Saturday Night Contest - Valentine's Day!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Hey guys, hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend! Next Thursday is Valentine's Day, and that means that there is definitely some love in the air. We wanted to give you all the opportunity to show off an effect that come from the heart; an effect that you could perform for a significant other.

    The challenge this week is to create and/or perform ANY trick with a Valentine's theme. For example, you could do a torn and restored paper heart. Make a rose appear. Magically fill a box of chocolates that was previously empty. Anything that you can relate to Valentine's Day, it's all fair game for this week's contest (yes, this also includes card tricks, but please make it creative).

    We are looking for creativity, originality, and execution of your effect. It can be an already existing effect, but put a creative twist or presentation on it to make it stand out. We want this effect to be personal to you and something that is your own, so whenever the situation calls, you can perform this for a significant other!

    In your performance, you must clearly say in your own words that this is specifically for this contest. If you do not use your voice in the video, write it down on a piece of paper and show the camera that this is for the contest. Failure to do so will result in your video not being judged.

    Film your performance and upload it to either YouTube, Instagram, or Vimeo, and post the link in response to THIS forum thread by no later than tomorrow, Sunday, February 10th at 11:00pm EST. Once time is up, our panel of judges will go through all submissions and decide on the best overall entry based on the criteria listed above.

    What can you win? 1,000 Elite Member Points and 6 Decks of Love Me Playing Cards!

    We look forward to seeing your submissions. Let's spread the love!
  2. Good luck guys!
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  3. Good Luck Everyone!! Happy Valentines Day!!
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  4. Good luck everyone ..I think I'll pass this one
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  5. Good luck to all involved!
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  6. Aight I'm getting ideas. Good luck everyone!
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  7. Good luck everyone!
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  8. Good luck everyone . I don't know wheather I will be able to take part in this one but i sure have an idea . I can probably make a box of choclate vanish which was previously filled (by eating them ) lol
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  9. Would a cardistry edit video with a Valentine's theme be considered as an eligible entry?
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  10. Here we go!
    Sorry i kept talking all the vid, guess i was kinda nervous of making a vid in english!
    Hehe the original trick is not my creation, but I changed a little in the end... It was the better i could do!

    Happy valentines day,guys!
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  11. Magic only this week!
  12. This is my entry to the theory11 2019 Valentines day Magic contest. I didn't realize how close my hands were to the edge of the frame, I promise I did not switch the card for the messaged card, there was only the one signature. I could have wrote any name there, I did not have a duplicate signature. I am 90% certain this is original, however it could have been created elsewhere by someone else. I could have used any card, I didn't want to ruin a deck. Thank you for your consideration with my effect! -Dylan Topham
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  13. Hi! It's my idea on Valentines day theme. I create this gimmick in 2017, because I am tired of effects with flaps on the markets. This is completely new principle, hope you like it. Oh, and let's watch it in slo-mo, please ;)
  14. This probably isn’t very good but it’s worth a shot.
    (btw I had a bit of trouble doing this for camera)
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  15. I hope you see this asap because we can't see the video!
  16. This is a second take. I had to reshoot after the selection because I kinda flubbed the beginning and I dont want to waste another card to sign. Good luck everyone!

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  17. Well, we have a winner...
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  18. Kind of just threw this together to give it a shot. It's not an original method but custom to the situation. I performed it for my wife and she seemed to like it.
    My daughter jumped in during the video but other than that it was smooth.

  19. You are too kind :) I think it's anyone's game, personally!
  20. NGL
    I kind of ran outta time on this one...
    Anyway, I thought about
    "what is something a girl realy wants on valentines day?"
    I thought about making chocaltes appear. Maybe some flowers. But I realized Girls really enjoy showing you care. Which is why many guys Serenade her. I don't have the voice for that tho...


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