this suggestion to do a trailer for cards in the SNC sticky suggestion thread aswel

    And I SO SO want to take part, but I must revise for my exam in like 2 days :(
    And the deck I want to do a trailer for, I'm still waiting for my package to arrive! *sigh* maybe next time...or maybe I'll do it and just redo my year at college...LOL ;D
  7. Challenge accepted.
  8. Sweet! My favorite deck is Monarchs as well...would I still have a chance at winning?
  9. Certainly David! Monarchs are fair game!
  10. Not quite sure, if this video will be eligible for this contest, as it was filmed a while ago. But I like the cards and made a trailer as well.
    Anyway, here it is -
    At least Andrei might like the ending of this vid ;)
  11. i

    Can i use different decks in one video as long sa it is a theory11 deck
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  13. If only I had a camera lol
  14. Good luck, everyone! You have 24 hours to make it happen.
  15. This really calls my attention and the prizes are main but I just fractured my finger so no cardistry or card magic for me :(
    Good luck to everyone!
  16. I wish that it wasn't finals week right now, so that I could participate. Well, good luck to everyone who will be entering!
  17. Here is my entry for bycycle standart (blue) playing cards. I don't like fancy effects, so this video without them.
  18. It usually needs to be uploaded after the start of the contest but for what it is work I thought that was very well done.

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